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Carefully: dangerous employees. What colleagues to avoid?

Any business are a live organism, and so far it grows, changes - problems are inevitable. The majority of difficulties are anyway connected with the staff of the company - that human factor. At a source of any failure the incorrect decision made not by that person at the wrong moment lies. Five different people told us the stories which cost to them and business of serious problems.

Relatives at work

Olga, the owner of a network of beauty shops :“ My niece ended courses of hairdressers, and the brother asked to take her in one of my salons. Problems began even in the course of registration for work. She told that she does not want to be made out as the trainee that for its summary it will be the bad beginning. I met requirements of her, and she was accepted as the junior master. Almost at once delay began, in a month in a face the discontent with a salary and collective was stated to me, besides the niece extended gossips about me, about my family and different family problems about which heard houses from the father. I had to dismiss her after passing of a trial period, and the brother very much took offense at me, considering that I did not give to his daughter the second chance“.

of the Recommendation . It would seem, having hired the native person, you solved several problems - and to the relative made a good deed, and the reliable person near at hand. But often happens so that such employee brings improbable quantity of problems not only in collective, but also in a family. Try to avoid business contacts with close relatives and friends.

Anna Ryabova, HR - the expert
Though the Russian labor code it is accepted to abuse strenuously, in practice it turns out that it entirely on the party of the worker, but not the employer, and it is not so simple to dismiss the employee. Even going on official procedure with reprimands, remarks, preventions, dismissal under article of discrepancy of a post can turn back both image, and judicial losses for the organization.

Dependence on one employee

Victor, the head of IT - the company :“ The employee Igor who is responsible for databases was subordinate me. The company at us small and therefore we tried that one person carried out the maximum volume of work. This employee was engaged not only safety of databases, but also ours a web - the website, installation of the software to the employees, in technical support of accounts department. At some moment I understood that it is impossible to close so much responsible work on one person, and we took the second employee that work was divided.

But Igor not only did not begin to share with it work, but also came to me with the requirement to raise to it a salary and to dismiss the second person. When I refused, Igor wrote the letter of resignation and, leaving, promised that all of us will regret about it. Next day we really had a cock-a-hoop because it changed all passwords and erased from the database large volume of information, and also posted on our website a big banner “the company of swindlers and thieves“. As all of us understood whose it hands business, our security service quickly enough solved this problem. However we needed still some time to restore information and reputation“.

of the Recommendation . Economy on personnel - it, of course, is good. The initiative employee undertaking any work - is even better, but to you it is worth to remember about an old kind proverb which warns to put all eggs in one basket. Try to distribute so functions between employees that there was no such area on which one person would be informed only.

Conflict of employees

Vitaly, sales manager :“ So it turned out that I to the colleague, contrary to all rules, had an office romance. When it came to the end, we continued to work together and, respectively, saw each other every day. We left on my initiative, and the girl very much on me was offended that could not but affect work. It extended gossips about me not only among employees, but also among clients. Could call the supplier and from my name to cancel the order, to break delivery and to tell that it was my assignment. As a result, when thus very important transaction broke, and our major customer left to competitors, both of us were dismissed without any trials“.

of the Recommendation . Employees quite often clash on a workplace, and sometimes such conflicts lead to serious consequences for business. Cases when at quarrel of owners of business they begin to use collective are frequent to settle scores with each other. But also at the conflicts of the people who are at less responsible positions, consequences can be very deplorable. In such situations the direct management of conflicting parties has to interfere and make everything - if not for reconciliation then for observance of a neutrality.

of Valentin Timchenko, the psychologist
People is what makes the companies and profit, and losses. Correctly built up relationship in collective - here the main objective of the head. Someone tries to cope with this task itself, and someone approaches this problem more professionally and employs organizational psychologists. In my opinion, the second approach more constructive as not only gives to the head the chance more to be engaged directly in business affairs, but also grants to employees the right to use services of the psychologist as the intermediary between them and the management that, of course, smoothes many acute angles and reduces tension in collective.

Excessive aspiration to business expansion

Christina, the head on development of a network of the Japanese restaurants :“ Owners of a network always sought to expand the business, in a year the plan to open 10 new restaurants in Moscow and 15 more in other cities of Russia was delivered to us. We tried to do everything as soon as possible, and it as a result affected quality of new institutions. If still it was succeeded to solve questions of rent, the equipment, repair in more - less acceptable time limits, then with personnel and managing directors there was just a trouble. We did not manage to train waiters and cooks in our standards in such short terms, and as a result the number of complaints from visitors grew in a geometrical progression. As a result we had to close seven restaurants which were empty and yielded losses“.

of the Recommendation . The quantity, as we know, not always turns into quality. Expansion of business can make profit, and maybe losses - new points can not only not pay off, but also to serve as an anti-advertizing to the rest. Fear not to be in time - not the best adviser in business. It is also worth reminding that business - the plan with let long, but concrete terms will help to be guided not only to the management, but also employees in future of business.

Excessive initiative

Semyon, the owner design - bureau :“ I had an employee Vitaly - very initiative manager on production of our design. We decided to make a batch of shelves for books from transparent plastic. For the first party I asked to organize production of 1000 pieces to understand how there will be sales, but Vitaly solved in own way and ordered party in 10 000 pieces, reasoning it with the fact that, in his opinion, the goods will be sorted as hot pies. When I learned about it, dismissed him on the same day though all 10 000 was really bought up very quickly. Subordination for me above all“.

of the Recommendation . How ideas of employees were fresh and interesting, the last responsibility is all the same born by the head, and to be responsible him for all rises and falling of the company therefore he has full authority to demand submission to the orders and orders. All controversial issues, of course, can be discussed in process, but when the final decision is already made and is not executed by the employee with the argument “I know how it is better“, unfortunately, nothing remains how to leave it and his initiative.