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The correct pilaf - three recipes: with chicken, chick-pea and seafood

Preparation of pilaf - the most ancient tradition of the people of the East and a true art. Hakeem Ganiyev by means of the book of recipes makes him available to everyone. You sometime tasted pilaf on carrot juice? And how to cook pilaf with seafood, you know? It is a high time to join secrets of east kitchen!

the Tajik Dushanbe pilaf

Living side by side with Uzbeks, Tajiks did not lose the originality, language, culture and the traditions. For many years they cook pilaf on the technology which, as well as Uzbek, passes from father to son. it will be required by

For 10 portions to p:

  1. Peas should be wetted the day before or, at least, for 4 - 5 hours prior to preparation.
  2. Rice to wet
  3. on 50 - 60 minutes in warm water.
  4. Meat to cut
  5. in cubes 2 × 2 cm, onions half rings, carrots straws.
  6. Fat to heat
  7. in a cauldron to a gray smoke and to fry meat to a ruddy crust. To afterwards add onions and carrots at the same time, continuing to prepare at high temperature to semi-readiness of carrots.
  8. Then to fill in
  9. with cold water, to bring to boiling.
  10. From peas to merge water, to rinse, put in zirvak (the overroasted meat, onions and carrots - a pilaf basis) and to cook on slow 20 - 30 fire minutes or to readiness of meat.
  11. Rice to wash out
  12. in flowing water, to fill up with an even layer, to add salt and spices, to lift temperature under a cauldron and to bring rice to readiness.
  13. to Cover and weary of 15 - 20 minutes.
  14. Ready pilaf to mix, lay out
  15. on a dish, to strew with thinly chopped onions.

Pilaf on carrot juice - Mazhnun of floors

Is the well-known most ancient pilaf of the Tajik people which prepares generally among the Tajik population in Uzbekistan. The nutrition value of this pilaf is big thanks to vitamin carrot juice. portions it will be required by

On 8 - 10 to p:

  • chicken fillet of 1000
  • rice of kruglozerny 800 g
  • carrots for juice and for cutting - and 800 g
  • onions of 250 g
  • vegetable oil of 250 g
  • salt of 20 g
  • of a zir and a barberry to taste
  1. Rice for this recipe should be wetted 2000 4 - 5 hours in warm water.
  2. Carrots to wash out, clear and from part of carrots to wring out juice.
  3. to Heat in a cauldron oil to a gray smoke, to fry the onions cut by half rings.
  4. to Add the chicken meat cut by portion pieces on of 100 - 150 slightly to fry and put the carrots cut by straws. To fry to semi-readiness.
  5. to Pour a half of juice, salt and spices and to cook on slow fire to readiness.
  6. to Fill up with
  7. the washed-out rice, an even layer to pour in other juice; if it is required, to add hot water and to bring rice to readiness at high temperature. When rice is ready for 90%, and liquid all is evaporated, to gather pilaf by a hill, to cover and weary of 15 - 20 minutes.
  8. Ready pilaf to open, take out meat, to mix and lay out pilaf on a dish, from above to put meat large pieces, a tax with any vegetable salad.

the Indian pilaf with shrimps

Is one of options of easy, useful and very tasty Indian pilaf. Fans of seafood will appreciate it.

On 5 - 6 portions it will be required by

to p:

  1. Rice to wet
  2. in warm water on of 30 - 40 minutes, to wash out in flowing water, to boil in a large amount of water to semi-readiness, to cast away on a colander, to scald boiled water, to allow to flow down to water.
  3. to Peel pepper of seeds, ginger from a thin skin and garlic from a peel.
  4. by
  5. to Make paste in the blender of chili pepper, cilantro, garlic, ginger and 50 ml of water.
  6. to Clear
  7. shrimps of an armor and the head, to wash out, salt also a turmeric and to leave to be pickled by of 5 - 10 minutes.
  8. to Fry
  9. shrimps in olive oil on big fire 2 - 3 minutes, to take out and set aside.
  10. In the same oil to fry the onions cut with half rings till golden color, to lay out 1/3 onions and to set aside for ornament.
  11. to Add paste, to fry 5 minutes, to put other spices, tomatoes cut in cubes and to continue to prepare on average fire about 10 minutes. As soon as tomatoes disperse and juice from tomatoes will mix up with oil, to return to a frying pan of a shrimp and to prepare still 5 - 10 minutes on average fire.
  12. Slightly to heat melted butter in a cauldron, to grease with it cauldron walls. At once, without allowing oil to burn slightly, lay out a half of rice a skimmer, slightly stirring up it. On rice evenly to distribute sauce with shrimps and to fill up also vozdushno with other rice. To water all with lime juice. To cover a cauldron and to weary on slow fire before rice warming up about 10 minutes.
  13. Ready pilaf to mix, lay out
  14. on a dish, to strew with krupnorubleny greens of cilantro and fried onions.
That sauce was gentle, tomatoes for it before cutting are recommended to be peeled of a peel. To make a crosswise cut on tomato from a fruit stem and on an opposite pole of 1 - 2 cm long, to scald it boiled water, then to drench with cold water then it is easy to husk.

From the book “Pilaf - business thin.
East feast with Hakeem Ganiyev“