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Paper heart. The relations at distance - whether it is possible?

It went along the dark, badly lit street. Tall, gray-haired man. Wide gait, direct back. And the similar to a mask, stiffened person. Face of the patient or fatally tired person. The collar of a jacket did not rescue from cold drops of a rain. Roadside bushes bent from wind, beat legs. Stopped at a door tiny, on several little tables of cafe. Decided to come. “Eh, as managed you in such nepogod on foot - that to go. The taxi would be called“, - the elderly waitress sympathized with it. Only here reached it, and it arrived to the station by car. Ordered a glass of vodka. Drank, and did not feel. Ordered still. Got into a pocket behind cigarettes. The white piece of paper fell to a floor. Mechanically lifted. On his large palm the tiny paper heart lay. On it it was written by the handle:“ I love you“.

... He well remembered that day. The chief was in mood. Reported that sends to business trip to plant to the city of N. The city - it is loudly told - the town.“ Works there a little. You will make, you will have a rest day two. With yours - that the stupid person, strongly you will not clear up. You on me, I hope, for these words you will not take offense. Expert it cool, but character... yes you know“. He did not take offense. The wife worked with them at one enterprise. Head of department. Were afraid of it and hated. Language - as a sting. And felt sorry for him, as the henpecked considered. That he is a henpecked he was reported by the bosom friend. He kept silent, and in soul agreed. Once the thin graceful, green-eyed girl turned into a thunder - the woman. And yes not to make out beautiful eyes about which the song wanted to be sung, on the become swollen face. The love was not long ago. But custom is second nature. Lived and lived. The adult son in others country, came seldom.

At plant was met well. All showed, concealed nothing. Having gone beyond a checkpoint, decided to walk. Reached the river. And here saw it. It met requirements on a footpath of him. First thought: “Beautiful“. The second:“ Young“. And further all thoughts left his head. A light step, a wheaten braid to a belt. And blue lake eyes. She went and smiled. He looked back. Behind his back was nobody. Means, to it. Overtook. And to it there was something strange: he started talking to it.

He something asked

. She answered. Everything that happened to it further, it is possible to call delusion. She lived alone. It jammed on a visit. He looked younger, no, he became young people. His eyes began to shine, in them the gone-out light was switched on long ago. On lips the smile appeared.“ Acquaintances would see it now“, - there was a thought - any more did not appear. He fell in love. So strongly, so passionately. It was dissolved in it. He understood: she tells it “now make something unusual“ - and he will make, without reflecting. Business trip ended. He called the chief, reported that he got sick. When the wife called, he broke phone. But everything sometime comes to an end. He summoned up courage. Spoke: will arrive, will speak, will get divorced. All it seemed simple and real. He did not want to leave - it pushed him into the train. They exchanged telephone numbers. And then it thrust to it into a pocket a tiny paper heart.

Work tightened

at once, the wife was suspiciously tender. About darling he remembered only when went to bed and closed eyes. They exchanged calls. Listening to its voice, there was a wish to run, shout. There occurred the madness. Then passed, receded. It did not have enough courage to have a talk with the wife.

yesterday she called

A: reported that goes to it. What cannot live without it. It shook hands. The train came in the evening. He composed something silly to the wife. Ran, bought a bouquet of flowers. And... began to wait. The train approached. It left, such native and it is impossible fine. And it hid for a booth with newspapers. In eyes darkened, legs began to remind weights. As it seemed to it, temporarily paralyzed it. It stood as a statue. Without moving a little. She long looked back, called. And then, having hung the head, slowly, hardly rearranging legs, started wandering somewhere. That`s all.

... The man strong clamped a heart in a fist. Also left cafe. Some time it stood, holding the door handle, and then went. Large drops of a salty rain flew down on the person. The morning sun scattered gold beams. The elderly waitress finished the change. Closing a door in cafe, saw the paper heart lying on a crude grass. The words “I love you“ written by the handle were washed away, and they could not be read.