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The second child with a difference 2 years. What can the senior?

I want to tell a story about how I helped the senior daughter to mature, fall in love with her future little sister and to understand that for me it will always be “the right hand“.

We with the husband since the beginning of our relations dreamed that we will have at least three children because grew in large families and we know what means grow with brothers and sisters. When our first daughter, Alyona was born, we also did not think of appearance of the second child - we had enough cares and efforts, pleasure and sleepless nights with our baby. Especially as we raised it, without the aid of grandmothers and grandfathers, and considered that only in about 5 years it will be possible to think of the second child.

However the destiny disposed of

so that in 1,5 years after the daughter`s birth I became pregnant again. At that time our baby stayed at that age when children require great attention, insist on the, arrange hysterics and concerning all things go on “mine“. Here I also thought of how to prepare Alyona for appearance of the little sister.

Walking with the daughter on the street, playing with it houses, I told that we will have a kid soon (or the baby) - such small, pretty that Alyona will need to share with it toys, to concede the favourite bed. It reacted to all my talk tears:“ it is not necessary to me “, “ I will not give“ etc. Frankly speaking, I was afraid to present, what will be farther, and thought that I will not achieve her love to future kid.

But closer by 2 years I nevertheless could prove

to the daughter that the kid in the house is a pleasure, happiness, fun that it is interesting! I will tell how. In total - continuing to tell Alenka about her sister or the brother, I placed emphasis that her help will be simply necessary for me, we will have so many cases! And one to me not to cope! We together began to argue on how we will bathe small (mother will hold, and carefully to wash Alain), to feed her, to walk all together, to go to the woman from put. Let`s dress together the baby, to read her books, to learn to go. Now we will carry together the baby (but not Alenka!) to the doctor where will listen to it to measure, weigh.

was told At first about our forthcoming work by me, and then, walking down the street, the daughter began me to tell that she already big, small will teach everything, to help it, and I listened and be touched her responsiveness. On the street I tried to pay attention of the daughter to mummies with carriages, to kids who only learn to go, explaining to Alyona as it is important to protect small children, to help to take the first steps, to watch them and to preserve. And soon she already stretched to kids, drove for the handle of some neighbour`s boy, shook off him after falling! Always felt sorry for the crying kids. And we played houses in the daughter - mother with dolls, swaddled them, swung in a bed, sang songs, fed them and entertained. And I always repeated to Alenka that she at me already such big, everything is able, will be able to teach the kid to anything now!

in the Evening we all family talked to our krokhotulechka through a mother`s tummy. Alyona ironed it and observed how it reacts to her touches pushes (on late terms), asked me that it, the handle or a leg. Together with the daughter we bought to the baby clothes and linen on an extract, different objects of care of the newborn, at the same time I allowed Alyona most to choose that she could brag to the little sister that it is her choice.

contact Is! The thread connecting the little man with yet not been born was carried out. As my daughter for some half a year matured! On the late term of my pregnancy it even more often asked a question where our “gaganka“ when to us it is brought. I was just struck by that fact that when I left to give birth, Alyona did not even lose me. According to the husband, she only once asked where mother, and having heard in reply that mother left for “gaganky“, patiently waited for us with the baby from maternity hospital! I was glad since I endured ours with it separation, all - 2 years we were not separated from it even for half a day.

I will Never forget the first meeting of Alyona with the little sister Ilyana. She stretched to her the handles, and then repeated several minutes same: “Mother thought that she small - small, and she is such big!“ (Ilyana was brought in a blanket). When developed the baby, Alyona got to kiss and embrace to her, with ease conceded it the bed and brought the toys.

Now to Alyona 3 years, and Ilyana year, the difference between children turned out about 2 years. Of course, there are offenses at senior on younger when that takes its toys, tears its book, but she quickly calms down. And what assistant now I have: brings or carries romper suit, diapers, looks for the baby when I am busy, entertains and calms her during crying etc. Same the invaluable help for busy mother! I precisely know that at me the responsible little man grows. And as it is pleasant to observe every morning how Alyona, still sleepy, comes to the little sister, speaks: “Who at us woke up?. What pretty at us was born!“

somehow Alain`s time declared


- I want to be the aunt the doctor!

- Why? - I took an interest.

- That at us was many Ilyanochek!

The matter is that when I was going to maternity hospital, told Alyona that “gaganka“ to us will be presented by the aunt the doctor.

Ilyana always smiles, laughs when he sees elder sister. Even if she is capricious, I precisely know that it is worth bringing it to Alyona, and it right there will blossom. Here it, a stick - a lifesaver which is absent when in the house only one child!

very much I want

Ya that my children grew amicably, protected each other, helped each other that they grew up honest and responsible, not egoists in any way. And now, when I see their smiles, I hear their laughter, and the thought of the third child creeps in...

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