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Crystal sphere or How to increase appetite during an illness of

On a table a crystal sphere,
It the fairy godmother gift. Music plays
In a ball invites. start up
I sweeps a blizzard,
Wind blows behind a window,
A in a crystal sphere summer.
the Miracle - strange it.

Long ago it was. That year the winter was very cold and snow. But in a small lodge on the suburb of the town it was warm and cozy. Hours on a wall ticked, in a fireplace firewood crackled. Tasty smells soared in air. Smelled of cinnamon, fresh rolls. The frost ornamented windows in the fine winter flowers.

But neither rolls, nor flowers did not please inhabitants of the house. In a children`s bedroom on a bed the little girl lay. Called her Alyn. High temperature kept several days. The girl weakened during an illness and did not get up any more. There is she wanted nothing but only she drank water. The old doctor came. Listened to Alina, wrote out medicine. Told what should be eaten a little, but it is obligatory. Alina`s parents very much worried, and mother even cried.

In a nursery. Fluffy soft toys - animals. Beautiful dolls in beautiful dresses. The toy ware stood in small buffet. But Alina did not play toys. She lay on a bed and looked at winter flowers at a window and was silent.

- the Daughter, well tell you to us what you want to eat what toy to give you?

- I want Nothing, - the girl quietly answered parents.

in the Evening mother, hardly constraining tears, told the baby the fairy tale about the fairy godmother. The girl very much loved it. And suddenly Alina opened eyes and asked mother that that brought her a crystal sphere. Mother got up and went for a crystal sphere. It stood at it in a bedroom. This sphere was presented to mother by her old grandmother. When she gave a sphere, told that it not simple, but magic.

Mother brought to

a sphere and put it on a little table. Then it twisted the handle, and in a sphere beautiful music played. Mother stirred up a sphere, and thousands of gold sparkles began to fall on a small lodge and on the blossoming garden. All this was in a sphere. It was so beautiful! Miracle and only! Open eyes the girl took a broad view of this beauty. And then she closed eyes and fell asleep.


I dreams Aline a wonderful dream. It appeared in a crystal sphere. Gold sparkles are turned, fall it on the head. And here on Alina`s head a gold crown. Doors of a lodge open, and on a threshold she is met by the beautiful woman.

- Welcome, the lovely girl, to my house. I wait for you so long ago.

- Who you are? - asked Alyn.

- I am a fairy of a crystal sphere, and my name of Lyusind. It mother tells fairy tales to you about me.

I the fairy with the girl entered the house. In the big beautiful room there were bouquets of fine flowers from a summer garden. Under a ceiling tiny multi-colored birdies flew. The manual squirrel jumped to the fairy Lyusinda on a shoulder and from there Aline winked and built different ridiculous mugs.

A in the center of the room the table stood. It was covered with a beautiful lace tablecloth. And what only on this table was not! In painted vases fruit - golden peaches, sweet grapes, yellow pears lay. And on snow-white dishes - the fresh crackling rolls and pies with a different stuffing. Meat teftelk, the most tasty sausages stimulated appetite. In crystal jugs cherry juice was poured. There was a lot of food on a table. And such it was fresh and tasty! At Alina slobbers began to flow.

- Eat

, expensive! You will eat - you will not be ill, - the fairy treated the girl.

- Yes, I will eat, the fairy Lyusinda, - Alina told. And... opened eyes. Mother and the father stood at a bed.

- I very much want to eat, - the girl told.

- What happiness, appetite returned to the child and temperature disappeared, - mother kept saying.

then Alina ate with

A golden chicken broth and meat pie with appetite. Also told parents about the travel to a crystal sphere and about the beautiful fairy Lyusinda.

- I always knew that the fairy godmother will help at a difficult moment, - mother emotionally told. - My old grandmother when gave a crystal sphere, not for nothing said that it is magic.

there Passed many years. The girl Alina grew up, married the beautiful young man, they gave birth to the daughter. As well as all children, Alina`s daughter has from time to time. But Alina is quiet. She knows that the fairy of a crystal sphere will never leave them in trouble, will always come to the rescue!