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The first steps on a shooting stage in 2,5 years of

Once, sitting in front of the TV, I saw advertizing of model school “Elit Model XXI“. My daughter then was only 2,2 years old. And I thought, here it would be exciting to make professional and qualitative photos. The child grows, and those photos that is done by me, leave much to be desired. In Soviet period it was a little simpler in that plan as there were state photographic studios and, probably, in each family there will be studio photos. And now, when our market photoequipments captivated cheap soap trays, all of us began to remove. But studio photos considerably differ from amateur pictures in both quality, and statement of the photo.

I so I began to take the first steps to realization of the idea. The only thing that disturbed me at that time whether really to make a portfolio (it is a set of professional photos) for the two-year-old baby. In advertizing of agency it was told that “the agency will help you with creation of a portfolio which is carried out by the professional photographer of the highest category“. Therefore we decided to trust the professional. Having approached in agency, Vika passed preliminary free phototests, and managers of agency told that the girl is photogenic, and it is possible to try to make a portfolio. The agency, namely at the photographer, has quite decent experience with little models. We signed the contract, paid the cost of a portfolio and placement it on a web forward - the website and began to wait in line for shooting.

there Passed more than two months of expectations.

I that day when we were called from model agency here came and invited for shooting of the first Vikiny portfolio.

I Want to tell

business this very troublesome, heavy and very disturbing, especially for mother at once. The baby especially did not worry, so she was only 2,5 years old, and mother`s turmoil, in my opinion, pleased it. And for me it was the real examination. I needed to create not less than 7 images (styles) for the child. Four images were the main (obligatory): sports, modern, evening, the business woman, and others at the request of parents - and all this for the two-year-old child!!!

the Task was difficult. I pulled out all things which we only had on a floor. Brought all its footwear, hairpins, hats … Raked up in a heap all toys (generally soft), a sports equipment, peresherstit grandmother`s and clothes (looked for interesting accessories). Also began to select images. On it I needed more than 4 - x hours. When I laid all these things, at us two bags of things and a full bag of toys turned out.


On the way to studio I was tormented all the time by doubts - whether it is worth doing it? The daughter at me such small, such fragile, and it serious test, big loading for such kid. But how she posed before a camera lens when I removed it, calmed a little and betrayed confidence that we will cope with this test! Eventually, if she is tired or will not want to act, we will be able just to leave (though I was sure of soul that it does not happen).

In studio us were met by two young people: Vlad (later we learned that it is the photographer) and Oksana (entered to help me to change clothes of the child for her functions, to make to the child a hairdress, a make-up). The studio represented usual 3 - x the room apartment where one room was allocated directly under shooting (there was a lot of the equipment, various screens, umbrellas, etc. film-making material.) in other room there was a creation of an image (there we changed clothes, did a hair), and the third room - it was a utility room.

Vlad brought us on a shooting stage. And from this point - all attention was to Victoria. Vlad did the first attempts to contact with the child. He was in this case a professional, and at them it turned out to find a common language. On inspection of an unfamiliar situation of Victoria 30 minutes were required: it was created such impression that we are familiar for a long time with Vlad, and Oksana - the best Vikina the girlfriend. Generally, everything developed perfectly so far.


Vick was allocated to other room, and we with Oksana began to conjure with her images. 20 more minutes and the baby already faced flashlights. She was so relaxed, liberated that Vlad only also managed to click it. Gentle slow music played. Victoria was on the ball: she listened to small hints of Vlad, tried to execute them, but at the same time on the platform there was a full improvisation. For one image on a shooting stage 15 - 20 frames on a film left minutes 20 - 25, and.

After three images, and it with disguise borrowed more than two hours, the baby was tired. Further flatly refused to act and the more so to change clothes of dresses and suits. And it besides that she is a terrible woman of fashion and on hundred times per day can dress up in various suits!

Ya was just in confusion - work was not finished and to make real a portfolio, it was still necessary to remove at least 3 - 4 images. We took a small break: we were given to drink tea, and then Victoria was given a free hand. And here studying of all things which came it to hand began: different bigudyushka, brilliant balls, artificial flowers, pencils with an album, cosmetics, hairpins. Then we in turn transferred all these things to a shooting stage, and to delight of the child there was no limit. And Vlad, without losing the moment, continued the work. He grabbled behind it, ran on all room, twirling for himself the photoequipment, laid down and posed mugs, waiting for its reaction. Also there was everything here: both tears, and whims, and laughter to kolik in a stomach. At Victoria within a minute the bad mood was replaced by good. On a shooting stage she both drew, and did to herself a hair, and was as the sportswoman, jumping on a ball, and considered hairpins so as if it were live butterflies.

Behind 5 hours of shootings!!! It sustained everything, we removed 7 excellent images - and each of them was on the original, unusual and interesting. And as an award for its work (I consider it as work, and very heavy) - we received unique shots.

When we arrived home, the first question which was asked to me by Vika was the following:“ Mother, and we still will go to the uncle Vlad?“ I will honestly tell, I did not expect such question, thought that she any more will never want to be photographed. But there was everything absolutely on the contrary. It really appeared at us the born model or as Vlad “the model from the cradle“ told.

we two more times filled up with

By three and a half years our a portfolio: the child grows, something new appears in her behavior, new suits, a new form of expression of the emotions - and it is fine! And all this wants to be imprinted professionally on a film. And Vlad tells every time to us as far as it it is interesting to watch such kids on a shooting stage: you do not know that to expect from them every minute, and they behave more relaxedly, it is more natural before cameras, than we are adults.

of the Photo for us is a small hobby and big pride of the child. And it is quite possible that it will develop into something larger, but there is no wish to think of anything yet. Happiness and good luck to you my little daughter!