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Frame for children`s drawings the hands. Walls and furniture are whole!

Evgeny Kudryavtsev are an architect and the father of the two-year-old daughter - invents for it toys and useful things from a cardboard. This master - a class - how the problem of placement of children`s drawings was solved. Both the child is happy, and walls are whole!

Irishka very much likes to draw

and as any artist wants that her works hung on foregrounds. And in our small-sized panel apartments these places where? Correctly! Either walls, or furniture. It is possible to hang up, of course, them on an adhesive tape to furniture. However it long does not keep, paper and furniture from an adhesive tape spoil, and the masterpieces drawn with paints also strive to be curtailed in a tubule all the time.

it is even worse than

With walls - they are concrete! In our series P - nailing 44 only walls where it is possible to attach a frame by means of clogging usual, are partitions of a bathroom and a bathroom. In other walls it is necessary to drill openings, to hammer the expansion bolt shield and to twist a screw. And considering quantity of masterpieces, speed of their emergence and desire of the creator to see the pictures on these walls... Generally, pobeditovy verified you will not save enough!

Therefore we will do to

a frame of a cardboard. In what here a high? And that it can be hung up on any walls as we will use wall-paper and a needle as the bearing elements. The frame is easy, and it is not necessary to shoot it for replacement pictures, so, it is less risk to tear needle wall-paper. Moreover, in one frame it is possible to hang up several pictures at once, one on another.

to us the following materials and tools will be necessary for p:

  1. leaf of a cardboard, 260 in size × 350 mm;
  2. A4 format sheet of paper;
  3. ruler;
  4. stationery knife;
  5. flat screw-driver;
  6. pencil;
  7. unary puncher;
  8. template of a round form.

as the main material we take

a microcorrugated cardboard 1,5 mm thick. In my case it on the one hand white, and on this party it is also necessary to do a marking. The face we will have a reverse side of cardboard color - because on our white wall-paper it looks more advantageously. Initial size (260 × 350 mm) it is caused by that from each party there were about 25 mm on a passe-partout. The beginning of a marking simple - exactly in half, across and verticals.


put in the middle, by eye, a sheet of paper of the A4 format and do notches of 70 - 80 mm long in places of crossing with lines of a marking. All leaf does not need to be led round.

Now about a round template. It with a diameter of 60 mm, and is a cover from a soft-boiled egg cup - just because approached on diameter. In general when it is necessary to make something round, about compasses it is necessary to think in the last turn as in the house where there lives the child, there are always lids from paints, plasticine, children`s ware, a plateau and so forth which it is possible and it is necessary to use instead of it. Look around! For certain somewhere something with a diameter of 60 mm is near! We put a template in the middle of the sheet edge and the pencil line and we lead round.

Turns out something like it!

we take

the flat screw-driver Now and, having receded to steam of millimeters from pencil border of a sheet of paper, we press through.


I is cut here so!

we Overturn a piece of cardboard face up and we squeeze out the cut-through segments.


Things are easy - to make openings for a needle! They need to be made an unary puncher, on one on the long and short parties. If is not present unary, then it is possible to take also a usual puncher.

Everything is ready

! We do all following framework on this template. Just we put from above, we lead round, we squeeze out and we cut out.

we hang up a frame with masterpieces on a usual sewing needle horizontally Now...

... or vertically! We hang up works on any walls. We do not spoil wall-paper and furniture. Remorselessly and without removing a frame, we veil masterpieces future future Renuarami and Shishkinymi`s Picasso.