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Wick - and beauty. Weight loss and clarification of an organism - as are better than

U me rather hard work and the small child therefore time for itself has not enough. Sometimes it is possible to jump on fitness - it limits all care of itself. Therefore I was glad when an opportunity to Wick appeared - and to go to Moscow region sanatorium “Revital park“. Having shortened Friday working hours, I with the husband and 4 - summer the son went to have a rest.

the Sanatorium is near Moscow, near the city Railway. But not to go round the Moscow traffic jams in any way therefore by the fixed time we were late a little. Registration on a reception took place quickly, I was given right there listing with the schedule of visit of procedures. Some of them were in advance coordinated by phone with the doctor, some were a pleasant surprise. It turned out that urgently it is time for me to run on dos Sharco. Having thrown things in number and having changed clothes in a terry dressing gown, I hurried on the first procedure.

In general, is present nothing especially surprising in Sharco`s soul, but it seems as it very useful - improves blood circulation, raises a muscular tone, cleans cellulitis, etc. For once, of course, no cellulitis will be gone, but if to do regularly, then the effect has to be. Well and, of course, it is quite pleasant massage.

After a shower at once for dinner. It turned out that to me dietary food, and at the husband and the child usual is appointed. I got one salad - somehow unusually a little. Chose dishes on the stay rest of the time. I was waited by the diet without salt and meat consisting generally of vegetable and fish dishes plus porridge on water. A day no more than 1200 kcal and a dinner till 18 o`clock. One pleasure - freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice and oxygen cocktails. But to what victims you will not go for the sake of health.

After a dinner - medical bathtubs with sea salt. Anything special. You lie to yourself in salty water, you think of the...

After bathtubs at last managed to settle down in number. Number is quite spacious, besides a big bed pleased a folding sofa for the child. A huge balcony overlooking the lake. In number there was wi - fi so it was succeeded to check mail.

Saturday morning began

with physiotherapy exercises. In fact, this usual group occupation with elements of Pilates and aerobics. If to be adjusted on a healthy lifestyle, then it began day - just right!

After physical culture - a breakfast, and then run to the cosmetologist. During short consultation I got advice on care of skin and a pleasant facial massage. Then after clarification of skin the collagenic mask was put on a face. After a mask face skin became absolutely another - thinner and soft, perhaps... Generally, it is necessary to adopt, the effect is felt at once.

the Following procedure very much frightened me by

. It was the gidrokolonoterapiya. But I nevertheless went and, it appeared, everything is not so terrible, rather delicate. For half an hour through my intestines pumped over 32 liters of water. I will hope that I through this underwent procedure not for nothing, and my metabolism considerably improved.

After a lunch - a long-awaited wrapping “Slim silhouette“. At first you spend several minutes in a flank - a sweating room of which one head sticks out. Then the srub is applied on skin. After a shower everything is already ready to a wrapping. The green mineral clay nourishing skin with necessary minerals is applied on skin. All body is wrapped in polyethylene and a thick blanket on flypapers - the real cocoon turns out. In the easy twilight under pleasant music it is possible to have a sleep a half-hour. It was a pity to waken, there was a wish to stay in a cocoon longer. Usually this wrapping is used for fight against cellulitis and correction of contours of a body. I hope, my cellulitis after a wrapping will begin to give in!

After a small break I go for massage of a body - 45 minutes passed quickly enough. Would go to such massage though every day.

after a dinner is sent After a while all family to the pool. The pool turned out big, 25 - meter with different additional devices - a hydromassage, a countercurrent, falls, a geyser. Swam for a while a little, got warm in a sauna, sat in a hammama. Did not get into contrast fonts - I somehow not really love cold water. Spent the most part of time together with the child in a warm jacuzzi with a hydromassage. Were bought!

Sunday morning began

with an underwater shower - massage - such massage to me was done for the first time. You lie to yourself in a bathroom, and massage becomes a strong stream of water. In general, it is similar to usual general massage - knead in turn all parts of a body, feeling very pleasant. After massage cheerfulness is felt, blood circulation improves.

After a breakfast - the last procedure - once again a bathtub with medical additives and, at last - that is time to walk across the sanatorium territory. The territory is quite big, picturesque - there are ponds (in the summer even with fishing!) there is a lot of greens, a playground and several arbors for rest and shish kebabs. In the summer in good weather, I think, to walk here simply remarkably.

For children in sanatorium Montessori - studio in which teachers take care of children is. If you came to have a rest with the child, for the period of your improving procedures he can quite spend time in studio.

Having arrived to sanatorium for several days, it is possible to complete a course of improvement of an organism, to grow thin, get rid of cellulitis and to preen feathers. It is better to come here or alone, or with the girlfriend - and to be adjusted on improvement. Otherwise during your dietary meal somebody will tempt you with refined, appetizing dishes - and you will surely want to break the diet. It is better not to see it at all!

Evening dresses will not be necessary for

and in general almost all vacationers walk in dressing gowns even in restaurant.

“Revital park“ me very much was pleasant to

. It is great that near Moscow there is a sanatorium of such level. Yes, it is expensive. But it is worth it. To feel the atmosphere, it is possible to organize a trial trip at least to Wick - and. If you understand that it the fact that it is necessary for you, then there will be both time, and resources. I absolutely precisely would like to return to “Revital“ once again!

Elena Polyaeva