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The child refuses food. To feed or understand?

Very often mother are faced by a complex challenge: to feed the kid who refuses food, does not give in to refined arrangements, bans and threats. Meanwhile parents do not see the most important: the problem disappears in them and their relation to food. Often they do not understand why they violently push such huge number of food into the child. Forget that their flavoring preferences and the kid can significantly differ. Instead of looking for the problem reasons, fight against sad consequences.

Parental finds how to push in the child necessary on representations of adults I go, bring results, but spoil children`s mentality, distort the future of the child. Of course, it is possible to laugh and hand a cup of recognition by that who will write a ridiculous rhyme, will think up an interesting entertainment that the whimsical kid well ate what it is given and how many give.

A can try to be understood that receiving food - very important point in development of mentality of the person. Here it is important to know congenital features, tendencies of the kid and to follow them, but not to force. For example, if the child since the birth itself does not feel sense of proportion if it is brought down by supercareful tutors, then in adulthood it will be difficult to it “to be sated“, stop in the desires too.

“My Sashka is does not want at all. And as I was perverted: and tried to force to eat with sweet arrangements, and “according to grandmother`s recipes“ - “for mother, for the father“, then persistence showed, having read articles on psychology. Nothing helps“, - my friend Sveta was distressed.

Up to this point I somehow did not reflect that feed the child can be the whole problem. With my son of such question did not arise and I in the childhood liked to eat tasty. The image running for me or the brother of parents with a spoon in hands in memoirs did not remain. Why so it turns out that in one families to feed the kid - a sore subject, and in others there is no hint on complexity also?

to eat, drink, sleep, maintain body temperature - animal instincts which allow us to survive. If one of them is broken, then it steadily conducts to death. From here maternal an instinct to feed the child in that that became. Good appetite - a health sign. The sick posterity at animals which refuses food leaves mother to perish. Natural selection, so to speak.

I Remember

, in the village at the grandmother Katk`s sheep brought three lambs. Licked all, sniffed. Two got on feet at once and rushed actively to extract milk, and one and remained to lie aside. Katka did not approach it, having concentrated on healthy posterity. The grandmother felt sorry for the thrown, hardly live lamb. She took away it to warmer room, began to feed with cow`s milk at first from a spoon, then from a small bottle with a pacifier. Vask`s lamb at first resisted - he was fed violently. In a week he could already get up and ate with hunting. Left.

So, food - a basis for life. The first in the child`s life the breakfast (a lunch or a dinner, depending on birth time) maternal milk has huge value. It is the best of all when the kid right after childbirth is put to a breast. My son in ten minutes after the birth, washings, weighings, medical examination, without opening eyes, found my breast and greedy zachmokat. With healthy appetite. Since then, thank God, he did not lose it. It costed to me enough efforts and nerves.

Young mummy, that is me doctors, relatives, girlfriends and just unfamiliar people rushed to train in “the correct care“ of the kid p at once (so, with recipes of education the nurse in maternity hospital pleased). Councils knowing, highly experienced and qualified dazzled with diverse information, often contradicted each other and to common sense.

- do not have

worse than parents, than the teacher and psychologists! - the midwife when I refused to awake with pleasure snuffling synulyu for feeding was indignant. To feed according to the schedule which is thought up by someone? On the basis of what? Conveniences in at one time to carry to a large number of children mix? The more questions I asked, the less received substantial answers.“ Do as you are spoken by professionals“ - an exhaustive explanation.

At the child the internal schedule. I began to feed upon the demand of the sonny, trusting him to instincts. Those who fed on the “accepted“ norms brought down a natural instinct of the kid. Now both it, and at “careful“ parents had big difficulties with food. Or in the form of an overeating, or malnutrition. Two extremes, unhealthy.

So circumstances developed. Now - what to do? Here he is a hungry child who refuses to eat. It is possible to correct a situation, but difficult and will demand from parents of conscious understanding of each step. Without concessions and rolling back.

not to feed with

, will not ask yet. Banality, but without it anywhere. And it is necessary to wait really until at the child hunger wakes up. To feed up him cookies and to wait when the kid requests cutlet - a situation hopeless. Some parents so play in a game of tag with the child under the name “Feed Me, Mother!“ that they do not want to refuse cheerful entertainment. Of course, not in an open form, and it is veiled: “My kid - special and he can eat only this way, with my help“. The sense from it does not change: those who want to solve a problem with food solve it, but do not think out a justification to the actions.

Is eaten together. Very well removes a question with the child`s arrangements a family meal. All together with pleasure eat. The child looks and follows an example. For the company it is more pleasant to eat. If at a table several children gather, then even main “nekhochukha“ takes the biggest spoon. The person - creation social, to it is important to feel among the, to be in society. It is healthy if at the same time tasty dishes are prepared, the various menu is used.

we Prepare

together. The kid usually very much likes to help adults, in particular to prepare.“ And - and, a hot plate, the cutting objects! How it is so possible? To allow the child on kitchen?“ Nobody cancelled elementary safety rules, as well as support of parents of aspiration of the little man to learn the world. Little so injures mentality of the kid as numerous unreasonable bans.

Favourite toys of my son. Instead of plasticine he formed the dough into amusing figures, and as he ate them greedily after pastries! I cook porridge - the son nearby. I ask, I consult what he wants. Diligently chooses and eats without claims that supposedly mother welded not that. Since two years made the conscious choice.

In kindergarten ate

with all - the feeling of comradeship worked. To me it was surprising that tutors answered the question “How the Son Spent Day?“ transfer of what Yurchik ate. And the nurse all admired that he is not capricious, well everything eats. So, probably, the problem of relationship the child - food is actual for other families. For me the main thing that the son did that felt with what he wants to share with me. And for you?

So that to resolve an issue how to feed the kid, it is necessary to understand the reasons why he does not want to eat. Illness or consequences of the wrong education? The illness is treated, the wrong approach changes. At desire. And then your kid will fervently call you (approximately as my angel): “Mother, a top - a top nyam - nyam!“.

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