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Winter hand-made article from paper the hands - children will cope!

Application from fragmentary paper in equipment of a mosaic suit kids who are not able to handle scissors yet. She is safe for children and does not demand a constant control from parents - and as nicely it turns out. This little penguin is already dressed and ready to play in snow!

to you it will be required by

to em:

  • 1 leaf light-blue dense paper (cardboard)
  • color paper: black, white, orange and red
  • a simple pencil
  • glue stick
  • a black marker
  • a template - here.

How to make application:

  1. a template in the top part of a leaf light-blue color and lead round it a pencil on a contour. At you the print on a blue leaf has to turn out.

  1. Draw with

    the line behind a trunk of a penguin, is couple centimeters higher than that place where it has paws. It will be border of the earth and the sky.

  1. Break off white and black paper on strips, and then tear them on small squares.

  1. Clean a template. Apply glue on a small site of blue paper, being guided by the lines drawn on a template. Begin with that site where there has to be an earth, stick space with pieces of white paper.

  1. Work as

    at small sites of paper that glue did not manage to dry before you continue work. Paste small squares of black paper on a trunk. Then stick the remained site in the center of a trunk with pieces of white paper.

  1. Cut out a triangular beak from orange paper and paste it on a muzzle. Take a black felt-tip pen and trace to a penguin eyes and eyebrows. Tear off a piece of red paper or cut out a tie - a butterfly and paste into place under a beak.


  1. to make the girl - a penguin, instead of red “butterfly“ cut out a pink bow less size and paste on the head of a penguin.
  2. If you want
  3. , you can paste “mobile“ eyes instead of drawing them a marker.