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Sphere - ah - the show
Entertainment for children of the senior group of kindergarten of

At all children in hands spheres. The hall is decorated with spheres and cheerful little men. Children run in one after another the hall and sit down.

Leading: Dear children, dear adults, we invite you to the cheerful holiday Sphere - ah - show. It is called so because in the hall many spheres. And with them we will play, have fun.

Knock at a door.

Leading: Here our guests!

Runs in, stumbling, Parsley: Oh, oh nearly fell, so hurried, so ran! I, children, was not late?

Children answer


Parsley: Oh, what balls at all! And at me is not present! I so hurried that forgot them to buy. Perhaps my friend Kiryushka will buy them for me. It does not hurry. It is not here still.

Leading: Parsley until it comes, we will give you one ball, and you with it play!

Children pass round a ball while music sounds. When music stopped, the child on whom it occurred bowls off. Children who have no ball play. When music stops on Parsley, he cries, does not want to give a ball.

Leading: do not cry Parsley, we to you will leave a ball if you dance together with children.

children dance

To cheerful music, Parsley - with them. At the end of dance he so rejoices, so strongly presses to himself a ball that the ball bursts. Parsley cries again.

Leading: Well that you so are upset, it the Sphere - ah - show.

Parsley: Means, my ball spheres - and all! (knock is heard) .

Leading: It is, probably, Kiryushka, it for certain has balls and for you.

Kiryushka: enters with an armful of balls. Hi friends, hi Parsley! You that such sad?

Parsley: the Ball Bach - and all! Spheres and all!

Kiryushka: be not upset! Here to you ball! And it here for children. These are difficult balls. These are sharprosik.

Parsley: Sharprosiki?

Kiryushka: Well! Balls with a question! Who answers a question, that ball receives.

a question (it is attached on a ball) : What

  1. color of a ball was loved by Piglet? (Green).
  2. For whom a ball - a favourite type of transport? (For a mosquito).
  3. How many balls I had in a hand when I entered the hall?
  4. Who tried to convince bees that it flies not on a ball, and that it a big cloudlet (Winnie - Down).

Leading: Kiryushka, Parsley already played with us, your turn now!

Game is called “And well - sit down!“ Balls are attached to two stools. Clowns under music run all over stools and from the end of music it is necessary to manage to sit down and as soon as possible to crush a ball.

Leading: And now sit and look how our children will play with balls.

  1. of “Kangaroo“ - with balls between legs to run the flask around.
  2. “Jet ball“ - to inflate and release whose ball will depart further.
  3. “Circus actors“ - as long as possible to hold a ball on a nose, a knee, a finger.
  4. “Athletes“ - as soon as possible to inflate with
  5. a ball that it did not burst.
  6. “Tricksters“ - are put on by
  7. one leg flippers and this leg it is necessary to crush the opponent`s ball, and to save the.

Leading: Good fellows, children!

Clowns: Good fellows! It is time for us to say goodbye to you and to go to other garden! And that you did not forget us, let`s dance amicably!

Dance with spheres. Clowns leave, children with spheres go to group.