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Childbirth behind. What happens to the woman feeding and not really

the Postnatal period begin with the moment of office of an afterbirth (a placenta exit from a uterus cavity) and about 2 months last. This time is necessary in order that the reproductive system of the woman and all her organism came to the usual state. All changes happen consistently and have the terms.

the Beginning of the postnatal period

the Birth of the child are a sharp hormonal stress. At first after the delivery in the woman`s organism the level of hormones is not balanced yet. All endocrine glands, directly or indirectly connected with incubation and the child`s birth, are gradually reconstructed for work out of a condition of pregnancy. In parallel with it function of a lactation - developments and feeding by the child`s breast is established by mammary glands of milk.

First of all, the reproductive system - genitals of the woman and her gonads undergoes changes. The nervous system changes, forming a motherhood dominant instead of a pregnancy dominant unnecessary already. Heart and vessels as blood volume in vessels decreases to initial change.

Involution of a uterus

to restore reproductive function of the woman, to an organism it is necessary to do serious work. From one and a half kilograms the uterus has to be reduced to usual of 50 - 60 g and the size in a fist.

Process of reduction of a uterus is closely connected by

with feeding process by a breast: the more actively the woman feeds, the quicker there is a reduction of a uterus. Every day the bottom of a uterus falls approximately on centimeter that approximately by 8 weeks after the delivery to become almost usual sizes. At not feeding women the size of a uterus becomes doberemenny, at feeding can be even slightly less. The uterus neck zone, the cervical channel and zone of an internal pharynx in a neck is quickly formed. Approximately in 10 days after the delivery the channel of a neck of a uterus is completely formed, but the external pharynx of a uterus is passable for a finger of the doctor. The external pharynx is closed completely to term in 3 - 4 weeks after the delivery. After the delivery the pharynx of a uterus gets a slit-like form, unlike not giving birth women from cylindrical.

How fast involution of a uterus will happen, will depend on a number of factors:


slows down involution of a uterus at women 30 years and in certain cases are more senior:

of Allocation after the delivery

from the moment of the afterbirth birth the internal surface of a uterus is a wound zone, its healing happens in the first 10 days, but the complete recovery of mucous borrows to 6 - 8 weeks after the delivery. In process of healing of mucous there are allocations from a genital tract which calls lokhiya. Throughout process of postnatal restoration their character changes.

In the first three days of a lokhiya have nature of bloody allocations with the breaking-up parts an endometriya as plentiful periods. After 4 - go day of a lokhiya begin to gain character sukrovichno - serous liquid one-time - yellow color. To 10 - m to days they become liquid and light, without blood impurity; gradually their quantity decreases. After 3 weeks of a lokhiya become poor and mucous, after 5 weeks stop in general.

At violations of the return development of a cavity of a uterus the tightening of allocations of lokhiya can occur, impurity of blood can longer be emitted. If there is an obstruction of an internal pharynx clots of blood or there is an excess in a uterus neck, complication of the postnatal period - a lokhiometr is possible (a congestion of allocations in a uterus cavity). It is dangerous by development of an endomerit - inflammations of an internal cover of a uterus. The blood congestion in a uterus is a nutrient medium for reproduction of microbes. At a lokhiometra appoint the medicamentous reducing means about washing of a cavity of a uterus.

of Change of ovaries

the Postnatal period significantly changes also work of ovaries. They are exposed to special type of changes. There is the return development of a yellow body of pregnancy - special gland which was in an ovary on the place of the ovum which left and given life to the child. Hormonal function of ovaries is gradually restored, and here maturing of follicles significantly differs at the feeding and not feeding woman. Due to active release of hormone of Prolactinum in the first half a year the feeding woman for 96% is protected from pregnancy from - for suppression of an ovulation. And here not feeding can begin to ovulate already with 8 - y weeks after the delivery.


from the moment of formation of an ovulation forms also a normal menstrual cycle of the woman.