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Racket, ball and doorway: we raise the tennis player of

to us with the husband Once presented game for the beach: two wooden rackets and very rigid small rubber ball. A beach season in Siberia rather short therefore we decided to play this game of the house. However the ball was very much jumping and firm and nearly broke a chandelier, and also a window and my forehead - therefore game was postponed until the best times. More precisely, so far that longer not to remember it.

was Sent by years, we gave birth to the child, we moved, and during analysis of things game was in the new apartment. The son was 2 years old, and he with might and main was interested in toys. Rackets I is imperceptible for it put in a box with toys, and cleaned a ball far away - for the reasons stated above. My child found a racket and long thought where to adapt it. Whether beat with this bagatelle walls? Or perhaps it is necessary for carrying of toys? Well, not really conveniently... Or perhaps it it is necessary to bang on a window? Loudly and cheerfully! It seems, on this unsafe for itself, windows and apartments in the whole option it also stopped.

Had to think. My thoughts flew on absolutely standard way: it is necessary to show something, reminding game in tennis. But how? And I thought up: took a soft ball (best of all will approach knitted, filled by wool), passed through it rather thin rope and attached it to a doorway so that the ball hung on the level of a belt of the child. Then showed how to beat a ball: it flew away and came back. And, happened, got not to a racket at all, and to a tummy and even to a forehead! But it was cheerful and ridiculous!

After the kid practiced to work with a racket one, the father - rackets - that two joined it! Game was not only fascinating, but also useful. It develops coordination, accuracy and reaction. The children staying with us with pleasure take part in ceiling tennis competitions. Here so simple wooden rackets can become the fine exercise machine for development of attention and coordination, and also magnificent entertainment for all family members!

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