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To be engaged at home or in fitness - club (and how it is frequent)? Pluses and minuses of

of All those who decided to play at last sports or just wanted to work over a figure before a spring season overcome the same questions: where it is better to be engaged how it is frequent and how long what to put emphasis on? Useful tips from Denis Semenikhin - the recognized specialist in fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

the Minimum quantity of time which is required to you on power (anaerobic) trainings it is two hours a week. Surprisingly, but it so - even such small time spent effectively will allow you to see changes in the figure in several months, to accelerate a metabolism, to improve health.

These two hours a week needs to break 3 - 4 trainings into , it is four better - for 30 minutes.

the Minimum quantity of time which you need to give to cardiotrainings is one hour a week. This time spent correctly will allow to support yours warmly - vascular system in shape. It is better to break this hour into three trainings for 20 minutes. Two of them have to pass at the constant level of pulse, and one has to be interval.

I Will remind

, as on power, and on cardiotraining it is only the minimum quantity of time. If you already in shape, then this time is enough for you just to support her. For progress it will be necessary to allocate more time.

the Maximum time which I recommend for power trainings it is 5 hours a week. For kardio the maximum time - 4 hours a week. But in the sum there is no sense to spend more than 6 hours. There is no such purpose in change of physical shape (we do not take professional sport), which could not be reached, correctly training 4 times a week on an hour and a half.

That is if you want to put emphasis on development warmly - vascular system, you can do four hours kardio in week and two hours power. If you decided to put emphasis on creation of muscles or correction of proportions by means of extension of these or those muscles, then you will have 4 - 5 much hours a week. hour give other 1 - 2 to maintenance of a cardioform.

you can ask

, than need to be engaged several times a week instead of being trained, say, once, but long speaks. Everything is quite simple: muscles of the person manage to be restored completely in 72 hours, the atrophy or degradation of muscles begins after that that is if the trained muscle is not used in the same mode, it begins to atrophy to that level at which it is used regularly. For example, the person goes every day, carries the weight of the body, muscles of legs receive a certain stable loading. But if from - for a change the leg appeared in plaster for two months, then loading is absent, and the idle muscles inevitably will atrophy. For this reason after removal of plaster of a muscle will be much less and rehabilitation exercises will be required again to level the muscle bulk of the right and left leg.

A reflect now what was your way of life within the last several years. Whether there are in your body muscles which demand rehabilitation as they very long stayed idle, though were not in plaster? As far as all muscles which have to be in shape received though the minimum loading each 72 hours?

to be engaged in

houses or in fitness - club


If to speak about occupations in fitness - clubs, then in them there are both pluses, and minuses.


  • Fitness - the club is, first of all, the sports spirit uniting those who in it are engaged. People have around you same purposes. You are dipped into the atmosphere and the participation make a power contribution to the common cause. In house trainings there is no it. Lack of the house of the necessary atmosphere - the main difficulty.
  • In club all necessary equipment is. Of course, houses too can be put the small exercise machine, to buy dumbbells, a ball and benches. But in club the choice will always be more, and it will be more convenient to be engaged.
  • In club exchange of information happens. If to you something is unclear, raises doubts, it is always possible to discuss it, to consult with trainers. And if you already and understood a lot of things and tried, then there will always be opportunity to someone to help, to support.
  • In club usually more prepared environment - ventilation, conditioning, shower, steam rooms, locker rooms.

in club needs to be paid


  • For occupations.
  • To club needs to be reached, time for the road is spent.
  • Not all clubs are located
  • in ecologically favorable places. I every time tried to choose clubs near parks or in the country, but it is not always possible.
  • In club you are surrounded by different people, some of them can be unpleasant, behave strange etc.

If you decided to be engaged at home, then too think of pluses and minuses. Houses, of course, it is more convenient to train if there is the necessary equipment. It is possible even to be engaged twice a day gradually - in the morning and in the evening that will perfectly accelerate a metabolism. But there are also important minuses. Main of them - lack of the working atmosphere, sports atmosphere. Houses we got used to feel is more weakened, to have a rest. For this reason at most of the people who decided to be engaged houses, the bought equipment becomes dusty in a corner or turns into expensive hanger for clothes.

If all of you are sure by

of yourself and the discipline, then try to find at least the adherents ready to be engaged together with you. Having created such pass - club, you will be able as climbers in a sheaf to support each other at a difficult moment, to communicate, not to allow to skip each other classes.

of Distinction between trainings of men and women

From the long-term experience in fitness - clubs and supervision over progress of thousands of the most different clients I was convinced by

that the reasons of success in trainings of men and women have no essential difference. Physiology, of course, is up a number of distinctions known for all to standard, but it is not reflected in the principles which are applied in trainings. Neither in the speed of muscular restoration, nor in working capacity, nor in the exchange processes and laws regulating them between a man`s and female organism there are no fundamental differences.

I Will tell

more, in practice I was convinced more than once that women in fitness are often more disciplined. It develops into excellent results. Constancy and discipline bear fruits in this case.

However needs to be remembered what costs to women more attentively, than to men to listen to the health and sometimes to feel sorry for itself. But it should not become an obstacle to progress. Study yourself.

From the book “Fitness. The guide on life“