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This artful heel of

have Flat-footedness of the woman much more often than men. How to treat this disease and it is correct to look after the legs, the manager of office of rehabilitation CYTO, professor Mikhail Tsykunov tells.

Predisposition to flat-footedness is quite often descended by

In inheritance from the grandmother, and through several generations, is more often on the female line. If your mother or the grandmother had problems with foot, then, most likely, this history will repeat also with you.

Flat-footedness - deformation of foot at which its arches are flattened. Most often it arises at children`s age: if the child has weak muscles of the arch of foot, they do not maintain quickly growing loading. Not to allow an illness to develop, to go in important with the child for physiotherapy exercises, to give him the chance to run more barefoot, to buy qualitative footwear which promotes the correct formation of foot.

flat-footedness can have also other reasons, for example, in the childhood it arises against severe rickets or after the postponed poliomyelitis with a paralysis of a tibial muscle. Later - as a result of an injury of bones of forward department of foot or anklebones. The most widespread type of flat-footedness - static, arising from - for wrong distributions of load of foot and owing to weakness myshechno - the copular device of a shin and foot.

Dangerous “fan“

At adult age meets cross flat-footedness more often - the plusnevy stones connecting foot to phalanxes of fingers instead of keeping parallelism, begin to fan. As a result further everything the thumb stone “runs away“ from the fellows. Over time such flat-footedness can be distinguished with the naked eye - the stone begins to stick out even through footwear.

the Illness not only spoils appearance of a leg. Under plusnevy stones there are callosities creating inconvenience when walking. From here increased fatigue of legs, their puffiness by the evening. If the stone of a thumb deviates too strongly, it leads to the fact that the cartilaginous tissue covering a head of the first plusnevy bone changes the properties, loses gloss, cracks, regional osteofita (growth of a bone tissue) are formed, the joint is deformed. Flat-footedness begins to remind of itself daily painful pain, and in such cases not to do without operation.

Beauty without the victims

the Culprit of cross flat-footedness it becomes frequent fashion. Seeking to look stylishly and gracefully, wear narrow shoes, all day long run on high unstable heels. When walking on hairpins loading is redistributed from a heel on the cross arch which does not maintain and begins to be deformed. The inconvenient close footwear on a high heel can less than in a year, “provide“ to the woman flat-footedness. The more load of foot, the its depreciation functions therefore flat-footedness directly depends on body weight are lost easier.

the Woman suffering from excess weight has much more chances to receive deformation of foot. For the same reason the risk group includes also pregnant women whose foot within several months is exposed to the raised loading.

Flat-footedness traps also those who owing to a profession for 7 - 8 hours walk (sellers, hairdressers, cooks etc.) . However, and representatives of “sedentary“ professions are not insured from this disease - weakening of muscles of the arch of foot in the absence of training also causes flat-footedness. From - for weaknesses of muscles flat-footedness can develop at the women who stepped middle age.

you Love the legs

the Best prophylactic of flat-footedness - correct “way of life“ for... legs. Leave superfashionable uzkonosy boots and shoes high-heeled for special cases. The everyday footwear has to have rather wide sock, and heel height - not to exceed 5 cm. Pregnant women categorically are not recommended to wear shoes on a direct sole - they need a heel not lower than 3 - 4 cm. If you already have a flat-footedness, Vietnamese and bedroom-slippers, valenoks are contraindicated to you. - bad option for those who spends many hours costing house-shoes and sandals with an open heel. The footwear in these cases has to have rigidly fixed heel.

In orthopedic salons can pick up insoles - instep supports which are intended for different types of flat-footedness. Though they do not solve a problem cardinally, but facilitate a state, redistributing load of foot. At rather strong degree of flat-footedness it is necessary to do to order orthopedic footwear and insoles on individual molds of your leg.

to Get rid of flat-footedness once and for all - it is unreal. Therefore it is necessary to strengthen muscles of a shin and foot in every possible way. Bede is not, however, that to strengthen muscles of forward department of foot very difficult, so, against cross flat-footedness rather effective means. And still growth of a stone of a thumb it is possible to slow down enough by means of the all-strengthening measures, for example swimmings. If you own different styles of swimming, then the preference should be given to freestyle and a crawl.

Gymnastics for legs
  1. Sitting on a chair, to extend forward legs. Having bent the right leg, to stroke an inner edge and a sole of foot a shin of the left leg
  2. to Bend and unbend toes
  3. to Put feet in parallel each other, then to slowly turn them inside that fingers of the right and left legs touched each other
  4. Both feet to take and raise a volleyball
  5. Toes to take and raise a sponge, a pencil, a piece of soft fabric
  6. in the Evening surely make simple foot massage - pound hands back inside of shins, then - feet from a heel to stones of fingers. After that you pass to water procedures. Trays are useful to legs, with water temperature 35 - 36 °. Then it is necessary to rub callosities pumice and to grease soles of legs and a stone of a thumb with the softening cream.