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What are capable the father of, children and Lego of

With children you will not miss at all. In principle. And to those who has children this truth is known much better than all others. But if to exclude from the list of affairs which disturb us, to parents, to miss, habitual washing - cooking - cleaning - circles and the developing occupations - children`s diseases - the conflicts - holidays, then at each of us the mass of stories and examples of how children do our life nasyshchenny more interestingly will be gained, probably.

Than we only are engaged in

with children in the evenings and during week-end! There is only one main rule, and its essence that nobody should “cross through himself“ that to be engaged in something in it. If the father well was very tired, or mother well needs very urgently to make a dinner, then, of course, not before joint entertainments. And if forces though are a little, and the dinner will be ready soon, then why it would be not present?

We with the eldest son very much like to read

. I independently, it - so far listen. Thanks to it I know by heart Chukovsky, Bartho, Pushkin`s almost all well-known verses (aged from two till three years the son chose one favourite, and we read it up to a soreness of the mouth, more precisely, before full studying by heart). When the son became more senior, we read “Three from Prostokvashino“, “The Bremen musicians“, fairy tales of people of the world.

Now we master the epic about Dunno. We read together - and with the great pleasure! It is amazingly pleasant to re-read at adult age of the book of which became engrossed in reading in children`s. It is a pity only that the younger son is jealous so far: both to books, and to my joint leisure with the senior... I look forward to the moment when it grows up enough to join us, - and then we will be developed outright! Ahead - “The wizard of the Emerald city“ and “Harry Potter“.

Sometimes in the evenings we sit down “to be engaged“ in

. So the son calls ours with him the developing classes in books “Schools of Seven Gnomes“. They are bright, interesting to the child and very convenient for me as not - the teacher (there are accurate and clear instructions, how exactly to give classes). Both of us are very happy with results of these already three years` occupations. From time to time the son strikes in kindergarten of tutors with knowledge about Solar system or an era of dinosaurs, besides well gets on well at usual objects in which with them are engaged there (mathematics, knowledge of world around, logic, etc.) . After the birth younger I am engaged already with two - with everyone according to separate books.

the Eldest son likes to create

. And though I do not share this passion, but I keep the company surely. I both adviser, and strict critic, and, of course, singer of laudatory anthems. The son thinks out and makes hand-made articles of paper, a cardboard, plasticine. Sometimes I buy to it special preparations which are in shops of children`s goods much.

Almost all December we with it were engaged in “New Year`s creativity“: thought out and drew cards for all who were wanted to be congratulated - relatives, friends; glued Christmas garlands and suspension brackets - mobiles on a fir-tree; cut out and glued Father Frost, the Snow Maiden, a symbol of year - to the Dragon. All creations as a result made elegant our apartment. All presented too were with cards satisfied. I am glad that the son made important discovery: on New Year`s Eve pleasantly and it is even necessary not only to receive a gift, but also to present someone, for you important...

Almost all coloring at our place is presented to children by the grandfather. The explanation is simple: it likes to paint pictures together with children. When it comes on a visit, from granaries the coloring loved at the moment (“Wheelbarrows“, “Dinosaurs“ surely gets, “Transformers“) - and process begins cheerful (and very useful to development of small motility). Always there is also a competition element: at whom better, brighter, more original it will turn out.

When friends of the eldest son on a visit come, also the twister does not do without board games (“browser“, a lotto, dominoes). I suspect that it is necessary to think out something more difficult soon: I plan to offer them aktivit, forfeits, “Guess a melody“, “Field of wonders“ or “Who wants to become the millionaire“.

it is frequent children occupations think out interesting to them. For example, younger likes “to tide up“ cases - inconsiderately throws out all things on a floor, puts on some himself, regardless of a style, a season and the size... And the senior builds such architectural compositions of any improvised materials (“Mother, is three-storyed garage, and nearby a supermarket!“ ), that you wonder... I need only to be enough the camera. Photos turn out excellent - unusual, “with history“.

By the way, about a photo. Sometimes we remove one of numerous family albums from the shelf - and we watch them all together. It can be an album about any of sons and his development about one year or an album about family trips. We remember the amusing moments, we are surprised to something what we did not pay attention earlier to - and we plan new family adventures.

In 5 years to the eldest son were presented by many Lego. As often happens to designers, at first they were brought together according to the instruction; then tried to play them, but it was impractical since they quickly collapsed; then put on a regiment to become dusty; then somebody dropped them, fine details were lost, and here - a heap of different details from different designers. Recently the husband decided that he will be enough for them to lie in packages and boxes, and now nearly an every evening my men three together take seat more conveniently on a big family bed and - design.

I Suspect

that creators of Lego would be pleasantly surprised with a variety, multifunctionality and singularity of designs which can be created if there is a lot of details, and there are no schemes and instructions-. Most likely, I will begin to photograph creations of the husband and sons soon - just for history.

Sometimes when I am attacked by “culinary mood“ (it is not really peculiar to me), I find the recipe more simply, and we with the son together prepare. It is enough only for measuring products, to mix them and to decorate result so far. But it is enough that process was pleasant to it, and the ready dish was eaten quicker than if I prepared its one.

If to the son to hint

, then he often suggests me to help with washing of ware. At first he washes, then I praise him, I send to play where - nibud and - I wash up. But I am heated by thought that 1) it is not necessary to wash up soon; 2) at me the careful housekeeper (I hope, even not one) and the real man grows!

I at last, we very much like to play cards. The eldest son is able to play “akulina“ so far, “who more abruptly“ and “fool“, younger - to throw to us cards from an own pack. But even to play these simple games all family cheerfully! I consider maps not as one of types of gamblings, and as the developing grant: at the son memory, logic improves, the strategic thinking appears, he learns to be attentive to details and to people, and still - that is important - learns to fight to the last, with advantage to lose and without arrogance to win. We too sometimes play checkers, but it is impossible to play them four together so we prefer cards.

generally, to us definitely is what to be engaged in long winter evenings. And if everything bores - we will think up something else!

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