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Flu: unsolemn war of

Sharp respiratory viral infections (a SARS and flu) make nearly 90% of all known infectious diseases today. Each of us during life faced flu not one time, but even at the same time we not always rather seriously treat this disease. And flu is not only week with a temperature and cold, flu is and possible complications, and often very heavy, leading to a lethal outcome.

Winter - traditional time of the active distribution of viral diseases often accepting character of epidemic. For example, in the United States of America in January the huge number of people caught a virus of H3N2 flu. News about epidemic are similar to messages from places of military operations. Here, for example:“ In connection with flu epidemics declared the city of Boston transition to state of emergency. In Chicago patients captivated accident wards of 8 hospitals so they temporarily ceased to accept new patients. Hardly copes with loading and “ambulance“ - doctors are afraid that from - for waves of calls to influenzal patients unaided there can be patients with heart attacks. A state of emergency was declared also in all state New - York.“ It is not excluded that we will impose a ban on visit of patients of hospital by relatives, - the employee of hospital Bryan Dauns says. - For us it is a last resort, but circumstances are that“.

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: prevention


In order that the virus did not take unawares, it is necessary to be prepared for a possible meeting as much as possible. First of all, it is necessary to take the preventive measures directed to increase of protective ability of an organism:

Conditionally effective actions for prevention are vaccination and wearing masks. Why they are conditionally effective? Vaccination is capable to protect us only from two - three types of a virus to which after an inoculation immunity is developed. But viruses of flu possess high variability, and any new kind of a virus will cause a disease since to it immunity will not be. And masks are effective only the first half an hour of carrying, then they are humidified from breath, and become the favorable place for dwelling of a virus from where it then easily gets on mucous. Besides, masks complicate breath.

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of What at a disease of flu?

If flu everything is struck our organism, we begin to be treated, and often not at the doctor, and according to own representations. Very many diseased considers that during flu it is not necessary to accept medicines, and it is necessary to use national recipes among which it is possible to meet the most improbable. And there is also other extreme - to accept all possible pharmaceutical preparations which are advised by acquaintances.

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at all:

All above-mentioned actions - a serious stress for an organism. The immune system occupied with fight against a virus can not pass such additional test, and against flu the secondary bacterial infection will join. It can be also pneumonia (pneumonia), an inflammation of organs of hearing (otitis), an inflammation of kidneys (pyelonephritis) and so forth. Moreover, excess load of an organism during an illness can give complications on warmly - vascular system. Especially as, statistically, Russia wins first place in the world by the number of people with warmly - vascular diseases.

What needs to be done during flu and a SARS?

needs to begin with

At the first symptoms of flu reception of really effective remedies possessing antiviral activity. Among the combined drugs against cold and flu only one means is capable to suppress activity of viruses in an organism. It is the Russian preparation of Anvimaks (its old name - AntiGrippin - the Maximum). For years of the existence the preparation proved as means against cold and flu since remantadin - substance with the proved activity concerning a flu virus is its part.

Besides, the components possessing symptomatic action - paracetamol and loratadin, and also components for protection warmly - vascular system enter a preparation of Anvimaks: rutoside, a gluconate of calcium and the vitamin C stimulating immunity.

Thus, Anvimaks affects in a complex - both a virus, and symptoms therefore there comes, as a rule, the absolute recovery.

of Anvimaks is issued in the form of convenient sachets (bags) of soluble powder for preparation of medicinal drink.

as much as possible to support an organism, during an illness it is necessary to observe a bed rest, to use a lot of liquid (waters, a fruit drink, rather weak tea), not to strain sight (not to read and not to watch TV) and to have a rest more.

contraindications Are available, before application consult with the doctor.