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Zoroastrian horoscope for 2013. Pavel Globa about a year of the Raven. Part 2

the Beginning

to Representatives of year of the Fox (1965, 1997) this year should learn much. At you it will turn out to realize everything. The main thing - not to lose the head from the fact that everything so successfully develops. Try to adhere to golden mean, to watch that did not bring you. The matter is that attempt to reach faultlessness - too an extreme. And it will come to the end with some event which “will leave a spot“ so what it would be desirable all the same will not turn out. Externally you will become brighter, will become easier to make contact that will make your life this year far more variously. Be not afraid to come under the spotlight, only this way you will be noticed by those who are necessary to you.

of Representatives of year Delfina (1966, 1998) expects the year sated with any events. And to you it will be difficult to choose what to give preference to. Well, an optimal variant - to try everything and to find out the answer in practice. It does not matter that it will take a lot of time: but you will carry out it with advantage. This year you are not recommended to agree on smaller if permissibly to receive more. It does not matter, if calculation tells the return, laws of logic can work not always. By the way, you should listen to councils of those who are younger since their look fresher, they have less borders more hopes. At least, in that sphere that interests you.

Representatives of year of the Wild boar (1935, 1967, 1999) will be surrounded with secrets. You can hide, to be something confided in someone`s secrets, not to guess or perhaps something that absolutely nearby. Also influence from outside will increase. You will begin to adapt to the family, friends, darlings, and will not even notice that you substitute the desires someone`s. And only a many time later you will understand that from - for it something was missed. On the other hand, this year you can understand yourself in the spiritual plan, correct (or, at least, to begin) the shortcomings. It will not occur soon, but you receive result quickly enough.

For representatives of year Filina (1936, 1968, 2000) year will personify development of the current situation. You will hardly begin something continue to move in the same direction more likely. But now you are much closer to the purpose, so, more accurate see what you want that you can receive and in what time, and, above all - what for this purpose needs to be done. It is not recommended to stop, but here to be distracted by something else - it is possible and it is necessary. Otherwise any event will unsettle you. This year responsibility for deeds increases, from you can ask for last mistakes. Including for about what you davny - forgot long ago.

For representatives of year of the Falcon (1937, 1969, 2001) there comes year of extremes. You will appear on a hair more than once, on the verge, and only thanks to correctly made choice will manage to rescue a situation. Respectively, the wrong choice can lead not only to collapse of hopes, but to something more unpleasant. You will be inclined to believe that everything will manage, and to the last. And so: be not under a delusion! A problem of year in awkwardness and a carelessness, from - for it you can really commit follies. And in unreliability which you will prefer not to notice. You should not look for easy or simple ways because, as we know, you cannot pull a fish out of a pond without labor.

to Representatives of year of the Deer (1938, 1970, 2002) should not perceive the events, those who surround them, excessively seriously. If you change the relation to the arising difficulties, it will be much easier to cope with them. Not to mention that some it will be possible just to step, without solving if you do not need it. A problem of this year - to learn to see an essence of things, background. And to work only in response to it. Year promises a serious shake-up, surprises and that to its end you precisely will be in other quality, than at the beginning. A problem of year - you can indulge in wishful thinking. And to trust in it on an equal basis with others.

Representatives of year of the Mouflon (1939, 1971, 2003) this year will make the essential movement to realization of conceived. You can promote on an office ladder, change marital status, improve accommodation conditions. But all this will be result of daily and laborious work. As sometimes speak: “Would know that it will lead to something...“ And so know - your efforts will surely be crowned with success. Pride this year - put telny quality: it is not necessary to bend the head before those whom you do not respect. And surely keep these promises even if they are contrary to your interests. For some reason you gave them...

to Representatives of year of the Mongoose (1940, 1972) should fight against the arising difficulties alone. Of course, it is possible to ask about the help, but then it will be not your victory. And time you will not pass test, receive something else more difficult - that all - to prove. And so indefinitely, yet you will not understand. This year you should not try to return the past, to keep what “collapses“. If all of you make correctly, everything can return in itself, though with some changes. And here as for the help to other people, it is worth reflecting before rendering it, at first it is necessary to deal with the problems.

Before representatives of year of the Wolf (1941, 1973) bright prospects open. Let still quite recently you could not dream of stability, now it precisely will appear. You will understand what occurs as it is better to plan the life. In general everything develops successfully, and it, alas, can lead to relaxation and stagnation. It turns out: if so everything is good why to aspire to bigger? But believe, the movement is just necessary! Besides when still so will stir you a little? From you cardinal changes or overcoming of are not required: you go down stream. Use it then not to be sorry about missed.

representatives of year of the Stork (1942, 1974) will have more questions, than answers. It would seem, only untangled some situation - but right there is another. Or in this, seemingly solved, some new fact which forces to refuse part of statements emerges. And everything should be begun from the very beginning. It will be difficult to you to put the end, to finish something, to finish e. You will need the help from outside at least just to stop in the most acceptable place. You should not be in anything and in anybody sure, then will be no unpleasant surprises. By the way, even those people whom you know long time can prove to be from absolutely other party.

For representatives of year of the Spider (1943, 1975) this year the most important not to deceive and not to be deceived. Only strong people are able to afford to be honest and open. So than you it is worse? You will have a chance to change itself or the events - in a key which is interesting to you - and by that to strengthen the reputation, to draw attention to the potential. So to you is what to fight for. In general year is suitable for continuation more. If decide on undertakings, be ready to a number of difficulties. Do not count on tranquility and harmony. Rather you should face something exciting and unusual.

to Representatives of year of Uzha (1944, 1976) should work hard as

: and houses, both at office, and over. It is impossible to be in time all, it is necessary to apply some tricks, cunnings which it is better to understand, without hints. This year will allow you to become stronger, more independently and more built. Yes, it will be difficult, but as a result you will become more self-assured, will cease to worry from - for trifles. Be not afraid of the confused situations, intrigues and gossips because itself can wrap up all this on advantage if properly to consider everything. Do not act at random - in this case you, most likely, will be mistaken. Also try to ask nothing, not to lend - you manage what is.

At representatives of year of the Beaver (1945, 1977) there comes favorable time. You should not look back, to coordinate something or with something to be reconciled - it will not disturb you. And here prospects really will interest you. Whether there will be enough assiduity and persistence that not only to admire, but also to try to obtain conceived - depends on you. Because will not refuse to you the help and support. By the way, you also will feel more wisely, is more wealthy, so, will be able to help, to prompt, direct. It is important to learn to speak “no“, otherwise persons interested to be near or coordinate the actions can show persistence.

to Representatives of year of the Turtle (1946, 1978)
fast and intense year is necessary to

. Your task - to be in time, to evade and not to become puzzled. To think over the tactics, time can just not remain. So you should or think over various options in advance, or to rely on the intuition - this year it at you will become aggravated. It is more preferable to you the shortest or elementary solutions of problems, but even they will fairly exhaust you. If you intentionally embellish“ them or complicate, not the fact that it will be possible to finish begun. The relations can become complicated because you will begin to oppose yourself to people around.

to Representatives of year of Soroki (1947, 1979) should refuse experiments and cardinal changes. Let you not absolutely accept the fact that it is, but it is not an occasion to destroy everything, And will occur quite so: to stop - it will not turn out; And further an event will begin to solve for you. If in your plans big undertakings, it is necessary to be more careful and more attentive. It is not excluded that you do not realize what consequences it is necessary to face. Make use of experience of people who understand the matters better you. And surely look for reefs - this year will not do without them. Do not adjust yourself on a certain result, let everything go as goes.

Representatives of year of the Squirrel (1948, 1980) will have an opportunity to strengthen the position, to develop what is. Do not stop and go forward even if it seems to you that could not be improved already. You will manage to keep the events under control, and the unclear, confused situations will practically not be, Besides this year you will gain practical experience in new spheres. The more it will be, the better. Also you can count on growth of welfare and acquisition of those attributes which at you are associated with it. However, commitment will lack, but it is fixable and solved.

From the book “The Zodiac Forecast for 2013“