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Cystitis: why at me? The reasons of an inflammation of a bladder of

Cystitis are an inflammation of a bladder which is shown by the speeded-up urination and unpleasant feelings in the bottom of a stomach and in an urethra. Many of us for the first time face it in the childhood. Cystitis at women arises more often (according to some information, has it of 20 - 40% the female population), but also this illness does not avoid men.

of the Reason of cystitis can be

the most different. Distinguish primary and secondary cystitis, and also sharp and chronic cystitis, infectious and noninfectious.

As a rule, the infection is the main reason for an inflammation when bacteria get into a bladder. The most widespread causative agent of cystitis - colibacillus which gets into an urethra, for example, when using of toilet paper after a defekation (especially it concerns women at whom the urethra and an anus are located close). Besides, streptococci, proteas and various fungi can become activators staphylococcus.

the probability of development of cystitis at sharply increased sexual activity Exists. Such cystitis is called still “honeymoon cystitis“.
Most often the inflammation begins

when in an organism there is already “fertile field“ for development of cystitis. At an inactive sedentary life, locks, some congenital violations of urinary tract the bladder can be emptied not completely. As a result in it there is a little urine which stands and begins to decay, and it is the favorable environment for microbes. Infections development also overcooling, strong fatigue, the general exhaustion of an organism, avitaminosis as all these factors reduce our immunity can push.

the Reason of noninfectious cystitis usually injuries of a mucous membrane of a bladder become p>

. They can arise, for example, at an urolithic illness or as a result of existence in urine of chemicals (at long reception of some medicines).

Secondary cystitis develops against diseases of a bladder and the next bodies. At men (especially advanced age) it is often observed at prostatitis or an utretrita.

of One of the reasons of development of cystitis are also the infection, sexually transmitted (I,ST), in particular, gonorrhea and clamidiosis. Men at similar diseases can feel all symptoms of cystitis, and at women besides unpleasant feelings it can be followed by an inflammation of genitals (tservitsit, salpingooforit).

Happens that at women cystitis develops in pregnancy time - and in this case it is extremely important to treat him as danger of an inflammation of kidneys appears. Also it can begin after approach of a menopause when in a female organism there is a global reorganization in view of sharp decrease in level of sex hormones.

Anyway at emergence unpleasant and furthermore painful feelings at an urination it is necessary to address the urologist immediately.