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6 frequent questions of pregnancy: the obstetrician answers - the gynecologist of

of Future mothers during pregnancy disturbs a set of questions, answers to which in various sources sound differently. To obtain only reliable information, but not to guess, the most correct decision will be to address the expert. Some of topical issues will be answered by the obstetrician today - the gynecologist of the Center of planning of a family and a reproduction Fotina Evgenia Viktorovna.

the Obstetrician - the gynecologist of the Center of planning of a family and a reproduction
Fotina Evgenia Viktorovna

As often during pregnancy needs to do to

of by


All very individually also depends on a state of health of mother and the child. But if there are no special indications, then ultrasonography to future mother is carried out three times - on terms to 10 - 13, 20 - 24 and 30 - 34 weeks (so-called screening terms).

When future mother begins to feel by

the first stirs of the child?

during the first pregnancy future mother begins to feel by

stirs of the kid with 20 - y weeks. And at repeated pregnancies it happens for about 2 weeks earlier, that is to 18 - y weeks.


For what needs a prenatal bandage?

the Bandage is the special fabric product executed in the form of a belt or underwear by means of which support of a stomach, and also the correct provision of a fruit in a uterus is provided. The bandage prevents premature lowering of a fruit, reduces load of a backbone, supports muscles and protects skin from stretchings. Modern bandages are intended to avoid feeling of physical fatigue, pains and weight in legs. To begin to use a bandage it is possible with 25 - y weeks of pregnancy.


this period, difficult for many future mothers, should diversifying with

B a diet, to select dishes which tempt appetite. The food has to be digestible and high-calorie, contain enough vitamins. Try to eat more often, each 2 - 3 hours, but small portions. Attacks of nausea will be more rare if is the cooled food. After each meal it is necessary to lie down a little that the food began to be acquired. It is possible to eat, without getting up, in situation reclining. And replace usual water with alkaline mineral water and drink it in small amounts 5 - 6 time during the day.

As air flights affect a state of health of the pregnant woman?

In most cases air flights do not exert

negative impact on pregnancy if there are no chronic diseases or complications. As adverse time for travel it is considered to be the first and third trimester. But, first of all, it is necessary to remember that each woman is individual and each pregnancy proceeds differently therefore important before flight to consult with the attending physician.

When to future mother needs to think of the choice of maternity hospital?

often begin to think Of the choice of maternity hospital of the woman in the first weeks of pregnancy. Actually such haste is not at all excessive as pregnancy and childbirth - perhaps, the most responsible period in life of each woman and to choose maternity hospital, optimum by all criteria, can be insufficiently and several months. If future mother has any diseases, then it is necessary to consider specialized maternity hospitals.

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