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The child from the house of the baby: accustoming to a family of

Each mother - very skillful. Because is able to lead life of the child, to see him eyes and to feel him heart.

When I came to the house of the baby to adopt the one-year-old baby, at me already was three children, and I considered myself as very skillful mother. I remember our first meeting with the daughter: the alerted look from - under eyebrows and a desperate cry when the nurse left us alone. The girl writhed in hysterics and terribly was afraid of me. Vainly I tried to distract it - the grief of the baby was infinite. whether

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what afflicted I left. Having thought, I decided that to distinguish the from strangers at one-year-old age - excellent ability and only an intelligence indicator. I came every day at the same time. Gradually the little girl ceased to cry, but long attentively looked at me, listened to my voice. I carried it on hands, we looked out of the window, and I promised it that soon on this road we will leave home.

Soon before me the question rose: how to show to the child the father? In the house of the baby of men children do not see, and the child can be frightened. Then I came to the daughter with a photo album. We considered photos of our house, our father, future brothers and sisters. Workers of the house of the baby laughed slowly at my strange ideas, shrugged shoulders. And the girl listened to stories about the kind father day after day. Soon the appointment was kept by the father. And the daughter at once went to it, gave towards hands. She knew it!

Even for that time while we visited her in orphanage, in development of the baby huge jump happened: she started walking, to tell the first words. At last we took away the daughter home.

When to us my mother on a visit came, she found the child who is shaken and fighting a back and the head about a sofa back, the look was absent. It were adaptation delights. Mother left the room, it was shocked.

needed to find a way out - how to help the child to calm down. I sat down in such moments and took it on hands facing myself. At first we together rocked. I smiled, looking in the girl`s eyes. Gradually her face grew warm, the detachment mask left. At last she smiled to me in reply. Then I began to laugh and wink quietly at it, we did not rock any more. In reply I heard joyful babble. Then it was possible to release it and to switch to toys or books.

the Baby was very quickly disaccustomed “to shake“. And from understanding of the small victory I felt wings behind the back.

Now my daughter grew up. This is very cheerful, perfectly developed child. It has an excellent memory, the blank speech. She is a kind and lovely girl, the mother`s sun! Of course, there were also other problems. But all of them decided one - love. All problems recede before love. The love is also the most important ability of mother.

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