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Dreams come true - they should be cut out and pasted only!

to the Large family are no time to miss. Especially family traditions unite all of us. Some came to us from my great-grandmother - it is amateur sit-round gathering, evening reading by all family, children`s concerts for friends and neighbors. But there are also traditions created again.

our family releases

the wall newspaper. Anything the general with the pioneer childhood and articles on topic of the day! Our newspapers are devoted to a family and events which are expensive to us. For example, to arrival of the son in 1 - y a class or to birthday of the beloved father.

Part is taken by all. We take lots of magazines and hazardously we cut out pictures which, in our opinion, correspond to a subject. Then on a big sheet of paper we make composition. We move pictures, connecting them by logical chains. Then we paste. We think out cheerful inscriptions, we decorate with drawings, own palms, applications from color paper and balls from color napkins. Believe, masterpieces turn out just! Some of them can be seen here.

One of annual subjects of our wall newspapers - New Year`s. In the middle of a leaf the fir-tree is traditionally located. Every time she is different, it can be executed in the different ways. To the left of a fir-tree we represent that brought us the expiring year, some significant events: the younger daughter went to yaselk, the father became the personnel donor, the son occupied 2 - e the place on swimming in the club championship, mother learned to bake bread and other. And on the right we dream: there we will paste the picture with the sea and a palm tree, we so want to have a rest at the sea all together; new TV; and the pot still there is pasted (guess what mother thought of?) ...

I here that interestingly: what last year was in our dreams in a year present moved on the left side from a fir-tree. It is necessary, dreams come true! And the newspaper does it by the obvious fact!

we Have a newspaper devoted to our big family and all our talents. It is a collage too, our photos are not there. Around the pictures symbolizing each of family members - the father, mother and 5 children, - our abilities, efforts and achievements are represented. Mother is Marya - the mistress, knits and embroiders. The father - cooks the most tasty borsch in the world, and still he is a football fan. Nadia is an artist. Dima is a poet, the guitarist and the fan of mountain skiing. Grisha - does swimming, makes surprising hand-made articles of different materials. Sofya is the woman of fashion and knows a set of verses. Small Tatusya sings as a nightingale and obviously aspires in the actress.

We store the wall newspapers. It is our family archive. It is new tradition, it several years. But I hope that she forever lodged in our family and in our hearts. Not only because it is some kind of history of a family. It is just very exciting to do all this together!

an oriole - mother