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The sun is a pleasure of

From UF - beams special protection is necessary. What role in its choice is played by skin type? What is necessary for pleasure the sun without chagrin?

Dermatologists consider that skin is injured if the child is under the influence of the direct sun without special means of protection. Today the skin cancer - not a rarity (and causes its, first of all, ultra-violet radiation), and at children`s age can be already put a brick in the base of this disease. Children are on air much more, than adults, so, the sun irradiates them more. Experts counted that in the first 18 years of life of people is received by 80 percent of the general dose of solar radiation which is due to it which he would have to receive during all life. Recently a lot of things in our life changed: some - and even not once in a year - arrange themselves rest in the warm countries, days off and holidays also seek to spend in nature, to sunbathe, become impregnated with the sun. And here the main object of care of which it is impossible to lose sight is skin of the child. It is significantly thinner and more sensitive than the adult`s skin. Within the first two years it gains ability to suntan for what has to develop a pigment melanin. And the light-protective reinforced layer in skin detaining ultraviolet rays begins to function well only by six years. Each subsequent solar burn of skin increases risk of a disease of skin - especially when there are brownish pigmentary spots. If at the child (or the adult) it is possible to count more than 40 such spots, the risk of cancer of skin significantly increases and there is a need two times a year to visit the dermatologist for control.

What means of protection contain?

Sun-protection means connect two different effects of influence:

Minus chemical filter: sensitive skin of the child can react to a preparation rash or irritation.

Minus micropigments: they bleach skin, quite often leaving a white layer. to weaken this effect, some producers mix the chemical filter with micropigments.

new sun-protection means often join in addition nutritious or moisturizing substances, sometimes means even from stings of insects (these “cocktails“ often are excessive loading for skin), besides, vitamin E for protection against free radicals - aggressive communications of oxygen or / and pantenol, promoting restoration and healing are added to them.

the Sun-protection means intended for children should not contain the preservatives flavoring and dyes as under the influence of the sun they can cause irritation of skin. But they surely have to have protection against UF - beams of type A and V.

of an Eye the Ultraviolet rays getting on an eye retina have to be protected


can cause its heavy damage and over time to become the cataract reason. During stay at water or in mountains it is necessary to put on sunglasses. Buy them only in optics where there is a guarantee that lenses really do not pass UF - beams. Cheap glasses which can be bought at every turn, as a rule, have only tinted glasses which are not filtering an ultraviolet. And that is especially bad: tinted glasses forcedly expand pupils, thus, UF - beams get on an eye retina even easier, and harm from it is even more, than stay on the sun without points.

the Ultra-violet radiation of UF - A and UF - In

influence our skin two types of UF - radiation. Short-wave UF - In beams get only into the top layer of skin, are the reason of suntan, solar burns and that is known for a long time, can cause a skin cancer.

, How intensively corresponding cosmetic protects skin from UF - In beams, shows its light-protective factor (SZF). This indicator is multiplied by time of own protection (time during which it is possible to be on the sun without sun-protection means without prejudice to skin). Thus time during which it is possible to be under the influence of short-wave ultraviolet rays is defined. For example: 10 minutes (time of own protection) x SZF 15 = 150 minutes of the sun with this means (see the table YOUR TYPE SKIN). For reliability do not use the resolved time completely.

Long-wave UF - And beams get deeply into skin and are responsible for its presenilation. At the same time the collagenic layer is damaged, wrinkles appear. Not very long ago long-wave UF - In beams were considered safe from the medical point of view. However the last researches confirmed that they can also provoke a skin cancer, as well as short-wave UF - In beams.

the Panamanian is obligatory for

Optimum protection of skin has to answer three conditions: shadow, correct clothes, sun-protection means. Children need to be in the basic in the protected place, and from 11 to 15 o`clock to be better for them indoors. And as even in a shadow skin is influenced by 40 percent of UF - beams, and there it is impossible to leave them absolutely golenky. Optimum clothes - with a long sleeve and long trousers, from light, but dense (not openwork) cotton fabric of dark tones. White or very light clothes pass part of UF - beams. Also the humidified clothes do not rescue. The head has to be always covered, eyes are protected by a peak, ears and a nape also have to be protected. The hat with wide fields, a cap with a peak, the unbent ears and an occipital top is convenient. All unprotected parts of the body (a face, hands, a foot) have to be greased with a preparation with a high light-protective factor from short-wave and long-wave UF - beams.

Itch and heat-spots: in what here business?

Allergic reaction to the sun and potniyets are shown by

in the form of the itching bubbles and blisters on skin which bring to many people unpleasant feelings during holiday. Quite often they see the reason of it in sun-protection means which part emulsifiers and certain oils are. It is incorrect though sensitive people also can react irritation of skin to certain ingredients of sun-protection means, but, as a rule, it is not connected with the rashes caused by sunlight in any way.

the Similar picture of a disease the polymorphic (diverse) photodermatosis gives

. Polymorphic - as at different people reaction is shown differently: in a look pustul, bubbles, spots, papules, emergence of the rough, reddened skin sites, quite often severe itch. As a rule, long-wave UF - And radiation is guilty of it. Subject to a photodermatosis (usually it is young women) should not allow hits of sunshine on the unprotected skin. First of all it is necessary to put sun-protection means on a face, a neck, area of a decollete, hands, shoulders and forearms - on the most subject to radiation of part of a body.


are Helped by means with very high degree of protection and the filter for short-wave UF - In and, first of all, for long-wave UF - And radiations. On sale there are also creams with special substances for protection against the sun with which it is necessary to grease skin previously. The one who does not transfer chemical filters can use pure micropigmentary means. It is very good if it included the vitamin E connecting free radicals which can be the cause of a photodermatosis, first of all from - for solar radiations.

the Rash on skin usually quickly disappears after the corresponding treatment (antiallergic ointment, perhaps, kortikoida). And anyway - hurry up to the doctor, but not on the sun.

of Heat, as in hell: the solar burn

the Solar burn is shown by

in the form of reddening of skin (a burn of I - oh degrees), bubbles, a swelling, pain, a burning sensation (a burn of II - oh degrees). Each solar burn causes damage to skin, especially children`s. And skin forgets nothing. Except children and people with pale (white) skin, dangers are subject:

If, despite all precautionary measures solar burn nevertheless is got, the cool ukutyvaniye, the cooling ointments or gels with resolvents will help (for example, with a witch-hazel). After cooling skin needs moistening and fat (means after suntan). In case of receiving a burn of II - oh degrees - the strong tension of skin or formation of bubbles, rise in temperature (is in a fever) - it is necessary to see a doctor. There is one more means though it is not indisputable - it is calcium reception that has to increase the skin resilience to sunlight, and, first of all, help to avoid an allergy to sunshine. It should be taken for one - two weeks prior to holiday. Calcium has anti-allergenic effect. But here it is impossible to exceed a dose, so, the corresponding preparation has to be appointed by the doctor.



Babies and kids

  • Babies about one year - direct beams are forbidden;
  • Babies are more senior than year - to accustom carefully to the sun;
  • Continuous protection against the sun
  • Person: cream - a factor 20;
  • Body: a milk - a factor 18 - 20

What designates “The ultraviolet level“?


In some countries in newspapers also daily broadcast data of level of an ultraviolet. This size recognized around the world reflects danger of receiving a solar burn.

  • 8 and more: a burn within 20 minutes; protection is obligatory
  • 7 - 5: a burn in 20 minutes; protection is necessary
  • 4 - 2: a burn in 30 minutes; protection is desirable
  • less than 1: the burn is improbable; protection is not required
Useful tips

Gel, a milk, cream: as for whom?

Protection against the sun is identical

everywhere. However gel, a milk, cream or spray are differently used. For example, it is easier to put a milk evenly therefore it is suitable for big surfaces of a body more. (Without fat) many like to use cream or gel for a face. Spray is applied on legs, hands. Children who do not love when they are greased with cream, approach spray more.

Water protection

Children`s skin has to be surely greased with water repellent.

of UF - beams get through water and can even cause a solar burn at a depth of three meters. Means with the chemical filter that it brought benefit, should be applied on skin in 30 minutes prior to an exit from the room. Micropigments work right after drawing. The protectant should be put every 2 - 3 hour. Sweat and games in sand destroy protective substances.

Slightly to podzagoret before holiday

Sunbeds, a beta - karotinovy tablets, various creams for autosuntan give us this chance.

  • Cream - autosuntan which is just caused on skin will only paint its most top layer. What makes the true suntan, namely pigmentation by the painting melanin, is absent here. Danger of receiving a solar burn with such “suntan“ is so big as though you for the first time came to the sun “a pale toadstool“.
  • of the Tablet a beta - carotene can reduce several sensitivity of skin to an ultraviolet. But they do not paint skin and have to be accepted regularly at least in eight weeks prior to holiday (preliminary consultation is required from the doctor). Also do not exclude obligatory additional protection of skin during holiday.
  • In a sunbed skin are irradiated by UF - beams, generally long-wave (UF - And) which do not give a solar burn, but and do not “temper“ skin, that is will not protect at a meeting it with short-wave UF - In radiation.
  • As knows today that UF - And beams are also harmful, as well as UF - In beams, and in a sunbed you receive, as a rule, too high dose of radiation, dermatologists are negative to such suntan sharply.

our council: you do not hurry, give to the skin time.

the First days in the south do not sunbathe under direct sunshine, stay in a shadow, having applied sun-protection means on skin, gradually increase stay time for the sun. The suntan acquired gradually keeps then longer. And it is much healthier, than “turbozagar“.