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February 23: gift to the boy. What to choose for study and for games?

Parents at whom kids only learn to go or talk have big advantage before mothers and fathers whose children already go to school: small it is simpler to surprise with gifts!

Boys and girls of school age in the young years already saw a set of unusual, bright and very interesting toys. Becoming is more senior, children communicate with peers and try to correspond to the rules accepted in their environment. In other words, they become more selective. That is why parents endure every time before New year or birthday of the child from - for gifts. Today we will tell about one important holiday which is obviously pleasant to boys more, than to girls. So, what to present to the son - the school student for February 23?

holiday History for young defenders

Davny - long ago when you were not born yet, our country was part of one big, amicable and therefore very strong state. It was called the Soviet Union. Every time when somebody wanted to begin war with this powerful state, from all cities and villages men gathered. Together they fought back ill-wishers. Strong, courageous, courageous, they were hope and a support for all country, protected her and families from all adversities.


People were grateful at all times to the defenders therefore they thought up for them a special holiday. For the first time started talking about it in 1918 when in the country the Red army was created. Next year celebrated birthday of this military organization, having postponed festival to the next day off. Day was it on February 23 also.

the First time the Day of Red army was celebrated officially in 1922, and after the termination of the Great Patriotic War the holiday was renamed into Day of the Soviet army. Then every year arranged festive parades and salutes. Later the Soviet Union was divided into several independent states, but in each country the good tradition remained to celebrate a holiday of real men.


I even not in whether they do military service or only study at school. The main thing that each of us when grows, has to be ready to protect the homeland. And it is possible to begin with obeying mother and the father, to protect weak and to help girls as the real knights!

What to present to the boy for February 23?

Today we will help to choose the most unusual gifts for your son, being guided by his age.

to First graders. the Child gets to school when to it it is executed by of 6 - 7 years. Being in walls of educational institution, listening to the teacher, performing tasks, children feel independent and adult. They have a set of new duties, study takes a lot of time now. But it does not mean at all that to toys now not the place in their life. Therefore gifts can be absolutely different - both for study, and for games.

What to present? Hvatator - the unique toy developing reaction, dexterity, coordination of movements and logical thinking. Board games and puzzles - for games with new friends - schoolmates. A portable workbench with various tools - independent and keen. Bright small bottles and lunchboxes if such at your child not yet, - for school.

of 2 - 4 classes. Boys 8 - 10 feel years at school already more surely - not as in the first class when around all new and unusual. They are active, cheerful and fervent. They like to run on change one after another, to rustle when the teacher left a class, to go out with the friends, to play soccer... In a word, it is a high time to define and develop abilities and to support all undertakings.

What to present? the Real criminalistic laboratory, the agent 007 set, a shifrator of a voice or a set of the private detective - to fans of complicated stories. Hours with illumination, new jeans or sports pants - fashionable and active. A football table, same, as in our childhood, or a football set with big inflatable gate, limiters of the sizes of the field and a ball - to athletes. A double light sword of Darth Mol, skates or rollers with a print, toys - robots or collection figures - to fans of extremely topical movies or animated cartoons.

High school. Children mature, and the choice of a gift for them becomes more difficult. Their interests and requirements strongly change. In 12 years it is simple to play it is already uninteresting: rules become complicated. Game has to bring not only pleasure, but also advantage. Try to pick up game sets which completely will involve the child in process, will teach new and will not bore in half an hour. Hint: at this age interests, bents and talents at children are shown rather brightly - be more attentive to the son and consider his tastes and desires.

What to present? the Interactive toy of the robot - a dog, radio-controlled model of the plane or helicopter - to boys, which with equipment on “you“. A set for carrying out chemical experiments from or experiences with magnets, and also for studying of solar energy, natural electricity, hydraulics, optics and astronomy - to fans of experiments. Superfashionable bright gym shoes or sneakers, a sports suit or a convenient capacious bag - for the children leading active lifestyle.


to Choose gifts to children - it is interesting, but it is not always simple. It is necessary to guess, it is necessary to please moreover and to surprise! We hope, by means of our councils it will be simpler to you to please young defenders.