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Our trip to Velikiy Ustyug: Father Frost and his residence

till fall there was an idea to go to visit with the daughter to Father Frost. That it was more interesting, lined the girlfriend with the daughter - the coeval. So, two mothers with two little girls of 5 years went to Velikiy Ustyug. Tickets for the weekend did not turn out therefore made the decision to go on weekdays (so if you are limited in time, it is worth stocking up with tickets in advance).

On the way (train “Moscow - Vorkuta“) were carried out by 20 hours. Went to Yadrikhi, arrived there by 9 in the morning. In the first day we planned visit of the residence of Father Frost with driving on horses, in the second - a campaign on the museums and walk on the city.

agreed About a meeting and housing in advance (found it on the website of the local newspaper).“ Host“ by the name of Arkady met us at the station and at once carried to Father Frost.

Visit of an ancestral lands of Father Frost began

with walk on a footpath of fairy tales. The footpath conducts on the wood. The charm to the wood was given by a species of trees in snow, as in laces. And snow under legs pure, warm and fuzzy. There are different fairy tale characters: A baba-yaga, Mishka, Hare, Chanterelle, the Stub, the Wise Owl, December - month, etc. Having communicated to one character, you pass to another. All our company entertained jokes - humourous catchphrases, riddles, competitions in dexterity.

After a track of fairy tales we left to Father Frost`s tower. The building is beautiful and fantastically issued by patterns. On one side a smithy, on the other hand - a greenhouse. On excursion did not let in a tower at once, asked to wait 10 minutes to pass with group. We went to a greenhouse, at the same time to get warm. From − 33 on the street got in +30. Felt, how in the fairy tale “12 months“ when there was a wish to undress at once. The equipment for shooting after a frost strongly misted over and refused to work. Examined well-groomed plants - many blossomed, birds, beautifully issued small twigs with goldfishes.

was hurried Then in a tower. In a tower two floors and are a lot of different thematic rooms: bedroom, wardrobe, sports room, office etc. Then returned to the beginning of survey, on the first floor where to us there was Father Frost. He talked to each child, listened to everyone, handed credentials (them you order in advance) and gifts. Father Frost was very picturesque figure, but children were not frightened of him. In my opinion, corresponded to an image and externally, and on a voice, and a suit.

visit of a smithy and the nearest cafe was farther than

. The food was pleasant, gave quickly enough. Having supported and having got warm, went for a walk further. Because of a frost driving on horses was cancelled. Drove on a fantastic oven across the territory, from the huge mountain - on an inflatable boat, from different wooden hills which there is a lot of on all residence. Wanted to go to a zoo, but postponed - froze. Called a taxi to the city.

the Apartment in which we stopped was pleasant to

. Beautiful, pure, warm. Conveniences in it are thought well over. Owners hospitable and hospitable. It is possible to agree about a meeting. Drank tea and, having conferred, decided to go for a walk on the city. The city is tidy, beautiful, light. Bought in shops of souvenirs: from flax, silver, Velikiy Ustyug balm. It is a lot of reference and historical information on the city website.

went on the museums Next morning to excursions about which agreed, still being in Moscow (programs and the prices it is possible to look here). The first “Flax, my flax“. The leader was dressed in the stylized Russian clothes, the speech melodious, with the words characteristic of century before last. Our girls who did not get used to such speech, first, it seems to me, did not even understand. And then got used and with interest penetrated. Showed us women`s suits for work and a holiday. Showed flax sheaves with seed boxes, told and showed all stages of processing of flax. We tried even to spin a thread, and also showed us how to weave carpets on the machine. At the end the leader with children played the game reminding a streamlet. All game was followed by singing of the Russian songs.

Then. Wrote letters, daughters of the letter lowered in a mailbox. Let`s wait for the answer now. As we were told, within a year. Now so far only letters sort.

Then conducted small tour by mail. Showed bags with letters which Father Frost receives. As display in cells on areas. What letters Father Frost likes to receive. Showed a selection of cards from ancient up to now. They are glued in the huge book on a support.

the Second excursion - “A New Year`s and Christmas toy“. History of Christmas tree decorations from antiquity up to now, and also carrying out and registration of a New Year`s holiday in the different countries.

After excursions was eaten in cafe and decided to drive on a cheese cake which was left to us in the apartment by owners. Rode the hill, next to the house. Then run behind things - and on the train.

to our Little girls the trip was pleasant to

, already ask when again we go to Father Frost. In our opinion, rest was successful wonderfully well. The mood was brought New Year`s, festive.

Yuliana Polyanskaya