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Tasty pies - quickly! 5 winter recipes: with meat, fish and fast

- it is a high time to please Winter days house with hot pastries. These nourishing pies will be easily made for a Sunday lunch even by the unsophisticated hostess. Dough in them simple and behind a stuffing far it is not necessary to go. An exception - the Moroccan pie and roll with olives, each trifle is important here. Dare!

the Moroccan chicken pie (bstill)

This magnificent pie are given to Morocco in special cases. For example, it it will be obligatory on a wedding table. Traditionally for a stuffing meat of a pigeon is used, but it is possible to replace it with chicken fillet. And here it is better not to refuse spices - exactly thanks to them taste of pie becomes harmonious and refined.

6 - 8 pieces

Time for preparation: 1 hour 30 minutes

Time in an oven: 30 minutes

Time for cooling: 10 minutes

Without dairy products; from the ready test


For the test:

of 8 sheets of the test of “BRIC“, round, with a diameter of 24 cm, or square, with the party of 22 cm (or fresh pancakes with a diameter of 24 cm)

For a stuffing:

For a covering:

  • 1 of h a spoon of ground cinnamon
  • Dough of “BRIC“ can be bought
    • of 25 g (1 tablespoon) of icing sugar in large supermarkets, in departments of ethnic products. Sometimes it is sold under the name “Wheat Flour Dough for Spring - Beaters“. If nevertheless it is not possible to find such dough, bake 8 - 10 thin pancakes and reduce amount of butter to 50 g. It is also possible to use dough fit.
    Pulp of chicken cut
    1. pieces of the size of a walnut. Small cut onions, garlic, a piece of ginger and hot pepper.
    2. Warm olive oil and fry pulp of chicken before formation of a golden crust. It is better to fry small parties, spreading ready pieces on a plate. Return the fried meat of chicken on a frying pan, add onions, garlic, ginger, hot pepper and all spices, mix, pour in a sherry and broth or water. Bring to boiling on average fire, lower fire, cover a frying pan and cook chicken about 40 minutes, or so far it will not become gentle.
    3. Cool
    4. chicken in broth, and then cast away on the colander established over a small pan. Cut pulp of chicken small pieces.
    5. Broth in which chicken was stewed, to a uvarita on average fire, removing all fat from a surface. The volume of broth has to decrease twice from initial.
    6. break
    7. of Egg in a bowl, add a ladle of hot uvarenny broth and slightly shake up a nimbus. Pour this mix in a pan with the remained broth and you cook sauce on weak fire, constantly stirring slowly and not allowing it to begin to boil. Cool.
    8. the Cooled-down egg sauce mix
    9. with the cut chicken meat and greens, salt.

    1. Almond petals fry

      on a dry frying pan till golden color.

    2. Warm an oven to 190 ° Page
    3. Grease a bottom and walls of a form with creamy or melted butter.
    4. can gather by
    5. pie Now. On a bottom of a form put a leaf of the test, oil it and lay with an overlap two more leaves of the test so that they overhung from form sides. Lay two more leaves in the same way. Oil a bottom and lay on it one more leaf. Thus, 6 sheets of the test will be used.

    1. Strew dough with almonds, spread out a stuffing, level, slightly pressing a spoon. Cover a stuffing with the hanging-down edges of the test, oil dough.

    1. From above lay two more leaves of the test oiled. Tuck in edges of the test in pie.
    2. Bake 25 - 30 pie minutes to golden color. Overturn pie on a baking sheet and bake 10 more minutes.
    3. Shift pie to a lattice, blot with a tissue surplus of oil. Mix icing sugar with cinnamon and through a strainer strew pie with this mix.

    For a stuffing can use the boiled or baked chicken. Cut its pulp small pieces, add the onions fried separately, egg sauce, spices, herbs and a sherry.

    Grant the Tatar meat pie to

    , it is the most “man`s“ pie. Not only because in it there is a lot of juicy meat, but also because even the man who usually comes on kitchen only to eat if necessary will easily cope with his preparation.

    A pie is it is possible also with obzhigayushche hot strong broth, and with sweet tea, and - cooled down - with kefir.

    of 8 pieces

    Time for preparation: 40 minutes

    Time in an oven: 50 minutes

    Time for cooling: 10 minutes


    For the test:

    For a stuffing:

    Can be used for a stuffing not only beef, but also mutton and not to pass it via the meat grinder, and to chop or to knife very small.
    Potatoes cut in small cubes carries out double function: loosens a stuffing and absorbs excess meat juice which would prevent the test well propechsya. you can take
    Instead of butter small cut beef fat or fat tail fat.
    1. For the test kindle butter, cool it.
    2. Flour sift
    3. together with a baking powder.
    4. Mix an egg yolk with curdled milk and salt, add the kindled oil. Fill in with this mix flour and knead soft dough.
    5. Wrap dough in food wrap or cover with a napkin and postpone for time necessary for preparation of a stuffing.
    6. meat pass
    7. For a stuffing via the meat grinder with a large lattice or chop a knife. Small cut onions, at once salt, mix and you remember hands. Potatoes and butter cut small (with the party no more than 0,5 cm) cubes. Mix all ingredients of a stuffing, salt, spice.

    1. Warm an oven to 190 °
    2. the Bottom and sides of a form oil Page.
    3. Divide dough into 2 unequal parts. Roll the most part in layer of 5 - 7 mm thick and shift in a form so that form sides were covered with the test too. In a form with the test lay out a stuffing.
    4. Roll with
    5. the remained dough, cover with it a stuffing, connect edges and you zashchipnit. Grease a surface of pie with the remained egg white, pin a fork or make one opening that steam could come out a stuffing freely in the center.

    1. Bake pie of 45 - 50 minutes, to golden color. Undo a form, remove a ring, put pie on a lattice and cover with a linen napkin. Let`s pie have a rest 10 minutes.

    Fast salty mushrooms pie

    On my taste, mushrooms pie on the fragrant rye test - the ideal partner to fast sour Russian cabbage soup. Beer can be taken both dark, and light and even to replace it with kvass.

    Time for preparation: 20 minutes

    Rest of the test: 15 minutes

    Time in an oven: 40 minutes

    Time for cooling: 10 minutes

    Without eggs; without dairy products; fast; quickly


    For the test:

    For a stuffing:

    For greasing:

    1. Mix beer with vegetable oil. Sift flour with salt and a baking powder. Add liquid to flour, a spoon kneading dough. On a consistence it will remind plasticine.
    2. If dough is too sticky, add still flour. Wrap dough in a film and postpone for 15 minutes.
    3. Salty mushrooms wash out
    4. cold water, wring out and crush. Mix with the boiled dried mushrooms (if you use).
    5. Onions small cut
    6. and fry on vegetable oil on average fire till golden color. Mix with mushrooms, season with pepper. If necessary salt.
    7. Warm an oven to 180 °
    8. Dough roll Page with
    9. in a circle of 3 - 4 mm thick. On one half of a circle lay out a stuffing, cover it with the second half of the test, press edges of the test to each other fork teeth.

    1. Pin dough a fork that there were openings for a steam-out. Grease a test surface with tea.
    2. Bake pie of 35 - 40 minutes, then slightly cool it on a lattice. Serve pie hot (though cold it is good too).

    the Elementary fish pie

    Thanks to a small amount of liquid fancy pastry which practically unites with a stuffing is pie is rather similar to baked pudding. Give it for lunch with a cup of fish broth. And still it is very convenient to take this pie with itself on picnic.

    Time for preparation: 30 minutes

    Time in an oven: 30 minutes

    Time for cooling: 15 minutes


    For the test:

    For a stuffing:

  • 1 bunch (10 - 12 feathers) green onions
  • 4 eggs hard-boiled
  • salt and ground black pepper to taste
  • perfectly will be suitable
    1. Warm an oven to 180 °
    2. the Bottom and sides of a form grease Page with
    3. vegetable or butter.
    4. fish sort
    5. For a stuffing on pieces, taking all bones. Small cut green onions and eggs, add fish, season with salt and pepper, mix.

    1. In a big bowl mix sour cream with vegetable oil, eggs and mustard, slightly shake up a nimbus.
    2. On a sheet of paper for pastries sift flour together with a baking powder and salt. Connect dry and liquid components of the test, mix them a nimbus so that flour mix became damp.
    3. Pour about a half of the test in a form. Over the test distribute a stuffing.
    4. Cover a stuffing with the remained test, distributing its convex party spoons.
    5. Bake pie about 30 minutes. The surface of ready pie will become dense and golden, and on the wooden splinter thrust in the center of pie there will be no test trace left.
    6. Cool pie in shape on a lattice within 15 minutes, then take it from a form. Give hot or warm.

    Kritsky roll with olives

    of Olive - one of my favourite products. And when I was treated with pie with an olives stuffing, I understood that I without recipe will not leave! Because everything in it is unusual and fine: and short dough on orange juice, and a stuffing. With a glass of cold white wine - just some holiday!

    of 16 pieces 2 cm wide

    Time for preparation: 30 minutes + 5 minutes the day before

    Time in an oven: 1 hour

    Time for cooling: 30 minutes

    Without eggs; preparation the day before

    is recommended to



    For the test:

    For a stuffing:


    In addition:

    For sauce:

    fat content of 20%
  • 1/2 of a glass of small cut green onions
  • salt, ground black pepper
  • Buy
    1. From olives merge a brine, wash out them under a stream of cold water. Fill in olives with water and leave for the night. Put olives on a board, crush the plane of an edge of a wide heavy knife and get stones.
    2. the Purified olives and onions small cut
    3. . Grate cheese on a large grater or knead a fork. Tear off leaves of mint from branches and chop. Connect all components of a stuffing, season with black pepper. Mix.

    1. Squeeze out juice of oranges, pour the necessary quantity in a volumetric glass. Add olive oil and flavourless vegetable oil, mix.
    2. Flour, salt and a baking powder sift
    3. in a big bowl. Add mix of juice and oil, knead soft dough. Knead on a working surface 3 - 4 times.
    4. Warm an oven to 180 ° Page
    5. Spread on a working surface a sheet of paper for baking of the same size as a baking sheet. Roll on it dough in a rectangle about 20 in size × 35 cm. Distribute stuffing on 2/3 tests on width.

    1. Cover a stuffing with a free third of the test, curtail once again.
    2. Turn roll a seam down and knead to thickness of 7 cm. Grease a surface of roll with milk, strew with sesame seeds. Shift paper with roll to a baking sheet.
    3. Bake roll about 1 hour till beautiful golden color. Cool roll on a lattice. The cooled-down roll slice 2 cm wide. Give with sauce.
    4. small cut green onions mix
    5. For preparation of sauce with sour cream, season with salt and pepper.

    From the book “52 pies“