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We learn to read: the alphabet from plasticine, the designer and pencils of

Adult part of our family often spends time behind reading books. Of course, with the advent of the kid of opportunities began to esteem less, but they did not disappear absolutely that, probably, became the reason of a particular interest of our two-year-old son in letters. Of course, to each age - the books therefore not only books with pictures which he could read with mother and the father, but also “Abc-book“, “Alphabet“, and also various “Shaggy alphabets“ - for “independent“ reading were bought the kid.

Studying of the Russian alphabet went! In the beginning we considered letters and thought out what they are similar to, then began to think out words which begin with various letters... Then began to perform also more difficult tasks: for example, to find in a box with toys a toy which name begins on the set letter.

Game in letters can be infinite. The kid asked me to think up the fairy tale about letters. I also thought up: told a story that in the country to the Alphabet there live letters Singing (vowels) and not singing (concordants), thought up a story about letters I and Y, and was such “alphabetic“ fairy tales a lot...

Further we began to mold letters (it should be noted that my sonny not really liked to mold, but letters solved everything). In the beginning it turned out not really, but at us it is a lot of time, and - it is even more plasticine! Then we thought up to do letters of the designer - it appeared too very cheerfully as letters turned out big, important, multi-colored!

Of what can do to

letters? From colored pencils! Using pencils as sticks, we put from them letters, figures, simple words.

I at last, we decided to try to write letters! I long prepared for this moment: special capital letters were printed with points and shaped lines. The first was the Lake. It is similar to a circle, and it is very easy to draw it to kids. Further we mastered sticks - horizontal and vertical - and drew a letter P!

A then everything went like clockwork: all letters consist of sticks and circles (or semicircles), and it is easier and easier to draw them. It is worth paying special attention to inclined sticks - they are given to kids more difficultly therefore, for example, the letter D needs to be given to one of the last.

Persistent occupations by letters (first of all at the suggestion of the son!) bore fruit: the child knows all alphabet, is able to read simple words, now we try to study syllables, but to them there is no such interest any more - it is necessary to think out something again.

A most important: the kid himself signed cards to all family for New year, absolutely simple, but such touching: To MOTHER, FATHER, GRANDFATHER etc. It decorated them with stickers, and the remarkable gifts made only by it turned out! I think that studying of letters is our first big step on the way to reading!

Solar Lady