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To feed or not to feed: how long the child needs breast milk?

for the kid are known Of unconditional advantage of breastfeeding long ago - it strengthens immunity, protects from an allergy, positively influences a metabolism. Some researches speak and about positive influence of mother`s milk on intelligence of the child - the kids receiving such food longer than year show higher abilities in comparison with peers. However before many feeding mothers there is a question sooner or later - how long to nurse the kid? There are several key factors which can help you to make the important decision.

the Historical background

of Idea of duration of breastfeeding changed together with eras. For example, in Ancient China children in the presence of an opportunity were fed record-breaking long - to of 13 - 14 years. In the Middle Ages in Europe, on the contrary, long breastfeeding was not encouraged as the woman needed to give birth to the following children therefore the kid received milk only during a year and a half. However later, by the 18th century, the average duration of feeding by a breast increased till two years. In our country throughout many centuries the tradition of rather long breastfeeding was supported - this period lasted, on average, 3 - 4 years. Knows that the count Lev Tolstoy was nursed till four years.

It is put by the nature

the breastfeeding term, Extreme from the physiological point of view, modern physicians consider seven years. However there is a number of the factors put by the nature which provoke its termination much earlier. First of all, most of kids refuse a breast aged of of 2 - 4 years. the Main reason - fading of a sosatelny reflex that is noted on average at the age of 2,5 years. If refusal of the kid of a breast happens gradually (the baby does not ignore all feedings, and refuses them step by step), mother has no reasons for concern. Most likely, the kid has no problems with health and just “outgrew“ breastfeeding.


of WHO

the World Health Organization advises not to refuse breastfeeding when to the kid year was executed. Optimum, on WHO opinion to nurse the kid not less than one and a half - two years. At the same time the most sparing approach for the gradual termination of breastfeeding is the scheme “not offer and not refuse“, that is if you decided that it is time for baby to wean from your breast, it is better to give access to it only upon the demand of the kid.

Food instead of attention

the Children physiologically ready to refuse a mother`s breast, at the same time quite often keep sharp psychological attachment to feedings. As a rule, it is connected with requirements not in food, and in attention from mother therefore such behavior is most often noted from kids whose mothers often are absent at home or pay not enough attention to the children. In such cases pediatricians and psychologists recommend to spend with the child more time, devoting him to joint games, the developing occupations and just rest, that is to softly switch attention of the kid from feeding by a breast to other forms of joint leisure.

Late - does not mean it is useless

Despite existence of a large number of researches, the stereotype about uselessness of breast milk which is developed in a year and longer after the delivery is still popular.

It is unconditional, the players of breast milk are changed depending on age of the kid and changes of his requirements, however it does not speak about transformation of this natural food into “water“. Moreover, there are data according to which on the second year of feeding in milk even concentration of a lizotsim - the substance dissolving covers of pathogenic bacteria increases. And if mother decided to prolong breastfeeding, it is important to remember that milk is produced in response to demand from the child therefore regular applyings are necessary, especially at night - at this time days the maximum quantity of hormone of Prolactinum which is responsible for production of milk is developed.

to Stimulate with

a lactation also use of a milk pump can help - especially if mother has to come to work or it is forced to leave the house. So, for example, the researches which are carried out last year in Scientific Center of Health of Children by the Russian Academy of Medical Science showed that new milk pumps of Philips AVENT of the Natural series allow to decant 25% more milk and if mother decanted more milk, so more and will be developed.

Efficiency of a new milk pump of Philips AVENT is that it is developed on the basis of studying of physiology of a lactation. It is no secret that behind decantation or feeding of the child, mother spends on average 30 minutes. During this time the back and hands that can negatively affect a psychological state of mother and as result - on process of release of milk are tired. The novelty from Philips AVENT has the shortened case which allows the woman to be decanted in the most comfortable pose, without bending, for example, forward. Together with imitation of sucking of a breast by the child which is reproduced by a “petal“ massage nozzle which has new velvety texture now (as if gentle skin of the kid), it allows mother to relax as much as possible that facilitates release of milk. For additional comfort of mothers whose nipples there are more averages, the masseur of the increased size separately is issued.

as long you nursed

A or plan to nurse the child? Share the point of view of rather optimum duration of breastfeeding.

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