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Rickets: in risk group little residents of big cities

Rickets was known to our ancestors still davny - long ago. Antique scientists noticed strange regularity in due time: symptoms of this illness are most often shown at little residents of the large cities.

this illness was so widespread by

in the period of antiquity, the Middle Ages and revival among babies that even on cloths of great artists of that time children with pathological changes of a skeleton are often depicted.

of the Most known of such pictures. In this picture deformation of a skull, “a frog stomach“ and other symptoms of rickets is clearly visible.


At that time scientists put forward and proved the theory according to which, the reason of rickets city children had a lack of important vitamins and bad food.

From - for low a standard of living citizens were regularly not able to afford to eat fruit and vegetables, vitamin-rich, unlike countrymen of that time.

you will not argue With statistics...

Modern scientists confirm that earlier malnutrition and lack of vitamins was the main reason for rickets. However and today`s statistics just frightens: at every second child aged from the birth and till 3 years those are observed and or other symptoms of rickets.

From where presently to undertake to such statistics? Moreover: as well as many centuries ago, residents of the large cities are most often subject to this illness.

the Answer to this riddle was extremely simple

: the reason of developing of rickets can become a lack of a sunlight . Residents of the cities have the greatest deficiency of this natural treasure.

Why deficiency of a sunlight causes rickets?

Probably, all have heard a lot about advantage of moderate stay on the sun for health. But very few people know what this advantage consists in. The matter is that under the influence of a sunlight in an organism vitamin D - an irreplaceable element which takes part in many important processes in an organism, one it of which is fosforno - a calcic exchange, is produced.


Especially the lack of vitamin D aged till 3 years is dangerous - it is the period of active growth and development in which the foundation for health of the child is laid, the main bodies and fabrics are formed.


it is Very important to provide at this stage a children`s organism with a totality of “construction materials“. And it is actual not only for babies aged about one year, but also for two - three-year-old children.

Violation fosforno - a calcic exchange at this age is fraught with pathological changes of a skeleton of the child: curvature of extremities, deformation of a skull and thorax.

Most often modern children have rickets of easy degree, however the complications considerably influencing appearance of the person already at mature age sometimes meet. It is possible to carry flat-footedness, curve legs to the most deplorable consequences of the rickets postponed in the childhood (curvatures in a form O and X), “a frog stomach“ and “chicken breast“, a hump. Rickets is dangerous to girls by a possibility of deformation of a basin that it at mature age can complicate considerably course of pregnancy and process of childbirth.

Children of megalopolises - in risk group?

So why children of megalopolises fell into so disadvantage? The answer to it a question is covered in the same deficiency of the sun. The city mothers living in beat the raging megalopolis life have much less opportunities of quiet walks in the fresh air, including in clear sunny days.

Moreover, in the large cities the polluted layers of the atmosphere do not pass the necessary wavelength even in sunny days. On supervision of meteorologists, the quantity of sunny days in Moscow are even less in the summer, than in the winter!

of January. Feb. Mart. Apr. Mai. June. July. Aug. Seong. Oct. Nov. Dec.

And risk of a disease of the child of rickets increases in direct ratio proximity of the city to the North. That is, the there are less sunny days in a year in your district, the more efforts need to be made to save the child from terrible symptoms.

However you do not hurry to draw an unfavourable conclusion that the kids living in the megalopolis are doomed to manifestation of symptoms of rickets. At regular and correct prevention it is possible to protect the child from this illness successfully.

How to reduce risk of development of rickets?

First and the most important condition of prevention of rickets - enough a sunlight in the child`s life. Even if you live in one of northern regions of the country - do not despair.

At all seasons of the year, even in the period of cold weather, weather can present a clear sunny day - do not miss this magnificent opportunity to fill up a vitamin D reserve. If on the street it is cold, try that at least the face of the kid during walk was on the sun.

In summertime as much as possible use the represented opportunities to go with the child out of town. To the kid, undoubtedly, the day spent in the fresh air under warm beams of the sun will do good.

When the child will a little grow up, for completion of deficiency of a sunlight it is possible to go to the sea all family. Besides the southern sun, health of the kid considerably will become stronger due to beneficial influence of sea air.

the Second indispensable condition of prevention of rickets is regular reception of vitamin D. How to choose a good preparation? Pediatricians advise to give preference to water solution of D3 vitamin as it is much more effective on the action, than D2 vitamin, and water solution is much quicker acquired by an organism, than oil.

Today at the domestic market only one preparation which is water solution of D3 vitamin is present is “Akvadetrim“ . During the existence (and it is 15 years in Russia and nearly 30 years in Europe) “Akvadetrim“ proved not only as a fine prophylactic, but also as an effective remedy at treatment of already developed rickets.

Implementation of the above-stated recommendations will allow to minimize risk of development of rickets in the child - even if he is a little resident of the big city. You should not neglect prevention of rickets - and then no statistics to you will be terrible.