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It is impossible to grow thin? Support a liver!

Excess weight give a lot of inconvenience, especially if passes into obesity. Not kilograms are terrible - development of many diseases is connected with excess weight: diabetes of the second type, hypertension. Heart troubles, violation of exchange processes, oncological diseases, a varicosity and many other things are possible.

B what the reason can be em>?

the Excess weight and obesity develop only when receipt of energy with food exceeds power expenses of an organism. Surplus of calories is used for formation of fat which is laid in gradually increasing “fatty depots“, leading to the steady growth of body weight.

What does it have to do with a liver? The main factories on combustion of fats


However it is noticed that at many people the consumed quantity of food is not excessive. Nevertheless, they can suffer from excess weight too. One of the reasons of this phenomenon - liver dysfunction.


Where in general burns fat?“ Factories on combustion of fat“ call mitochondrions. Mitochondrions are in each cage of a human body. Process of weight reduction stops when these “factories“ are overloaded, i.e. do not work at full capacity. In order that they began to work actively, and weight began to be lost, it is necessary not only to begin to keep to a diet, but also to connect physical activity. As soon as mitochondrions begin to work actively, the person will continue to grow thin effectively.

In cells of a liver - hepatocytes, the need for energy is big therefore they contain many mitochondrions. For example, in their one hepatic cell there can be about 1000. Thus, the liver is the main burner of fats in an organism. It takes away excess food fat and processes it into cholesterol, and then turns into bile which is extorted from an organism through intestines. Cholesterol contains in products of an animal origin, such as eggs, meat, dairy products and fish. In reasonable quantities it is extremely necessary for a metabolism. Problems with health are created only by excess of cholesterol. In case of dysfunction of a liver or at the lowered receipt in an organism of food cellulose of 90% of cholesterol comes back to a liver, strengthening its dysfunction.

Why there is dysfunction?

of One of the reasons of dysfunction of a liver prevalence in food of harmful saturated fats can appear strong>. In other words, the greasy and high-calorie food bears in itself big threat. Having come to blood with food, fats collect in cells of a liver which, as cleaning filters, pass blood. Drops of fat “settle“ directly in cells of a liver, and there is a damage of cages similar to what happens at excessive hobby for alcohol. As a result exchange processes are slowed down, and weight is quickly enough gained, especially in a stomach. There is a vicious circle: the fats arriving with food damage cells of a liver which thereof cannot correctly regulate a metabolism and create conditions under which other nutrients (carbohydrates) will be transformed to the fats collecting in cells of a liver and destroy them. Cages instead of normally working and neutralizing toxins, “get fat“, gathering fat.

Fats completely cannot be excluded!

However completely it is impossible to exclude the fats coming to a human body with food. In the course of fight against excess weight many try to follow a strict diet in which fats either absolutely, or are almost absent. Actually, useful fats everything are exist: they contain irreplaceable fatty acids which are necessary for a normal metabolism, and also help to grow thin.

can Grow thin also with advantage for a liver

easier to operate the weight, people with an excess weight should care for a condition of a liver. And this care has to be constant, but not single. The main way of correction of dysfunction of a liver is observance of balance with calculation of calories between receipt of energy with food and power consumption. And, of course, physical activities and a special diet are necessary.

everything that corresponds to bases of healthy food is useful for

of the Liver. It is necessary to exclude from a diet refractory animal fats (fat, fat grades of meat, sausage, a smoked product), the products rich with cholesterol, fried dishes, too spicy food, alcohol and carbonated drinks.

the Preference is given by

to fish, nuts; grain: to bread with bran, to buckwheat, rice and oat porridges; and also to vegetables and fruit. Creamy and vegetable oils should be added only to the final product, but not in the course of culinary processing. It is desirable to eat food fractionally, small portions: and it is obligatory for 4 - 6 to chew once a day in the same hours carefully.


will be helped by gepatoprotektor

to Many people it is heavy to

to observe such diet, and to improve a condition of a liver and there are a wish to grow thin very much. In this case to cope with bad work of a liver special means - gepatoprotektor can help. Gepatoprotektora contribute to normalization of a metabolism of hepatic cells, increase their resistance to the damaging influence of various factors, improve recovery and exchange processes in cages. All these properties of gepatoprotektor help to improve a condition of a liver and to cope with the increased weight.

the Combined gepatoprotektor Gepagard Aktiv ® three components for improvement of functions of a liver comprise: essentsialny phospholipids, L - a carnitine and vitamin E. The structure of means is carefully balanced, and components are picked up taking into account the mechanism of their action. Each of them mutually strengthens and supplements action of each other.

Essentsialny phospholipids - construction material of which membranes of cages of all organism are under construction. Cells of a liver - hepatocytes, are actively updated therefore especially are in great need in them. The part of phospholipids is synthesized in a liver, but the most part has to arrive from the outside, with food. Gepagard Aktiv ® lecithin of soybeans which for 97% consists of fosoflipid contains. Lecithin - not only their source, it interferes with removal from an organism of one more substance, very important for a liver, - L - a carnitine.

L - the carnitine counteracts development of obesity of a liver, and also shows antioxidant, detoksikatsionny, anti-inflammatory and regenerative actions. The main mechanism of action L - a carnitine is connected with the fact that he transfers fatty acids in mitochondrions - “power stations“ of cages. Only in mitochondrions fatty acids “burn down“, without allowing them to collect, releasing at the same time energy necessary to an organism.

Vitamin E - fat-soluble vitamin. It protects a valuable phospholipidic layer of cells of a liver from oxidation. The more load of a liver, the is higher need for vitamin E. In the organism it is not synthesized, we receive it from food and dietary supplements.

Gepagard Aktiv ® - a gepatoprotektor with a mass of advantages.

Why for maintenance of health of a liver many choose

Gepagard Aktiv ® ?

  • It is unique on structure a gepatoprotektor. It protects membranes of hepatocytes from damage, normalizes their functions and promotes their fastest restoration at damage, and also interferes with development of fatty regeneration of a liver.
  • Has a unique compounding: combines three components (phospholipids, L - a carnitine and vitamin E), mutually strengthening action of each other.
  • It is safe. It is registered as dietary supplement to food, treats means of non-prescription dispensing. It is made of high-quality European raw materials. Does not contain dyes and preservatives.
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  • It is available at the price to course reception, it is made in Russia. Reception duration - 1 month (3 - 4 packings of means).
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  • Gepagard Aktiv ® it is possible as an independent effective remedy for support of a liver, and as a part of complex therapy (in coordination with the doctor).