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How to be always interesting to the husband. The well-known rules

Authors of the book of “Rule“ (The Rules) of Ellen Feyn and Sherry Schneider made revolution in America when demanded from women to forget about meeting men of the first, to call, to appoint meetings once and for all. The main thought of the book can be expressed very shortly to one of that, become well-known, governed:“ Let the man conduct“. Today we publish that part which concerns already developed relations.

Rule № 26

Even if you are betrothed by

or is married, you all the same need “rules“


Ideally we have to conform to “Rules“ since a minute of the first meeting with the man until when he tells that he loves and wants to marry. But if you were not lucky to know about “Rules“ before reading this book, we offer you the best that can be made right now. It is better to conform to “Rules“ now, than to follow them never.

But if you never knew about “Rules“, do not think that you need to completely change the relations with the groom or the husband. For example, if you were an initiator of the relations, called him, invited to appointment and did other things in order that the relations developed, he will always expect from you something similar. He should not worry about marriage - he knows that you at it are. You tell it it each word and gesture. And the man gets used to perceive you as due. Perhaps, you aggravated a situation, becoming the initiator of sex and/or romantic dinners. You asked it about the feelings, asked to spend less time at work or with friends more - with you. Sometimes even it seems to you that it has a novel on the party.

If you did not conform to “Rules“ from the very beginning of your relations, then the husband can not pay attention to you, be rude or treat you badly. You guess:

- his behavior is a result of ill-breeding or is connected with its past?

it is possible

, indeed. But we consider that you are guilty of everything. You did not conform to “Rules“. The man never had to treat you, as the girl of the dream. The man who is absolutely indifferent to the wife or the girlfriend cardinally changes, having met the woman who conforms to “Rules“.

does not have

In the relations by “Rules“ the place to violence, you were difficult to be won, the man had to work, and now he considers you as the most beautiful and beautiful woman in the world even if it and not so. For it you - the real jewelry.

do not despair. Begin to conform to “Rules“ immediately, and he for certain will notice changes in your behavior. And then he will want you stronger.

Here five offers

  1. you do not call him on work so often. Calls have to be short and business. (“In how many movie?“ ). You do not call to tell that you miss and you want to have sex in the evening. He has to call you to tell something similar.
  2. do not initiate sex even if you very much want it. Let he will be a man and an aggressor in a bedroom. Biologically the man has to pursue the woman. If you begin to initiate sex, then deprive the man of courage. Behave as the girl of “Rules“ on the first appointment. Be coquettish. Flirt when he tries to kiss you or to bite for a neck. And it will turn it into a tiger.
  3. Put on better and more sexually. Men do not like to see houses the woman in a dressing gown. Put on tight jeans, pass - skirts, bright shirts with deep cut. Use spirits, do a make-up. Wash hair more often. Pretend that you have an appointment.
  4. Behave independently. Always you come or you leave. You do not sit on a sofa, expecting it return. You do not load it stories about events of day, the problems and pain. Make plans with friends, children and neighbors. You go to the cinema and shopping centers. Just walk. And it will force it to dream of that, as if to snatch at least minute of your precious time. He will want to kiss you in kitchen if he feels that you here - here will escape. He will go crazy when you begin to speak by phone at its presence - it will want to it that you entirely belonged only to it. Here that will occur when you begin to conform to “Rules“. He will feel that he will never be satiated with you. He will begin to call you from work to agree about a dinner at restaurant or a trip for the weekend. It is that to you and it is necessary. Men love independent women because those give them freedom. They like to pursue busy women. It is interesting and fascinating.
  5. Find
  6. to yourself a hobby. Most of men prefers to spend Sunday at the TV with beer. Some take home work and the whole day sit at the computer. To women it is lonely when their men do not include them in the plans and do not pay attention to them. You should not saw the man and demand that he refused a hobby, friends and work only because it is boring for you. You receive more attention if you are more busy, than it. Play with children, go to jog to park, buy the subscription in fitness - club. It not only will occupy you, but also will help to be in shape and to be more attractive. He will think of the fact that other men will think, having seen you in a bathing suit. It is very useful for the relations. It will force the man to switch off the TV or the computer and to spend time with you. You can do charity work, read the book or play sports.
to yourself occupations! The main thing - independence and employment. And then you will not loaf around the man, complaining that he does not pay attention to you.

Alas, following to “Rules“ sometimes means loneliness (even if you is married and you have children). Rejoice to the fact that it not forever!

From the book “Rules. How to marry the man of the dream of“
“of the Rule. How to marry the man of the dream“ title= “>“ Rules. How to marry the man of the dream“ vspace= “5“ of hspace= “5“>

Be continued.