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Without whims. How to put the child to bed and other mother`s tricks of

With the imagination at me it is bad. I reconciled to it long ago. At school I had problems at drawing lessons when the teacher suggested to make the drawing “on a free subject“. The task to think up new functions for the existing thing or a subject drives me in a stupor. But life shows that, getting children, we receive new “motivator“ to become more creative people. Just often we have no other choice.

Trick the first: the cheerful worm

As many children, at the age of about a year my younger son very much did not like to put on. Especially did not love when I pulled to it tights or panties. When houses warmly, let to itself walks in shorts, but if it is cool or a cold floor - was necessary to be at war with the son. So far I did not think up cheerful “worm“. When the son was capricious and refused to put on tights, I thrust a hand into a kolgotina and said to him that time he does not want to put on, to it “worm“ came and will tickle him.

At first Nikita was surprised to

, then, having caught sight of “worm“, already loudly laughed loudly, sometimes tried to escape (but too for fun), and the most important - at all forgot about the whims. It is a lot of nashchekotavshis, “worm“ helped me to put on tights the son, and that already did not object at all. Now Nikita is one and a half years old, and he puts on without whims, even willingly, but still loves “worm“, and we play it sometimes just like that, for pleasure.

Trick the second: machines

Cold did not pass treatment in any way, antibiotics did not want to be connected, and any expectorant drugs did not help any more. Then for recovery acceleration the doctor advised to warm up to the eldest son a back - to draw an iodic setochka under shovels. Andryukha was then a terrible conservative (the new food had to be offered “on the quiet“ him) therefore on the offer to draw something on a back answered it with flat refusal.

did not want to be been at war and draw violently to me. At first tried to explain scientifically why it is necessary. Then proved and promised what will not be sick. Without results. Then decided to show on itself. Suggested it to draw a setochka at me on a hand, and then - on justice - to allow me to draw a setochka at it on a back. Smiled and all look showed that it is not sick. Focus was successful only two times. And soon my pighead with pleasure drew on me, and refused to hold up a back.

Then me the idea based on two features of my kid came to

to mind: 1) he loves machines - in all manifestations and all types; 2) he likes to bargain and change (future businessman grows, probably). I offered it an exchange: I will draw to it with an iodic stick on a hand any machine to order - and it in exchange will provide me a back for a setochka. The invention went off with a bang. The artist from me useless, but in general to represent a certain similarity of the passenger car, the lorry or a tractor at me it turned out.

dropped down

of knowledge of machines, our with Andryusha, until the end of a course of treatment. And in the evenings it with pride showed to the father “tattoos“...

Trick the third: how to put the child to bed

the Eldest son since the birth slept peacefully in the bed. About two years he with big enthusiasm moved to a usual children`s bed (well, to a lump children`s and to whom - adult, “real“). And later a few months more began to be afraid of the dark and one refused to sleep. Then I presented it a toy doggie (which the son for some reason called at once Ways) - the defender. And explained: dogs of people protect and protect, here and Putya will protect your dream.

the Idea worked. From Andryushk`s Ways not only the house, but also on a visit well filled up. By the way, he still sleeps with him (now the son is 5 years old). Now it is already formality, perhaps, the habit, and can be - a tribute to old “friend“ (“Putya will miss if he has to sleep to one“). I in it do not see big harm: if only to the son it was fallen down quieter.

By the way about a dream and falling asleep. At the age of about 4 years it became difficult to put the eldest son to bed in the evenings. It came from kindergarten overexcited; besides the father came from work late, and, missed the friend the friend, they sat up late, playing machines or collecting the designer. No rituals and soothing procedures helped.

Then I thought up

and told the son before going to bed the small fairy tale about a birdie who did not want to go to bed in time. I will retell in brief: once upon a time there was a birdie, and all inhabitants of the wood she was very much loved because it was cheerful, and not only awoke all of them in the mornings, but also lightened them mood the beautiful songs. But once the birdie did not want to go to bed in time and as a result - overslept. It did not wake the friends in the morning, did not please them. Then they took offense at a birdie. Of course, took offense not for long, friends forgive each other small offenses. But the birdie managed to understand how it is important to go to bed in time not to deceive expectations of those who are dear to you. Well and, of course, to rise a bit earlier, vigorous, well rested and in good mood.

the Fairy tale to the son very much was pleasant to

. I told it some more evenings; every time after it the son agreed “to try“ to fall asleep - and filled up. And then it was rather simple to remind “about a birdie“ that the son - heaving a deep sigh - went to sleep.

Honestly I admit to

: now, a year later, every day it is necessary to think out new tricks peacefully to depart to a dream, but that fairy tale long enough “worked“.

Trick the fourth: how to feed the child

Approximately in a year both sons began to refuse food, especially porridge in the mornings. I decided at once that to persuade and arrange representations with poteshka, fairy tales etc. behind food I will not be. The option “for mother, for the father“ did not help too. I suspect that it turned out unconsciously, but worked: when the son (at first the senior, and three years later - younger) for any reason ate well - I sang to myself under a nose (on pleasures) a cheerful children`s song, most often same. The song “Best of all “worked“ with one son we go, we go, we go to strange lands...“, and with another “Antoshka, Antoshk, we will go to dig potatoes...“ . When someone from sons was capricious during food, I sang “a song for good appetite“, and sometimes the conditioned reflex worked - the child yes ate something.

At one time for the same purpose - to feed the child without whims - I used dry breakfasts in the form of different animals. Someone will be indignant: it is impossible to feed kids with such food. It absolutely agrees. But I carefully checked structure and filled in a squash or other dish very little, literally a handful of “animals“. And further we with the son caught each animal together with food, defined who “got“ this time, - and the kid willingly ate “production“. At the same time and animals remembered better.

Trick the fifth: thanks, “Doctor Aybolit“

Well and, of course, problem of visit of the doctor. So it turned out that the eldest son was born premature so we spent much time in hospitals when he was absolutely small. He early learned what is pricks, inhalations and bitter drugs. It is absolutely no wonder that he hated being treated. And the fact that we came sometimes just to an inoculation or behind the reference to a garden put not moneychangers: the son all the same did not allow the doctor of to examine normally, kicked and shouted at all hospital when to him gave injections and even just tried to glance in a throat.

Ya obeyed recommendations in magazines and at forums, bought a game “set of the doctor“, and we began to play “in hospital“. Helped not really. But perfectly Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky helped. We with Andryukha read “Aybolit“ to holes, I explained everyone unclear to the son the word or action, we discussed everything that happened to the main characters.

Later few months the son knew all “Aybolit“ by heart (I do not exaggerate - so we developed memory too). What a sin to conceal, I - that this poem already later few weeks remembered! And when in hospital the son began to be nervous, we with him recited on memory of “Aybolit“. It helped it to relax, calmed and distracted. Soon he already willingly substituted the doctor everything that was required, and was even indignant, “why to it did not look at a neck today“.

When the kid something does not want

or refuses something - and it often happens, and regardless of age - it is the simplest to force. Only why, if it is possible to think up some inoffensive trick? And nerves of the child will remain are whole, and your conscience - is quiet.

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