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Zoroastrian horoscope for 2013. Pavel Globa about a year of the Raven

Traditional Zoroastrian 32 - summer a calendar is based on an initial cycle of the planet Saturn. Characteristics of the animals operating for years help to understand own potential.

According to drevneariysky tradition, year begins on March 21, in day of the vernal equinox. So, those who were born under signs of the Capricorn, Aquarius and Fishes get under management of a totem of previous year.

the totem of Crows Year which comes on March 21, 2013 operates. He personifies mediation between heaven and earth, symbolizes gravity, inflexibility, an ascesis, loneliness and clarification. The people born in a year of the Raven are independent and unpredictable, freedom and self-respect is important for them. It is difficult to understand them from - behind some isolation and a peculiar gloomy feeling of humour. Also such people should fight both in themselves, and in others against a timeserving, humility.

Traditionally year of the Raven is connected by

with disposal of filth, dirt, what does harm, though masks under something positive. Difficulties of year will be connected with injustice, and also tests which will be as if concentrated one place.

For representatives of year of the Raven (1949, 1981) this year a lot of things fall back into place. You can correct last errors, see what was not noticed earlier, to sum up the results and to decide what you would like to receive from life in the future. Be not surprised if you find out that your desires became less or they “were somehow pressed down“. It is impossible to call circumstances of year simple or especially favorable. At the same time they will have the stimulating effect, and as a result you will be able fully, without hesitating, to be proud of the achievements.

to Representatives of year of the Rooster (1950, 1982) should concentrate on the material statement of the positions. This year you will be able not only “to depict“ what achieved, but also to show it: growth of the income, large acquisitions, “a beautiful line“ in the summary, a new position. It will be simpler to achieve goals, than earlier. You will be able to count on the help of other people, both direct, and indirect. It can turn out so that you at last pay off on debts - real and non-material - and you will get rid of limiting factors. Consider that cooperation assumes equality even if so far it seems impossible.

Representatives of year of the Bull (1951, 1983) or will be engaged in the embodiment of the dream in life, or will wallow in illusions, hoping that imaginations are realized by itself, without their feasible participation. The best strategy: to work gradually, to go small short steps, without counting that you will manage to make revolution which everything will place on places necessary to you. The risk this year will not be repaid at all. The important role will be played by a preparatory work: if you want to become a singer, then not to do without regular lessons of a vocal. If you manage to be adjusted and you will finish begun, everything will develop is not so gray and routinely as it seemed first.

For representatives of year of the Badger (1952, 1984) there comes critical year. Its events will be a peculiar check that you cost actually. The main thing governed - not to be given and not to go down stream because it “will carry“ you if not to the opposite side, then precisely absolutely not there. If you begin actively “to work with oars“, summing up the results of year, you can find out that were in time, received much more, than counted. Be not afraid to undertake obligations which seemed to you excessive earlier. It is known that “eyes are afraid, and hands do“. You are expected by year of fulfillments, however, in some degree they will be incomplete.

Representatives of year of the Camel (1953, 1985) will be able “to exhale“

at last. Quiet times are coming you. Degree of good luck will depend on the fact that you put in this word. For those who strive for stability it is not even necessary to make special efforts to maintain it. If you are ready for something bigger, do not neglect offers and assistance of those with whom you will be brought together by destiny. This year you will be able to reach harmony, and also to help to understand yourself another. It is better to solve disputable situations by a compromise. You cannot make anything - withdraw. Here you will see, so everything will develop far more successfully.

to Representatives of year of the Hedgehog (1954, 1986) will manage to ego-trip in what you consider for yourself really important. Your last mistakes or progress left behind a trace which it is necessary to face right now: to use something, and to fulfill something. Year for you - a peculiar session during which how you carried out a semester “will halloo“. You should not count on godsends: even if they will also be, then in the form of advance payments which should correspond to you. On the other hand, your present investments - guarantee of future progress. What you receive following the results of session will play a big role in what diploma you deserve.

For representatives of year Lani (1955, 1987) the most important question this year will become: “How with honor to find this way out?“ Basic data are not so bad though you and would like something better. You should not speak about what you aspire to, openly. It is not excluded that through some time you will prefer that you about those words, statements forgot. Be not naive. The fact that the person is located to you does not mean at all that in a disputable situation he will not come over to the side of your opponent, let and temporarily. And this year you receive, will get what so will not be enough for you in the future. Do not miss!

to Representatives of year of the Elephant (1956, 1988) the coming year can seem to

strange and not absolutely clear. What to do is farther? What to prepare for? Circumstances of year can nullify all your undertakings, but present unexpected chances in absolutely other areas. If you are not afraid to refuse what you hold, at you a real opportunity will come to a new round of development, in some degree even to begin new life in which you will achieve where great success. This year inspirations, or perhaps and predictions which will really specify to you a way are guaranteed to you. You do not trust in it? Well, it will be one more inexplicable riddle of this year.

to Representatives of year of the Horse (1957, 1989) will carry

. Your desires come true, progress becomes frequent or increase. You are expected by interesting acquaintances, growth of the authority and big self-confidence. Of course, for this purpose the thicket needs to happen in public or to participate in those projects which can show your talents. Year categorically does not approach to spend it alone, somewhere sitting out. If you have a dream - try to realize it or to share, ask for suggestions. Who knows, maybe, not so it also is unrealizable? And here to influence other people for the purpose of obtaining own benefit will not leave - will guess. Just it is better to ask.

At representatives of year of the Cheetah (1958, 1990) difficult year is expected. Be ready to opposition, to contradictions, that your ill-wishers and envious persons become more active. If you do not have them (you are sure?) they can appear. To relax at you it will hardly turn out it (is fraught), but it and to the best: in the course of fight you can win, to win something. You will become stronger, iskushenny, so, and more interestingly for others. In a word, to what will envy. In the professional sphere, despite all difficulties, you have very quite good prospects. Minus years - you can face treachery.

At representatives of year of the Peacock (1959, 1991) productive year in the social and professional plan is expected. And so it will turn out that the your results will be more noticeable, the more at you it will begin to turn out. Conclusion: forget about constraint and do not pay attention to spiteful statements. If the criticism is constructive - it can be used. Otherwise it should not concern you. This year persistent, soberminded practicians win. Become such - and at you everything will turn out. Be not afraid to appear playing a supporting role. The one who ahead, maybe, as the engine to pull you there where so far to you the course is closed.

For representatives of year of Lebed (1960, 1992) the coming year will be connected by

with some surprises, revolutions (both in private life, and in public). You can quite wave on everything a hand and begin anew, with a blank sheet and where nobody waits for you. It is impossible to tell that undertakings will be surely successful: it will depend on your efforts and on whether you want to achieve actually result - or acted this way in peak to someone from the environment. Do not count on protection and support from above even if it was promised. You will behave too independently to accept all necessary conditions.

Representatives of year of the Lynx (1961, 1993)
have to be ready

that their plans will begin to be overset by circumstances, and not once. Everything will be somehow doubtful, incomplete. In general anything especially critical, but the confidence is not present in anything, and it can fine exhaust. When you do not know, what is more important, to what to give preference, it is difficult to choose a right way. Conclusion one: undertake what is closer that concerns you more. Positive moment of year: it is not obligatory for you to constrain emotions and to look back to see what reaction was caused by these or those your actions. It is not necessary to justify itself. And here if you are able to become more courageous - it will be healthy.

Representatives of year of the Donkey (1962, 1994) that will deserve, will receive. Events of year will be the response to your own actions. So if properly to consider any, even most confused, a situation, you will be able to understand why it occurred and that should be undertaken. But it is not excluded that it will turn out that you already did everything possible, and now it is necessary only to suffer, to reconcile. This year you can face some fatal events (both positive, and negative character) - for example, there will be a meeting with people which will leave a certain mark on your subsequent life. And without this meeting nothing would happen.

to Representatives of year of the Polar Bear (1963, 1995) should resist to mysterious and unclear circumstances seriously. The main complexity is in what you can realize not at once from where there is a threat, who the enemy, and who the friend. And after a month of “military operations“ to find out, for example, that the opponent actually on your party. And the one to whom, apparently, all the same, builds some small intrigues if to look narrowly. Though at you everything is all right with intuition, but some facts can testify both to one, and to another, maybe, opposite so you do not judge too unambiguously. By the way, the answer can be not one - or with reservations.

of Representatives of year of the Eagle (1964, 1996) is expected by active year: fight, work, finding of system of values or entering into it of a certain sort of changes. You should choose what to trust in with whom and with what to reckon. Plus this year is that you learn to estimate adequately both yourself, and others. The principle “nothing comes out of the sack but what was in it“ will not constrain you in undertakings will help to define more likely what it is worth undertaking, and for that - no. You are able to afford distrustfulness and scepticism - they will be pertinent. Also this year you will meet people (or you will meet with them closer), who will help you to open, show the earlier unknown qualities.

Be continued.

From the book “The Zodiac Forecast for 2013“