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St. Valentine`s Day: congratulations in verses. For Valentine`s Day cards and SMS of

you Look for not hackneyed words to congratulate darling on St. Valentine`s Day? You are going to send amusing SMS - ku to the girlfriend? You make out a Valentine`s Day card the hands, and it is necessary to write something on it? Choose - we specially collected for you verses, declarations of love and short ridiculous congratulations on the St. Valentine`s Day.

Verses on love


I Love

in an hour evening to dream of you, at night verses under the moon to write
A, it is simple to
I to be near, look at you,
You are a charm, delight! I will tell without thawing:
That you - only you! - you give me the sun light,
That it is better than you on the earth precisely is not present!
That my feelings - as wine too much... You I will steal
from destiny - you can be sure of that!


Love - fine gift that by the sky it is given to two, is more expensive to
than diamonds and pearls are more gentle...
will be warmed let by it the breath,
Will endow with luxury of happiness which is absent more valuably!

Love is brought to the house and joy, and good,
by It volshebny morning and more brightly stars in night...
Let with it will always be easy in soul, light-,
this Valentin Stores it all heart in day!

You the whole world, the Universe I give to

of Darling
I I speak: “I love - I love - I love!“
I without measure is delighted by You,
I you are my most sweet dream! you I am ready
C for a lot of things,
But me there will not drop down all on light of words,
to express delight depth... You I appreciate
and I wait for you one!


So wants

that happiness did not come to an end,
is necessary to me on light you one!
That resembled every day a holiday, Start up
Valentin brings joy!
I let a star of good luck shines from the sky!
the World where you were and where still you were not, the love I with tenderness give Sunsets, nights and a dawn,


In an hour when I sing songs,
At heart when it is wonderful

Either in cold, or in heat,
Or a rainy season...
When wants to laugh
Or not to smile at all whether
in the Afternoon, at night under the moon
it is good always with you!


Love big is
the Road on the world`s end,
the Star night in the sky
I whisper of gentle words...
Reciprocity, understanding,
I ardent recognitions,
I under candles a shimmer
Sounding of verses!

Love - what it means?
Inconceivable happiness,
Luck, good luck
I sun for two...
Weeds dreams, and pleasure,
I of kisses sweet!
Love - the magic holiday
I the brightest instant!

Love - the big sea
C pyanyashcheyu a wave -
I us with you
Carries a sail to those coast,
Where a reality - as though the fairy tale,
Where awe, tenderness, caress,
Hours, We halve minutes of happiness

Love - fire of desires,
Harmony of appointments,
the Planet of the universe
I aroma of flowers...
World of songs of nightingale
I striking of a clock of ancient...
Magic picture,
earthly Heavenly paradise!

a love Formula

you Know

, the love is a difficult equation:
your look multiplied by heartbeat of
of Tender feelings the geometrical progression
I of hope weeds for two in celestial,
the Signs “plus“ and “equally“ with your and my name,
of Infinity a sign and to one two weaved lines,
of Words fine, magic, wonderful addition,
Opening of ultraboundary measurement,
On an orbit the movement, an exit in a galaxy... you Know
, the love is definitely not mathematics!
love is what we have with you:
Ya you I live and I breathe, and you - me!

of the Valentine`s Day card


passage! I am hopelessly sick...
Rescue me! Be near with me! I Am ill

strongly... I am eager to receive medical treatment,
I are necessary to me drugs expensive -
the Recipe such will help to recover: your
to me Lyubovoterapiya!

Without you as ice, I conceal... I Wait for
, I miss, I adore! I whisper

With love: “My darling,
All heart I adore you!“

You are light of the sun in a window!
Is good with you to me!

Ya is in love not for fun!
Be always mine, a crumb!

your beauty Eclipsed everything -
You is excellently good!

I Send you sms, I want to be
more often together!

You in my thoughts, and dreams,
I in the brightest sweet dreams!

C you the world changes, Believe
that you very much are pleasant to me!

my kitten tender and gentle,
Present for luck to me hope!

When you nearby, this happiness!
Life is good, easy, fine!

to be happy to me doubly,
Open the heart for me!

of Heart let fight in unison, Life turning
into a sweet dream!

Warm me the heat -
is So good with you together! clear and the moon -
to me It is always good

Under the sun with you!

is more cheerful life and is more sweet,
If to see more often than you! Take

my heart -
It yours forever!

As joked with me Cupid!.
You is loved by me! Messes - messes - messes!

the Purpose was found by a Cupid`s arrow...
Ya in chains of passions of “lyamur“! Start up

your phone -
the Girlfriend calls, trust: of course, it!

I Only one you I live in a dream, and in reality

of Passion in my head -
Expel them quickly!

Even a winter time
is good, warm with you!
Ya in captivity of love passion
I Celebrate this holiday!

Shine as the sun clear,
the Smile fine!

From the book “Congratulations in Verses for Family Holidays“

of Anastasius Churay