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Day off with the child: viewing of animated films or feeding of squirrels?

Winter at us in Siberia long and cold, still from lessons of geography know about it. How to spend days off with the child that it was cheerful, informative, interesting to all family members and - it is important - that mother and the father had a rest too? Our family opened the recipe of effective winter rest: each day off (well if it is honest, almost everyone) we go to the nature - to ride the sledge, skis. But the most favourite pastime of the husband and younger daughter - a trip to a zoo and to the wood. it is not obligatory for p to Write

about beneficial influence of animals on children, it is a fact of common knowledge. Our daughter was born with a patrimonial trauma, we are registered at the neurologist, the orthopedist, the cardiologist, we are treated in the rehabilitation center. I consider that success in its physical development is achieved in many respects thanks to a possibility of communication with animals.


Opening of this year - a trip to the pine wood to feed squirrels. What can be more wonderful when from your hand the small and trustful being takes nuts, hilariously gnaws them, hides under a tree! The daughter peeps from delight! I also “quietly squeal a little“ when especially impudent little squirrel gets to me on a back, jumps from a branch on the head. At such moments you remember that animals stimulate intellectual development of children, are the first source of knowledge of the nature.

Kids just open the world, everything is interesting to them - our task to fill their life with impressions. We try that our children contacted to animals as much as possible, studied their features, watched their habits. Unless viewing of the animated film will be compared to communication with the living being which it is possible to stroke, listen to his voice? Now we had favourites: in a zoo - a pony and kids, in the wood - a squirrel - the fatty (it and a source of the first experiences, pleasures and cares).

Such communication gives to

a set of positive emotions which are necessary for the person at any age. Every time we answer a set of questions. To feed or not to feed animals in a zoo? What to treat birds and animals in the wild nature with? Whether it is necessary to care for them? Our evenings during week-end too are filled with business: conversations with the grandfather and the grandmother about trips, emotional stories, new drawings, hand-made articles... I consider that trips to animals bring up also us, adult, and our children morally.