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When it is sick from sounds and smells. Parental finds for special children of

Hello, dear mothers. My name is Ziyoda, I from solar Uzbekistan. I would like to share the experience with as I cope with children`s questions and I show sharpness.

U me beautiful and kind husband and two boys. The eldest son call Mukhammadali, he is seven years old, studies at special correctional school № 25, in the first class. Youngest call Ibrokhimzhon, he is four years old, goes to kindergarten.

At my eldest son Asperger`s syndrome, is a type of autism. These children almost do not talk, do not look in the face and very kind. Their only fault - the fact that they live in the world.

And so, at me the most great difficulties and pleasures were with it. Thank God, the husband never reproached me, together with him sat at the nights when Mukhammadali did not sleep. The husband very much feels sorry for me and gives time to have a rest. When she was pregnant with the second child, the husband and the eldest son slept together.

These children do not love different sounds, it can even hurt them. It was painful to our Mukhammadali even at tick of hours. Here then we with the husband began to find solutions of these difficult tasks. I think, it will be interesting to all mothers, and not just mothers of special children.

the Child does not love sounds or noise. What to do? Doctors could not advise us anything. Then we began to tie a bandana on the head to muffle sounds. You will not believe, at us it began to turn out! The son could go outside and even went to a garden. Gradually we for several minutes removed a bandana. In a year Mukhammadali could already walk on the street and not cry.

Many mothers face

a problem of small motility. When the child draws, molds or makes, it develops a brain. But my child did not want to mold from plasticine in any way - having seen plasticine, he just cried and ran away.

But one fine day the charity foundation from Moscow sent us a weight set for a molding. It was the gift to my son on birthday. I saw that weight for a molding is more elastic than plasticine, but also does not stick to hands and pleasantly smells. Then we began to mold from it, and so it was pleasant to the son that him not to tear off. Probably, it did not like plasticine because it stuck to hands and was very firm.


very much loves pencils and felt-tip pens. But also here we had problems: he liked to draw, but in 10 minutes he was already tired and began to cry.

Then I incidentally learned that there are special pencils, they trihedral and thick. They were pleasant to Mukhammadali at once, it is easy to hold them. Paints too first were not pleasant - more true, not paints, and began to smell them. Then I began to add a droplet of essential oil to paints - that the smell did not hurt. And further the son so fell in love to draw, as began to get used to a painty smell.


Probably, to many mothers will seem that I wrote only about heavy children. But today many face similar problems. It is a lot of sensitive children, and any trifles can frighten such child.

For us it is trifles, and for the child the same molding, drawing is a big work. Materials about which I wrote are intended for children of younger age. But as my child has problems with development to help, we begin as younger children too. And it is not a shame to me to try all this is the main thing that it was interesting to my kid.

Who such och. skillful mother is mother who in any situation will find a way out even if it is unusual and strange. To me and my husband nobody prompted - ourselves thought out and experimented. Be not afraid to try and give chance to the unusual inventions!

Now Mukhammadali went to the first class. Won in several competitions in drawing. Took the third place even in Moscow, but we could not arrive for health reasons.

Now it has an incentive to go only forward and not to be given. It is not similar to all children, but we love it it. He is our Angel who arrived from clouds. And at the end I want to present you the poem of my husband who writes verses about special children.


my Autyonok, stick,
I Ask God, you wake up. I with you always Will be
, we Will trust
in miracles!
For me you the cleverest,
Precious, darling, kind.
We sleep badly at the nights,
Till the morning with you we sit.
Ya I do not complain, no!
is Very happy, you are. we Will always study
to Trust, speak, pray.
I cannot without you,
is grateful to God I!
Arrived you from clouds,
the Angel of my dreams...

of Ziyod Artykbayev