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As children were helped by Lesh`s programmer and the cunning gnome of

there Lived on light the programmer, called his Lesh. He programs created
, lightened mood. All loved
to Lesh - the guy it is good.

Leshenka Bochkin, the young programmer, sat in the favourite chair and dozed. Well, it so looked from outside, and actually, of course, thought. He created programs for children. At work he was called the wizard. Very much it talented was - and its programs were remarkable. Simple and interesting. Children adored them and adults had no objection to join them. In an office it was one. All already left. And it did not hurry - alone is so well thought.

I suddenly Leshenka heard the strange sound reminding laughter - giggling, in a word. He opened eyes and saw on the screen of the tiny little man similar to the gnome, the gnome from the fairy tale. He so infectiously laughed loudly, holding handles a tolstenky tummy, so ridiculously rolled up eyes that Lesh instead of surprise began to laugh. From outside it looked a little strange, but... ridiculously. It lasted long enough. Leshenka was even tired of laughter and the gnome hokhotnuv last time, became silent.

is you, perhaps, the wizard - that is klinut? - he asked.

- Well, maybe, and me, - not really friendly answered Lesh.

- And what you magic made? - maliciously the gnome took an interest.

- Programs different for children`s development, - answered Lesh.

- See you, programs mean. And here programs for fun at you, I think, no. And it is necessary. The laughter is health. Recently I visited children`s hospital - secretly, of course. And how many the grief, tears and grief saw there - that became wet from tears. Here also thought: it would be healthy if there was such cheerful program for children that they laughed with all the heart and about the diseases forgot.

- should Think, - told Lesh.

- You, think, think, and I will help you. Go here, to me, - the gnome told.

I about a miracle! Costs Lesh on that side of the screen, on a scene. And there... Clowns with red noses show cheerful representation. You will laugh until sick. And then on a scene performance of hares began. Them was much - and all in hands had drum sticks. With what passion they banged on the small drums hanging at them on a neck. Here the huge elephant of unusually pink color - it started up multi-colored soap bubbles from a trunk. And then began to spin in dance, and from a trunk streams of multi-colored water poured down - and the elephant began to remind the cheerful fountain. And here and friends of the gnome ran out on a scene with jokes and wattled baskets, and in baskets - multi-colored lollipops - to treat children. Remarkable representation lasted about an hour, and Lesh`s programmer took part in it. It was so cheerful, so interesting. All laughed: both people, and animals.

Leshenka opened eyes. It seemed to it that he hears laughter. He looked at the monitor screen. And there the cheerful gnome laughed loudly, winking at him a very sly eye. This day Alexey created the most cheerful, most magic children`s program. It is called “We laugh together“.

there Lived on light the programmer, called his Lesh. He programs created
, lightened mood.
He is such good-natured person cheerful, creates programs to schools.
I in hospitals kids have fun with all the heart.