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How to be stirred up after holidays? Three secrets of the correct life

Why we so are tired for long New Year`s and Christmas holiday? Why joyful expectation of a holiday at some of us later is replaced several days by the suppressed mood? And how again to be loaded with love to life and optimism? It is all our psychological health which is not less important, than physical. In holidays it experiences considerable strain.

Psychological diet, or true sources of a depression

Amazing fact: seldom which of people is capable to begin to eat everything that will only be - from a trash can or in low-grade cafe, for example. The food subject in general one of hot discussed, with an ulterior motive the real gourmets around the world becomes more and more. And here about what to feed the brain, not everyone reflects. Without disgust also both cheap boulevard editions, and low budget movies, and any horror film which crept out of the most gloomy back streets of subconsciousness of the modern director are absolutely quietly swallowed by modern people.

during series of the days off we are capable to watch

almost thoughtlessly for hours in the TV screen, forgetting even to switch advertizing. And then we cannot understand from where in us there is so much negative and aggression why life seems such sad and why sometimes in general there is a wish to throw everything and something with itself to create. And the reason is as clear as day - at our brain simply indigestion.

We forget that we think images, and they consist not of air. All seen and heard by the person always it is fixed in a type of strong association. We live, in fact, impressions. And, strangely enough, from them in a day we take the most part just from mass media which somehow not strongly load recently with a positive and an optimistichnost.

Have enough literally of two - three horror films that in some sphere persuasive fears appeared.

For example, having watched with half an eye a violence scene on TV, we cannot sincerely understand why the whole day such bad mood. And from days there is all life. Also the well-known words are very wise in this regard:“ What we eat, from this and we consist“. It is absolutely right in both meanings.

That is why psychologists of all countries recommend

: both books, and movies, and magazines need to be selected thoroughly, it is desirable in general from reading of the review. In the same way as in a supermarket we read on a label structure of a product before thoughtlessly it is. In it there is nothing maniacal - and here advantage for psychological health really much.

Others among the: in search of family “I“

What we look for among other people? Why all - the person - a being social? Everything is very simple: only the person from all live on the earth has a consciousness. Unlike mentality which is present also at animals and consists, generally of instincts the consciousness represents a special prism through which the person also perceives world around - a peculiar model of all Universe which lives in us.

the consciousness has the form - it is “I“. And human “I“ it is so difficult what reckons even and the structure. For example, “I“ - ideal am what the person wants to see himself, “I“ - physical - what he am actually. And still there are “I“ - family - desire of each of us to be in “family“: to be taken for the in some group of people, be it relatives, friends or professional community. I.e. everyone needs such circle of contacts where to it it will be comfortable, quiet where he will be able to trust all and to completely realize itself.

So, pulled out from a habitual environment (for example, office) during holidays, the person can have a stress if it is not confident in acceptance of by relatives among whom suddenly so for a long time it appeared. And to people whose circle of contacts is narrow, it can be especially lonely during a time when it is accepted to meet often families, to communicate much.


to Each of us needs “family“, community which would accept us such as we are. That is why the place and situation in society is always so appreciated. And one of the most severe human mental injuries is a rejection by his other people: at first schoolmates, then and people around.

Especially sharply development “I“ - family occur during the teenage period - that is why teenagers if to them badly at home, look for heat and recognition out of its walls.

Past and future: how to appease alarm and mental anguish

I, at last, the most important enemies of happiness of the person is his past and the future. The past disturbs memoirs and sometimes bears mental anguish, and the future much in general it seems gloomy and unpromising - realities of today`s life are that. These feelings can amplify especially at the time of farewell with old year and approaches new. What already sank into life and what did not come yet can disturb so the person that he cannot live in the present any more. And the present - it is life.

Yes, sometimes former mistakes so dosadna that it is rather difficult to close eyes to them. Especially, if the past “pleases“ with the echoes and seriously prevents to live in the present. But on that the future is also given - that it was possible to correct everything that it was possible to begin other life if this did not bring happiness. All people on Earth where they were, have chance everything to change and not to allow the past to destroy their future. There is such simple truth which, unfortunately, not everyone understands. And in it freedom is also hidden.


concerns also the most future - it not in our hands. What will be tomorrow - actually depends on us a little, and it needs just to be accepted. And also to live today, leaving for “tomorrow“ only part of the cares and hopes, but not all the “present“.

Psychologically healthy personality it is visible to

far off - it is self-confidence, a quiet prospection and, of course, optimism. Get rid of everything that spoils to you mood, corrodes from within and deprives of a dream - fight against it more persistently, than with physical diseases. Remember that expression “a sound mind - in a sound body“ actually initially sounded as “with a sound mind and the body is not ill“, and this truth was proved for a long time by scientists of the whole world.