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Cancer: the difficult phenomenon - simple words. How to protect ourselves and close

We often use the word “cancer“ or “malignant tumor“ as if we speak about some one, clear illness. However actually it not absolutely so. Idea of cancer, as about group of diseases which can differ quite strongly in a form, current options, ways of treatment and outcomes is more right.

the Mechanism of development of cancer

the word “cancer“ is heard In the household speech almost like death sentence. But in reality this disease not always leads of the person to death. It is interesting that according to modern researches in each organism (and we including) constantly have cancer cells, and sometimes even microtumours. But we do not develop the next cancer every day as these cages and tumors are destroyed by system of special antineoplastic immunity.

However, it is impossible to forget that on the account of malignant tumors - not one million human lives, and they deserve the most serious to themselves the relation.

In our organism constantly division and growth of cages happens - it is just necessary for replacement of those from them that are damaged or grew old. However in the course of cell fission there can be various mistakes. It is provided: for fight against mistakes there are difficult mechanisms of correction of mistakes, and also prevention of their emergence. Nevertheless, and this mechanism is not protected from possible failures. In other words, at first there is a mistake at cell division, the cage becomes “cancer“, then the system of correction does not work, and there is uncontrollable growth and cell fission which is cancer.

it is important to p to understand

that not any tumor is cancer. Exists a lot of so-called. benign tumors which cause significantly less problems and practically never become threat for life.

malignant differ From benign tumors in three properties. It is the uncontrollable growth of cages; a tendency to germination in the next bodies and fabrics; and also property of cells of tumor to migrate with current of blood or a lymph and to create colonies, remote from the main center, - metastasises. These properties also cause process “zlokachestvennost“.

Unfortunately, cancer can arise at any person and at any age, however the risk of emergence of malignant new growths increases over time - two thirds of cancer tumors come to light at people 65 years are more senior.

of the Reason of cancer

of the Mistake in mechanisms of cell division can arise for various reasons. They can be caused by again arising mutations, as a rule, under the influence of the different damaging factors, and can have the hereditary nature.

Carcinogens. substances which cause cancer So are called or increase probability of its development. People had always cancer, however growth of incidence of the last years, most likely, is directly connected with increase in contact of the person with such substances. Some of them are direct mutagens - i.e. in itself cause damages of DNA (for example, asbestos or components of a tobacco smoke). Others - such as alcohol - influence indirectly: for example, increase cell fission speed, and in these conditions protective mechanisms just do not manage to cope with “correction of mistakes“.

Viruses. data that not less than 15% of all cases of developing of cancer are anyway connected with influence of viruses - for example, VPCh - a virus of papilloma of the person (a uterus neck cancer) or viruses of hepatitis B and C (a liver cancer) Are available. They take the second place among risk factors after tobacco smoking.

the Ionizing radiation. Mutations can arise also under the influence of the ionizing radiation. It is known that the probability of development of a melanoma directly depends on intensity of the ultra-violet radiation received by the person. According to the statistical research conducted in Great Britain in 2008, skin cancer frequency at pilots and crew members of planes was higher, than at representatives of other professions.

Diet. Products which we use also influence risk of development of these or those types of cancer. For example, in Japan the stomach cancer, and in the USA - intestines meets more often. And at emigrants already during the first generation risks become equal to risks for residents of the new country of accommodation.

Other risk factors. It is hereditary predisposition, violations of hormonal regulation, immunodeficiency etc.

Respectively, prevention of cancer consists in restriction of contact with cancerogenic substances and ionizing radiation, protection against infection with viruses (for example, vaccinal prevention of a disease of VPCh, hepatitis B), maintaining a healthy lifestyle (it is known that addictions and excess weight significantly increase risks), regular preventive medical examination.