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St. Valentine`s Day: a party for all. Games, competitions, prizes

with pleasure celebrate in recent years St. Valentine`s Day in the most different collectives - among fellow workers, students - messmates and even in a school class. This scenario of a holiday will be suitable for any audience - a simple performance on forces even to school students, and competitions can be cleaned and added according to your desire.

holiday History

In the 3rd century AD in Rome the cruel emperor Claudius II ruled. He was an angry and aggressive person. And here to strengthen the army, he issued the decree according to which the men entering army could not marry. The cruel governor considered that family bonds do the man sentimental, soft, and it does not promote that he became the ruthless soldier.

But any decree could not prevent love. The young priest who was called Valentin became the only hope of lovers. Being a person kind, with soft heart, he in circumvention of the imperial decree crowned lovers. Moreover, thanks to the fact that the church gave to Valentin inviolability he helped lovers to exchange letters and to meet.

But all secret becomes obvious, and the emperor learned about illegal activity of the young priest. Claudius issued the cruel decree which he sentenced Valentin to arrest, and then - and to the death penalty.

I here, being in an imprisonment, Valentin fell in love with the jailer`s daughter - so it was struck with her beauty and tenderness. The girl, having learned who is imprisoned, decided to meet the priest and... itself fell in love with him.

lovers wrote

Before the execution of Valentin each other letters, swore eternal love and made promises always to be together.

Valentin`s Execution was appointed by

to February 14 of 270 g. That day the lover wrote the last letter of the darling. In it there were neither recognitions, nor promises, nor oaths. And only two words “Your Valentin“ appeared.


But for farewell also did not need other words. And this short note became a symbol of eternal love, fidelity and devotion and received the name of a Valentine`s Day card. And here day of execution of the Christian priest as it is strange, became a holiday of all lovers.

Preparation for a holiday

Traditional for registration of an interior for the St. Valentine`s Day is considered

pink color. It is also possible to use white, red and its various shades (orange, it is dark - claret).

For a youth holiday by the way. Compositions in the form of flowers - from light fabric, a crepe paper are pertinent. In general registration of the room has to create feeling of ease and tenderness - any jewelry suspended by the principle of mobiles (on a thin thread) and waving in air streams for this purpose will approach.

Also by preparation should stock up with prizes for winners of competitions and various objects necessary for their carrying out.

Scenario of a holiday

LEADING: Hello, dear guests! Today all of us gathered here to celebrate the most beautiful, most romantic, most favourite holiday - St. Valentine`s Day!

LEADING: In spite of the fact that behind a window it is cold, the drifting snow sweeps, here we have heat and is cozy because in each of us there lives the love!

LEADING: And whether you why St. Valentine`s Day is celebrated this day - on February 14 know?

LEADING: You do not know? Then we will show you!

Comic performance of story about Saint Valentin


the Scene in the imperial palace. On a scene - a chair in which the emperor sits. The servant enters.

the SERVANT (falls on knees): Oh, the great emperor, everything is very bad, very much...

EMPEROR: What occurred in my great empire?

the SERVANT (rising from knees): Authority of our army under the threat: nobody wishes to serve more for a bread cracker, and still (in a whisper, looking around) are afraid of a hazing!

EMPEROR (indignantly): What?! Hazing?

the SERVANT (justifying) oneself: The hazing, your imperial majesty, is when the senior soldiers force younger footcloths to reel up them yes rest rooms to wash!

EMPEROR: As our soldiers refuse to serve?


EMPEROR: And than these married are engaged?

SERVANT: And here than - look!

Competition of “Komandirsha“. several couples Participate. On a floor scatter the bright crumpled pieces of paper and candy wrappers from candies. To young men tie with a scarf eyes and give brooms and scoops in hands. Girls get up slightly at some distance. On a signal they have to direct young men, shouting them where to go and where revenges. The task - to collect as much as possible pieces of paper, will not sound a signal to the end of a competition yet. Couple which managed it best of all win.

the EMPEROR (scratches a nape): What was invented - not to do military service! Well nothing, I will show them how against the power to go! (Takes paper and something writes.) I order... Hey, servant! Read! (gives a roll)


the SERVANT (loudly reads): A name of the great emperor Claudius II I order! To forbid all weddings from this day, and for each appointment to appoint a penalty. To burn any romantic letter! And who will not obey, to execute that!

music (for example, “Imperial march“ from “Star wars“) Sounds under which the emperor and the servant leave. The priest steps on the stage.

the PRIEST (having uplifted hands to the sky): About gods, gods! The emperor absolutely went balmy! To forbid weddings, to punish lovers! (Addresses the audience): You heard, weddings under a ban?! What to do?

the loving couple Enters.

GUY: The father Valentin, the emperor forbade to marry, but we already appointed the wedding day!

VALENTIN: My children, how I can help you? (Maintains a pause.) I will marry you secretly!

the Girl puts on a veil, the guy corrects a tie, Valentin takes an icon in hand and begins a ceremony. Lovers quickly leave, and the priest addresses guests:

VALENTIN: Dear visitors! And among you there are lovers wishing to receive Valentin`s blessing? Well, I will marry all of you! But you need to perform a task.

Competition “Dance on a Newspaper“. On a floor it is spread by 3 - 4 a leaf of the newspaper, on everyone there is couple. Slow dance begins. When music unexpectedly is interrupted, each couple has to curtail the newspaper twice, and then continue to dance. The following pause - the newspaper is displaced again, and so until the dancing couple is able to keep on it.

VALENTIN: My children! Accept my blessing! (Crowns couples which approach it in turn.)

On a scene the jailer appears.

JAILER (suspiciously): Father Valentin! And what it you did here now?

VALENTIN (hides an icon): Anything special!

JAILER: Indeed! And who just married several couples? I will read your rights (gets a piece of paper from a pocket and reads). The father Valentin, you are arrested, you can keep silence, you can not give evidences against yourself and the relatives, everything that you will tell, can be used against you in court.

the Jailer puts cuffs on Valentin, seats on a chair and leaves. Comes back with a roll.

JAILER: Valentin, his majesty the emperor Claudius II made the decision: he sentences you to death on February 14 270 g!

VALENTIN: Time I am fated to die for love, I am ready sacrifice yourself.

the Jailer leaves. There is the jailer`s daughter.

JAILER`S DAUGHTER: Valentin! As the emperor is cruel that he so punished you!

VALENTIN (with love looks at the girl): No more, than I punished myself!

JAILER`S DAUGHTER: Ah, Valentin how you punished yourself?

VALENTIN (kisses a hand to the girl): On a death threshold I not only fell in love, but received reciprocity.

Valentin and the daughter of the jailer kiss. Then the girl runs away, having hidden the face in hands, and sits down on other end of a scene.

VALENTIN: My dear how we will communicate if you at liberty, and I - in prison? Yes, precisely, I will write you the letter!

Competition “Love Letter“. invite To a scene team of young men and team of girls. They are given leaves with the written words.

1 - y a leaf: Love, subfrying, carrots, gifts, heart, door.

2 - y a leaf: Love, potato, window, carrots, stomach, mind.

In a definite time teams have to compose the love poem, using the words written on leaves. Then Valentin takes a leaf with the poem which was composed by young men, and the jailer`s daughter - the poem which was composed by girls. Lovers approach to each other and gently read messages.

execution Scene. Take out a stool and the axe from plywood. The jailer brings Valentin. On a background - all characters.

JAILER: Today, on February 14 270 g of a new era, the priest who violated the order of the emperor has to be executed and secretly crowned lovers, thereby indulging their desire not to do military service. Our great emperor sentenced him to death. What can you tell in the justification, Valentin?

VALENTIN: And I have nothing to justify ourselves. I did a good deed, reunited hearts in love. And now, when cruel men will deprive of me life, I will rise on the sky and I will make the marriage unions there. Remember: from here to eternity marriages are made in heaven! And what was connected by God, is not given anybody to separate!

EMPEROR (terribly): You are rude to the emperor! Behead it!

the Jailer and the servant are enough for

Valentin, force to the knees and put his head on an executioner`s block which role carries out a stool, bring the axe. Valentin`s body falls.

the Daughter of the jailer runs up to it and takes a note from the priest`s hand.

the DAUGHTER of the JAILER (reads)

: “Your Valentin!“ Only two words, but how many sense! And why words to understand each other? I (shout) I love you, Valentin! (The girl takes the axe, beats itself with a butt the head and falls).

All characters leave. There are leaders.

LEADING: Sad story. Unfortunate Valentin offered himself that lovers could be together.

LEADING: But this sad story has continuation. Valentin after his death was canonized, and day of his death became St. Valentine`s Day.

LEADING: Yes, here what there were customs earlier! Interestingly, and now there will be people capable to offer themselves for the sake of love?

LEADING: Of course, will be, these are our guests!

the Festive program are continued by music turns and competitions.


the Hobbled horses. Participants are divided into couples and get up shoulder to shoulder. The right leg of one partner and left another is tied. In such situation they have to “hop“ to a chair which is at a certain distance from them, to take a subject which lies (any) there and to return back. That couple which will make it quicker wins.

Connected by one chain. For participation in game several couples invite. On a floor the leader scatters any small objects. It can be candies, coins, pencils and so forth. Before game the leader connects each couple for legs and by hands. After the signal sounds or the music is turned on, couples begin to collect the scattered objects. As soon as things are packed, there is a calculation. Couple which collected more than objects win.

Well-known couples. Participants are divided into two teams. A task - as soon as possible to remember the known couple (literary, actor`s or other). The leader calls only one “half“, and participants - the second. That team which will guess more than couples wins.

the List of characters (literary and historical) needs to be made in advance. There is its possible beginning:

Cleopatra - Anthony
Lilya Brik - Mayakovsky
of Izold - Tristan
Lyudmila - Ruslan
of Akhmatov - Gumilev
Juliette - Romeo
of Scarlett - Rhett
Desdemona - Othello
Josephine - Napoleon, etc.

“If I am a sultan...“ . How many “wives“ itself will manage to find to each of players? - to young men distribute to participants color elastic bands for notes, and to everyone - one color. A task of players - “to band“ as much as possible the present girls, having put on an elastic band of the color to them a wrist. It is impossible to put on each more than one elastic bands on. That who will have most of all “wives“ wins.

of Shtirlitsa. This competition will help to define the most observant of men. For participation one girl is invited. Young men - participants have to look attentively at it and remember in what it is dressed, in all details. Then the girl leaves and changes one or several details in the shape, for example, takes off earrings and a suspension bracket, puts on a bracelet, does something with a hairdress, etc. A task of young men - to define what changed.

Hearts. For participation in game invite several couples. To the young man tie with a scarf eyes, and the girl attaches on herself the hearts which are cut out from paper. The quantity of hearts is identical to each couple.


at the command of the leader turns on the music, and the young man has to find blindfold as much as possible hearts and break them. Couple which managed to collect as much as possible hearts for the allowed time win. Game can be repeated, having tied with a scarf eyes to the girl.

From the book “Holidays in a Family and at Work“