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Early booking - pros and cons. How to save and to lose

“Save up to 50%! Earlier booking!“, “Discounts to 45% at early booking of round!“ - such appeals continually appear in tourist advertizing. Whether really it is possible to save, in advance planning the rest? What pluses and minuses of early booking? Opinions of experts and skilled travelers.

That such early booking

Tour operators (not to confuse to travel agency: the first pack all tourist`s package “tickets-a transfer-hotel-a insurance“, and agencies only sell a finished tourist`s product) call this term special offers which are published in 2 months and more prior to round. But in some not really popular and not mass directions booking of a trip in 3 weeks is considered “early“ too.

the Range of the offered discounts is huge

: the most modest offer 7%, and some companies entice clients, promising drop in prices for 50%.

In tourist industry, as well as in any market, the prices depend on demand - if it exceeds the offer, the tour operator raises the prices. If for any reasons the direction is on sale poorly, the tour operator not to suffer losses, reduces the prices. From where then discounts for early booking undertake if demand is not clear yet?

As a rule, after New Year`s vacation at travel agencies the “low“ season begins

(except ski resorts). In the popular resorts of the Mediterranean, for example, the part of hotels is closed, those that are open - work practically to themselves at a loss. But current assets are necessary to all: it is necessary to pay a salary to the staff of hotel, to pay utility payments and mass of other items of expenditure. And hotels to raise funds, “to wake“ the dozing market, declare discount rates. Some hoteliers offer the visitors unprecedented discounts to 60%! It is clear, that further they hope “to beat off“ losses during a high season.

Respectively and tour operators, buying from hotels of night at preferential price, have an opportunity to sell a tourist`s package of a considerable discount.

But if you are in a forceful mood to save, you the disappointment can expect

. As practice shows, the cost of the same hotel (read, round) for the same dates upon purchase of “last-minute travel offer“ on the eve of a trip can be cheaper. And it is, of course, minus. As well as the fact that planning and paying our holiday, we, unfortunately, cannot provide a set of the reasons for which this rest can be cancelled, be transferred to earlier or late term. Well and one more: nobody is insured from the fact that through three - four months tour operator, the agency or air carrier will not go bankrupt. And guarantees that money will manage to be returned completely, are minimum.

to Buy tour in advance or to wait to the last?

If you gather in a trip with children - of course, you should not wait for that to the last. Good rooms in decent family hotels at reasonable prices are quickly bought up. And selecting good hotel, you, most likely, will face that everything is sold.

Experts advise

to use special offers on early booking in the following cases:

If your rest is attached by
  1. to a certain infrastructure of hotel. For example, you have a rest with small children and it is necessary for you that the hotel met relevant requirements.
  2. If you want to have a rest guaranteed well at the moments of peak demand: during school vacation, New Year`s or May holidays.
  3. Early booking should be used
  4. and in case you prefer one certain hotel.
  5. If you are going to have a rest during a high season in the popular resort where permits are always well bought up and no last-minute tours happen, earlier booking guarantees you receiving a certain discount.
  6. Well and at last, undoubted plus of purchase of such tourist`s packages is an opportunity to choose convenient flight and airline, more comfortable for flight.

what to pay attention to?

Here several moments to which we would advise to pay attention if you were attracted by low prices at early booking.

Hotels, of course, can reduce the prices of accommodation, but let lodgers free of charge - it is hardly. Plane tickets - the most expensive part of a tourist`s package, sometimes it makes 70% of permit cost. And fuel prices grow - and tickets, despite regularly appearing discount campaigns of airlines, are not cheap at all. If to you suggest to have a rest in Cuba or in Dominican Republic for $600, reflect: round across the ocean of flight cannot cheaper cost.

Unfortunately, experience of the last two years when in the Russian tourist market several large and average tour operators “were gone“, says that being already on the verge of crash, the companies sold tours on is unreal to low prices. They received money, but did not pay any tickets, transfers, hotels. For last year 10 thousand tourists or in general lost money and could not have a rest, or were in others country on street, without the return tickets.

Experience of skilled travelers

Natasha, 35, two children - 2 years and 6 years: “We with the husband inveterate travelers. Earlier we could come into agency, buy the “burning“ vacation package, and next day depart where - nibud. But with the advent of children everything changed. No, we did not cease to go. But began to approach the choice of the country and hotel in which we want to have a rest more seriously. Besides, the husband got stabler job, and is forced to plan the holiday in advance. We at the beginning of a year know when we are able to devote time to rest. So far the eldest son was small, and we were not attached to school, preferred to have a rest in off-season - cheaper, and the people have less. But this year the son goes to 1 class - we decided that it is necessary to have a rest properly in the summer. Therefore already now we watch all offers of travel agencies for August. It is a high season therefore to reserve hotel and flight we will be already now“.

Sergey, 42, to the son is 13 years: “I always plan in advance the holiday especially as there is no wide choice, it is necessary to adapt to the child`s vacation to have a rest all together. For example, in a ski resort we planned New Year`s rest in September. And well made! Our friends who wanted to join us at the beginning of November faced that all rounds in our hotel were sold out. We too already think over summer vacation. Did not decide on the country yet, but we already know that it will be Europe. Soon I will go to reserve to our agent round“.

the Marine, 27 years, to the daughter is 3 years: “We in general ceased to use services of our travel agencies: perfectly we reserve everything on the Internet. Now there was a mass of the websites on which it is possible to reserve hotel with a decent discount. My daughter - the allergic person with quite difficult diet therefore we choose apart - hotels, with a kitchenette where it is possible to prepare independently - but not all travel agencies offer such numbers. But to catch the favorable offer, we begin to trace the websites of airlines and hotels in advance. Sometimes it turns out much cheaper, than to buy tour in agency“.

Several useful tips:

  1. be not under a delusion with strong with big discounts, most often it is a marketing mix or an advertizing gimmick.
  2. Reasonably estimate a ratio the price - quality. Remember that even at early booking the average price 10 - day round on one person in decent hotel fluctuates about 1000 € to Europe and $1000 to Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia and other not really far-away countries.
  3. Should not buy even the most attractive tours in unknown travel agency.
  4. Buying tour, surely take an interest what tour operator provides you this service. Be not too lazy to visit the website of Rostourism - to check whether there is such operator and for what sum he is insured.
  5. do not save
  6. on the health insurance - especially if you travel with children.
  7. Surely read to
  8. the contract which you sign - carelessness can cost a pretty penny.
  9. Keep the contract and all payment documents until the end of a trip. In case to occupy you not in that number or not in that hotel (that is possible during a high season), they very much will be useful to you.