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We are not afraid of doctors any more! Igroterapiya in operation of

U us with the husband two remarkable sonnies - the Maxim of 6 years, and to Artem is 1 year. I want to tell how we learned to go without stresses to the doctor.

Visit to policlinic often turned into frustration for me and my senior sonny. In 3 months Maxim understood that the doctor is others aunt in a white dressing gown and let out heart-rending cries. Next time, as soon as we crossed an office threshold, everything repeated. Growing up, Maxim still was afraid to go to policlinic. We gather for reception - the child is cheerful, laughs, jokes. But the closer we approach the purpose, the more considerably it spoils mood.

, of course, tried to explain

Ya to the son that everything will be good that at the doctor nobody will offend him. There are a lot of children, it is a lot of toys, very kind aunt waits for it there. But it did not affect my kid. Here it in the eyes already had tears. And only we cross a threshold as the son begins to shout.

When Maxim went to a garden, the constraining, quiet, quiet boy strongly worried. On this soil he began to choke at night. Ambulance, hospitals, pricks... In hospital made the diagnosis “false croup“, and the doctor said that it for fear, a fright. After hospital the child began to be afraid of doctors even more.

the Third time in a row being hospitalized with the son and considering what to do, I unexpectedly thought: “Let`s play the doctor!“ . I bought the doctor`s set, a white dressing gown, a hat. And we began to play with the sonny: at first it treated me, then I it, and sometimes bears and hares were our patients. I showed how to examine patients how to take analyses, to give inoculations, injections, bandagings. After such games “in the doctor“ Maxim became easier to transfer visits to the doctor, became surer.

I explained

Before a visit of policlinic to Maksimke why we go there. We do it to be healthy. We always took with ourselves a favourite toy of ours of the baby - the white hare. If in policlinic it was necessary to wait in turn, I tried to occupy the son, distracting from unpleasant thoughts. Maxim loved when I read him books therefore we took with ourselves a small book. During reception I always held it by a hand, smiled that he felt that I nearby. Always said what it is courageous. After visit to the doctor we went to park, sometimes went to theater, and somehow even got on a premiere of the performance “Kind Doctor Aybolit“.

Here so gradually our son ceased to be afraid of doctors. Now, when it is asked whom you will be, it without deliberating speaks: “Doctor!“ At us the second kid grows up, the elder brother plays with him in hospital and tells that it is not necessary to be afraid of doctors.

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