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How to arrange effective technical focus without professional skills?

Focuses the truth happen different. Actually, as well as conjurers. Are most difficult performed by the card tricks based on long-term training of sleight of hand. And improvement in this case demands necessary continuous growth. Not less effectively focuses of technical property look. Kopperfild`s level, even regional scale, demands essential financial expenses. But at a certain dexterity of thinking it is possible to strike the viewer and without those. When I did

as the secretary of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League of a battalion military service, in my division there was also Dima Buzylev (“The camp goes to the sky“), and some other talented children from creative schools of Moscow. Plus to it musicians of a regimental orchestra. In addition I densely contacted a city town committee of Komsomol pgt. Pushkino and local factory of light industry.

In such conditions of VIA at us it was issued fast. Reciters yes humorists were found too. Even couple of acrobats were found. But for full concert performance there was no highlight. We thought up that there has to be a conjurer. Keep in mind that my short descriptions are far from temporary and creative reality of the taking place events.

Pervo - napervo, it was necessary to define the person to this position. By a method of an exception the artistic trumpeter who, actually, was not engaged in VIA approached. Too the incident happened to our name. We wanted to be called “Green lions“ (on aglitsky certainly), but the artist removed on a bass drum of “Green lines“. So we became “Green lines“. The subsequent events showed what better and could not be thought up.

Concerning focuses we decided at once what from them has to blow as humour. But - that not to do without miracles! And they were thought up. We right there thought that it is not necessary to be guided by separate numbers, and built an integral mnogokhodovka. Take into account that we did military service and any special requisite, except make-shifts, had no.

Before an exit actually of the conjurer his juicy representation sounded that made essential part of the general idea.

So, announcement full of aplomb: “Once and only at us! In transit from Skovorodino to Pyongyang! Great master of the illusory act! The tamer of the hiccupping butterflies! The master of the flying files! And - la de Iaangebouraz ibn Imes Onavodnemoker … Caspian!“ In the beginning on a scene fighters took out a table with a big pan (an inscription Gin), a thermos (viper) and other similar entrails. It at the left. On the right other fighters took out the special decorated box of which the head in a skullcap stuck out.

Appearance of the Magician in a turban from a towel, a filthy dressing gown, the corresponding gait and the person executed solemnity and coolness (plus a dense bed of women`s plaster) was followed by mysterious semi-east music from our VIA. Having taken leave to public, the Magician exhausted from a pan “Gin“, threatened a snake in a big thermos and further in all objects on the left table. Then with visible surprise examined the head in a box and obviously threatened it that she to it pulled faces.

I will not begin to describe all representation, I will stop on highlights. The first main focus in the basis was quite famous. The hall even excessively pokhokhatyvat in the beginning. That, actually, it was also necessary for us. An essence such is. The big newspaper undertakes, its developed emptiness is shown all. At this time the assistant carries by to the hall of a half-glass of water and pays attention of the audience to this fact. Further the performer displaces a standard paper bag and pours out in it the marked water. The following fact - the newspaper is shown with might and main breadth without hint on liquid again. And again the newspaper is turned in a paper bag from which in a glass, again - the conjurer pours out liquid. In the hall pokhokhatyvat. The assistant a beret again poured glass, carrying by it to the hall. Contents of a glass are offered to be estimated to any viewer (better than a male). Reaction “So it vodka!“ breaks a storm of applause.

Further the assistant asks the note of rather serious advantage from one of the audience (the setup is not necessary). At present - about 5 thousand rubles. At the same time the viewer with own hand fixes number of the note on separate own sheet of paper. The assistant, defiantly bearing the note as it is possible above, gives it on a scene to the conjurer who stacks it in a usual post envelope and safely burns in a candle flame. Exclamations “Return money“ traditionally sound. After burning the conjurer deliberates some time, and then goes to the opposite end of a scene to a box with the head, threatens it and gets the note from - under caps at it. Number which is written down earlier by the owner, naturally, coincides.

Then the assistant brings to the conjurer a tray with the pricking and cutting objects which the last, certainly, through a white cloth sticks in the head from a box. Shouts of the head alternate female vzvizga from the hall, the cloth becomes covered by frank scarlet spots. Further the objects stuck in the head are taken, the cloth effectively is removed, the head actively smiles. Bravura march finishes representation.

Be continued.