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Excursion on Etnomira: a yurta and a log hut under the same roof of

We with my senior daughter like to travel. But even could not assume that we in the Kaluga region have such amazing place as Etnomir. It culturally - the educational tourist center in which everyone can get acquainted with life, traditions and culture of people of the world. Recently acquaintances invited us there to excursion.

Four hours in the bus - and we in Etnomire! On the street it is cold, wind, and in the territory of the tourist center, except separate constructions, the huge covered room in which warmly and comfortably at all seasons of the year. We arrived for half an hour till the fixed time, redeemed the booked tickets. Prior to excursion visited shop of ethnic souvenirs. Very funny we looked in the headdresses unusual to our district, in ethnic masks.

I here, at last, long-awaited guide and beginning of excursion. Before us Mira Street where each room represents the ethnoyard of one of the countries opened. The first we saw the Japanese ethnoyard. The guide showed us as there lived Japanese, told about features of life of these people, told about theater and masks. It was even more interesting further - the Chinese yard and the real Chinese who showed to everyone as this or that word is written with hieroglyphs. And if someone wants to leave for memory a leaf, for example, with the name written on - Chinese, then it can be redeemed. Now such leaflet with a secret inscription hangs at our place in a frame on a wall.

When I took

from the daughter the camera, she warned me that I was not lost in contemplation of something unusual and was not lost. But it was vain. I wanted to imprint for memory something unusual, and of course when left from the ethnoyard, our group was not anywhere! To call it was useless since people cultural and a sound at the phones disconnected. I ran in one party, in another - everywhere people, and there are no ours. I thought, maybe, they on the second floor and walked upstairs up. And unexpectedly found out that in the middle of the hall there is a yurta. The real yurta, big, such, as on pictures. What you will not see only here! But when from - beyond yurtas there was a group of Blacks, it became for me the real shock. I hardly - hardly resisted laughter, there were no wish to show the tactlessness. When came for a yurta, laughed with all the heart.

At this time I saw our group which just approached a yurta to continue excursion. All seated on a floor, is bewitched listened to the story. I wanted to make a photo for memory, and I listened to the answer to a question as all family in one room what relations were between spouses spent the night. Passed all most interesting moreover and photos from a yurta did not turn out. Decided that it is necessary to listen more, but not to remove further.

and not to count

How many still the ethnoyards we passed, already. Then studied constructions on the street, visited the Russian and Ukrainian log huts. Of course, we did not see also a half of what here is constructed. Happy and happy we went home, both home-made pie and tea from a thermos never seemed such tasty. There is a strong wish to arrive to this interesting place already all family, with the father and our baby.

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