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How to cope with the fidget and all to be in time?

Ya - mother of already almost two-year-old kid. I want to share the experience in education of the child and the solution of the arising problems. Very often it is necessary to hear from mummies that they are in time nothing, the child active: everywhere climbs, puts fingers etc. It is possible to solve this problem quickly enough and easily: it is just necessary to do with the kid everything together.

If you are going to erase

, then suggest the child to pack dirty things and to put in the machine, to close a door and to press the necessary button. Only the most important - to warn that it can be done with mother or the father, one children cannot do it - dangerously - in the machine there lives current. The kid with pleasure to you will help to get then things and will help to hang them.

When I am going to prepare for

something tasty, my assistant here. We together break eggs, and he looks forward when I turn on the mixer. We do everything together. It is also possible to give a silicone brush that the child himself oiled a baking sheet. We already perfectly coped with it in one and a half years, and with pleasure pushed a baking sheet in an oven. And then still with great pleasure ate greedily a charlotte!

Very often kids like to potter in water, but here it is necessary to know when to stop if especially in the apartment there are counters. It is possible to block just accurately the crane on pipes and to tell that the uncle disconnected water. And to switch attention to something another.

the Most important in education of the child - to treat him with understanding and patience, and, above all, with love. Because these happy moments: the scattered flour, razbroshenny toys, the spilled water, the covered with drawings walls of years through 5 - 10 not will repeat. If the child badly eats, then all the known option - to put a favourite toy nearby and to feed it too. Only at the same time do not forget to extol what bear or the hare the good fellow as he well eats and what big will grow. Once this trick with the son did not pass. Then I told that the Stickle-back will eat, big will grow - and the father will give it the car. The sonny began to smile and with pleasure ate soup. It is necessary to look for the positive moments everywhere, what will interest the child. I wish all good luck, love and heat in education of your kids.