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How to get rid of freckles?

of the Freckle arise from - for the person of reaction of integuments to ultraviolet rays. To a large extent people in whose organism melanin does not suffice are subject to it. Visually we can allocate such people on a fair or red hair. Their skin is subject to burns, freckles protect skin, “assuming“ all blow of an ultraviolet. to

Most of sunny freckled girls are not glad to such gift of the nature at all. For them freckles are a big problem which generates many complexes and thoughts of the unattractiveness.

It is possible to prevent emergence of freckles. If you have a susceptible skin, then surely use sunblock creams. Do not forget about a wide-brimmed hat. It not only is fashionable, but also will protect gentle face skin from a direct hit of ultraviolet rays.

And still freckles appeared. How to be? In this article we will tell about how in the minimum terms, having spent a few efforts, it is possible to get rid of freckles.

Many national recipes are known, we chose the most sparing and natural.

1. Ice cubes with parsley. Masks from parsley. Infusions.

parsley Juice - one of the most widespread ways of fight against freckles. Wiping a face with an ice piece with parsley in the mornings, you not only reduce manifestation of freckles, but also support a skin tone, clear it, you “will erase“ a sleepy look. For preparation of a magic small piece of ice it is necessary to chop a parsley bunch in the blender then to fill in the received weight with boiled water and to insist within an hour. The emulsion received in such a way to filter, pour on molds and to place in the freezer. Do not forget to use 1 - 2 cube every morning. The result will not keep itself waiting.

The mask is made still easier, to apply weight from the crushed parsley on skin and through 10 - 15 it to pass to wash away cool water. For various types of skin parsley is mixed with different ingredients: milk - for fat and normal skin, or with sour cream - for dry skin.

To prepare lotion from parsley, it is necessary to fill in 100 g of parsley of 0,5 l of vodka, to insist in the dark cool place 2 - 3 weeks. After filtering to use for wiping.

2. Cucumber lotions. Masks.

It is known that the cucumber is the most popular means for clarification of skin from excessive pigmentation. It possesses the remarkable bleaching qualities. To prepare a cucumber mask, it is necessary to remove a rough peel from a cucumber, to rasp it, or using the blender. To apply gruel on a problem site of skin for 15 - 20 minutes. After procedure to wash away the cooled clear water.

Juice of a cucumber can be used also in the form of lotion, it also has the bleaching properties. In addition it is possible to do infusions of a cucumber peel and to apply them instead of flowing water to washing. For infusion preparation the cucumber peel is filled in with boiled water, night is drawn. In the morning, having filtered, use when washing.

3. Lemon juice.

Very effective remedy. As a rule, at freckles apply lotions. To apply pure lemon juice on a wadded sponzh and to put to a problem site for 30 - 60 seconds. The mask from yeast and lemon juice is also widely applied. For preparation of this means to mix 1 h l. pure lemon juice and 25 g of the live pressed yeast. To add 1 tablespoon of milk then to apply on skin, in 30 - 40 minutes to wash away moderately warm water.

One more known mask for bleaching - limonno - honey. To take the average sizes a lemon, to squeeze out juice, to mix from 3 tablespoons. honey to apply on a gauze or fabric napkin. To put to the person. During procedure, lasting from 20 till 30 minutes it is necessary to replace several times napkins (3 - 4 times). This mask is very effective not only in fight against freckles, but also for giving to tone skin.

4. Egg white.

the Mask from egg white is recommended to be used several times a week. At regular application of a freckle considerably will brighten. The recipe is simple - to mix fresh protein 1 of egg and to mix with 1 h l. pure juice of a lemon. To apply on skin, after full drying to wash away a mask, using warm water.

5. Berries - bleaches.

Very few people know that currant, grapes, a water-melon, strawberry also possess the excellent bleaching properties. To pound berries to a kashitseobrazny state. To plentifully cover skin with berry weight, to wash away in 20-30 minutes.

6. Broth of a devyasil.

For bleaching of face skin long since used broth of roots of a devyasil. For this purpose 1 h l. to fill in a spoon of dried roots of a devyasil with a glass of cold water and to insist 1 hour. After that to boil 30 minutes. To grease with the received emulsion a face several times in days, to a total disappearance of freckles.

7. Melon mask.

the Pulp of a melon cooks in a small amount to water. Gruel is applied for 10 - 15 minutes. The same properties are inherent also in the baked pumpkin pulp. Seeds of a melon can be boiled in water and to use this water as broth for washing.

Before use of recipes of traditional medicine surely take into account that such components as honey, the lemon and berries, can be very much allergenic . Whenever possible consult with the cosmetologist .

Even if freckles do not wish to disappear in any way, be not upset! By results of surveys conducted various authoritative female to magazines, 7 of 10 interrogated men find freckles attractive. And for the rest to be solar and special - it is healthy!