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Sex at pregnancy: first, second and third trimester. What disturbs?

Pregnancy are fine time in the woman`s lives, the period of new feelings, emotions and opening. Considerable changes happen also in such thin and sensual sphere as intimate proximity. How to treat it? What is wanted by the man? Whether it is dangerous to have sex during pregnancy? Let`s try to answer these and other questions which interest many married couples.

First trimester: desires and opportunities

we Will begin with

with the most important for the woman - with of desire . Here all very individually.

On the existing statistics, only at two of ten women the attraction to the husband increases or remains the same. At most of women in the first trimester of a libido decreases . Future mother adapts to pregnancy not at once. The organism should experience quite big strain. It becomes frequent the woman sluggish, apathetic, sleepy, excessively emotional, whining, irritable. In such situation the intimate proximity will hardly give it pleasure. Therefore the man needs to understand the half and to have patience.

also the reverse situation Meets: there is a desire, but there is no opportunity. Medical contraindications - as throughout all pregnancy, and arising periodically become an obstacle . The gynecologist recommends to couples to abstain from love joys if there is a pregnancy interruption threat , namely:

  • when prelying a horion, retrokhorialny, retroamniotic hematomas;
  • when prelying or low located placenta;
  • in the presence of a tone of a uterus, nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach;
  • in the presence istmiko - tservikalny insufficiency (a short neck of a uterus and/or disclosure of the tservikalny channel, seams on a uterus neck).

Sexual rest should be observed also in the presence of infections, sexually transmitted, at the partner or at the woman during treatment; a polyp of a neck of a uterus, the erosion causing contact blood allocations at sexual intercourse.

If the beginning of pregnancy proceeds favorably, contraindications are absent and future mother feels well, is not tabooed matrimonial life.

those days in which usually there come the periods Are dangerous by
to sex: the organism which got used to cyclic changes can apprehend reductions of a uterus as a signal to its depletion.

Second trimester: the best time for sex

During this period many alarms and fears already behind. The woman almost got used to the new state which begins to bring her positive emotions. Right now she begins to feel the first stirs of the kid, to see how at last her tummy increases. Doctors treat very favourably an opportunity to have sex on this term, certainly, in the absence of contraindications. It is considered that the middle of pregnancy - the best time for sex of a married couple . There is an opportunity to enjoy new feelings, to learn more careful and gentle attitude to each other, to get used to the new status. The woman feels especially liberated. The stomach is still small, and therefore does not prevent to accept favourite poses and to try others, earlier, perhaps, novel. Toxicosis passed, and nothing prevents to derive a maximum of pleasure from intimate proximity which during this period becomes more sincere and spiritual.

the Main criterion of the choice of poses in sex is the comfort of future mother.

Third trimester: closer and closer PDR

grows up the baby in a maternal womb Day after day. And suddenly once the woman begins to feel short wind when walking and weight in legs, pulls a waist, and the stomach becomes more and more and does not allow to be same mobile as before. Means, there came the third trimester .

Future mother begins to feel concern concerning the end of pregnancy and approach of date of childbirth. The mental and physical condition of the woman (increase in weight, back pain and other symptoms) during this period results in absence of sexual desire, feeling of inconvenience from movements, there is a fear to do much harm to the kid. For many before the attractive intimate proximity becomes heavy, even excessive duty, and in such situation the loving spouse should show a step maximum. It is necessary to remember that the woman during this period the attention and care are especially necessary for , and therefore it is necessary to subdue the desires and to become for a while not the sexual partner, but the sensitive partner in life.

However sometimes the woman perfectly feels regardless of the term of pregnancy and itself not against to have sex. You should not limit yourself and to worry about the child. He, certainly, has no idea of what specifically occurs in the outside world. The fruit is in dense muscular body - a uterus, surrounded with amniotic liquid which is for it the fine protective environment. The neck of a uterus and a mucous stopper firmly block all ways conducting directly to the kid. The only thing that is felt by the baby , - the fact that to mother it is very good, and therefore itself feels pleasure (though, certainly, not sexual character).

during which children were compared the born from women who showed sexual activity during pregnancy and kids, whose mothers refused sex at any stage, did not find any considerable differences on any indicators of health of the newborn.

of What is wanted by the man?

should not forget

that the pregnant woman is necessary the husband even more difficult, than the most future mother. The man very hard perceives all changes in a body and mentality of the spouse, many things for him are just inexplicable. Often practically right after conception the partner feels that his half becomes self-sufficient, having received from it the main thing - the child. Fear to become unnecessary becomes one of the strongest experiences for the man who in this situation feels absolutely incapable something to change and as - or to help darling.

Sexual remoteness men during pregnancy can be caused by his fear to do much harm to the wife, to hurt or it is unpleasant. The woman perceives such reaction as hostility and unwillingness of actually intimate proximity with it. That is why it is very important to speak about the experiences and feelings: only this way it is possible to understand each other.

It is good when both the doctor, and spouses speak to sex “yes!“ . Of course, it is more difficult when in the presence of contraindications from the medical party or absence of desire of the woman it is necessary to observe sexual rest especially as the period of restriction can be long - sometimes threat remains during all pregnancy. But the most important - to keep understanding between spouses and to be able to reach compromise. If there are a love and understanding, then even it is always possible to find a suitable way out of the most difficult situation.