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To lie and give birth. Childbirth in horizontal position: to whom and why

it is necessary to Give birth actively and freely - to it teach now and on courses of preparation for childbirth, many doctors speak about it, same advise books and magazines for future mothers. But sometimes on medical indications the woman should spend all the time of childbirth in horizontal position.

It is valid, dances childbirth during which the woman goes, accepts poses, convenient for itself, can be quicker, easier and less painful, than during which the woman lies on a bed and so endures fights. However childbirth in horizontal position still - the majority. Why it occurs whether it is necessary to argue with the doctor and how to make the compelled lying the most comfortable for the kid - and for itself?

Medical indications

for childbirth in horizontal position belong To medical indications such a swagger - major circumstances as premature or prompt birth (that is those that last instead of put 6 - 12 all of 1 - 3 hour), pelvic prelying of a fruit. If it is expected that the kid will be weak - premature, with a pre-natal arrest of development, with pathologies, - mother will not allow to walk up and down on chamber too.

Why so should give birth? Even usual childbirth in maternity hospitals is conducted under ultrasonography supervision - the device and a kardiotokograf (KTG) which watches the frequency and intensity of fights and heart rate of the child. And the complicated childbirth - at all in a zone of close attention of the whole team of doctors (and it besides various monitors of supervision). Besides, most likely, mother should enter different drugs - and with a dropper, for example, especially you will not run about. In a situation when every second is expensive and every minute everything can exchange, to be better fully equipped and on call for emergency measures (for example, Cesarean section).

How to facilitate a state? When childbirth is accompanied by problems, it is necessary to think first of all of a state of health of the child. And to calm itself the fact that time for it is better that mother lay with the KTG sensor on a stomach - means, so to that and to be.

it is more convenient than

for mother

Even mothers prepared for free childbirth can find out suddenly in process that it is more convenient to them not to sit on a ball, not to hop, moving hips and not to rest against the husband on fights, and... to lie.

Why should give birth so? should listen to Intuition. Having tried different provisions, the woman in labor chooses that which does fight by the least painful. Besides by the end of the second period at some just legs very much are tired (and all the rest). In this case it is better to lie down - there is nothing terrible that on courses you were told one, and in actual fact left differently.

How to facilitate a state? Choose a pose not on a back, and on one side. In situation on a back the heavy uterus presses on the large blood vessels passing along a backbone, and the kid receives less oxygen inside. The pose is on one side more comfortable. It is called still “the runner`s pose“: raskinuta legs asymmetrically, under the leg bent in a knee (it is from above) it is possible to enclose a pillow. This situation is convenient also for the kid as promotes the correct insertion of a head to the patrimonial canal.


Even all react to epiduralny anesthesia differently. Depending on an anesthetic dose the woman can feel everything, but not feel pain, or not feel almost anything including legs under herself. Of course, such weakness - not the best assistant in “belly dances“ in a rodbloka. And there are also other types of anesthesia, for example, a medical dream in which immerse the woman in labor exhausted with long or difficult delivery.

Why needs to give birth so? the organism Exhausted with pain and fear behaves is unpredictable. For example, fights can weaken or at all stop. Not to allow it, the woman is given analgetics, somnolent and soothing. While she dozes, fights are normalized, and having had a rest, the woman in labor gets into gear. There are, of course, also minuses: any preparations for anesthesia can cause drowsiness, pressure jumps, allergic reactions. For this reason childbirth is carried out under a constant control not only the doctor, but also the watching equipment.

How to facilitate a state? to Try to have a rest. Future mother should remember: everything that is tested by her, also the kid tests. For medicamentous anesthesia in labor a number of obligatory requirements and therefore all drugs not only are effective is imposed, but also are safe for mother and the kid.

the Penultimate stage of childbirth - attempts - usually passes

of the Attempt in a prone position on a back or semi-sitting in a special chair - a transformer. A little in what maternity hospitals there are special devices for completely vertical childbirth: or being kneeling cards.

Why needs to give birth so? to deliver the standing or squating woman, physicians have to have special training and training in the largest European centers where they practice such kind of childbirth. Such experts - each and all. To other, following traditional obstetric school, it is necessary to see “field of activity“, and a pose of the woman lying on a back with the divorced legs provides the best review. At horizontal position to make an effort, maybe, and more difficult (for the help to the woman in labor there is special emphasis for hands and legs), but the probability of gaps is less, it is easier for midwife to work.

How to facilitate a state? during attempts needs to listen to teams of the doctor and the midwife - in every sense words are more visible to them that occurs and as it is necessary to work. How to breathe how not to breathe, as well as where to make an effort - to it better to learn and in advance to be morally ready to the events.

After the delivery

Two hours after the delivery the woman in childbirth observe

in office. Women lie, covered with a blanket (many is shivering) and with ice on a stomach which helps a uterus to be reduced and prevents bleeding. Before it young mother can be laid to sew up gaps or cuts under local anesthesia.

Why so it is necessary to

? Because to the woman who just endured childbirth needs to have a rest, and to doctors - to be convinced that is with it everything is all right.

How to facilitate a state? All already easy as a pie: the kid was born, he was put to a breast, and all are happy around.


Of course, even it happens today that the woman is told “to lie and give birth“ only because is so more convenient and more habitual to the doctor: what to the woman in labor to run, let lies and groans, will not come yet it is time to carry to a rodblok. But now such relation, fortunately, it is rather an exception to the rules. Therefore if the doctor recommends horizontal childbirth, there is a high probability of what is so really best of all.