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When the child of everything is afraid. How “I am afraid“ to banish?

Generally Anyutka likes to bathe, but sometimes attacks it “I am afraid“. “I am afraid“ - it is a being such, with black pads, black brows, fluffy eyelashes, one eye is always closed, one - spies. There was this “Am afraid“ when disaccustomed her to a breast - approximately in one and a half Anyutkiny years. Earlier all mother was Anyutkina - undividedly, and now refusals here went. Moreover and began to learn: that is impossible, it is impossible. Here also Anyutka thought up to herself “I am afraid“ - that were sorry. Repair at neighbors - “I Am afraid!“ Wind rustles in birches - “I Am afraid!“ Shadows evening shiver on a ceiling - again “I Am afraid!“ Will nestle on me more strong, will put a palm on a breast, and eyes at the most cunning... We with the Anyutkiny father of it “I am afraid“ decided to expose at once. At first gave in, felt sorry for “the timid child“, understood: it she wants our attention. And then bothered: continually “I am afraid“! Also thought up such game. As soon as tells: “I am afraid!“, we answer: “It kind“. Also drew such country where nobody is afraid of anybody. All kind, round. And in the center costs most important “I am afraid“, opened both eyes, on the head the cap with a camomile, one hand holds the hare, another - a wolf.

- Mother, the uncle puts imont. I am afraid!

is a kind uncle. It builds the house for the children. That they ran there and played.

- Mother, I am afraid of a vetev (wind, that is).

- It he to leaflets of a song sings that they fell asleep better. You hear:“ To Shshsh - shu - shu... To Shshsh - shu - shu... Quietly I rustle with leaves“?

- Mother! A nanny-goat stasny I am afraid!

- be not afraid of

. It has in the wood an izba, and there seven kozlyatochek. Here she will gorge on herbs and will bring to them a milk. (After that even wanted to approach and stroke).

But most longer Anyutka from - for foams in a bathtub was nervous. Absolutely the baby, about one year, very much loved her. And here suddenly began to panic:

- Mother, vyn me! I am afraid! I am afraid! - also shouts heart-rendingly.

- And it is not foam, - I say, is such snowball. For a long time to wait for the first snow, and this hurried - to kids on a visit came that they were pure and fresh as it, and ruddy - as from frost.

winter loves Anyutk`s

, very much waited for snow. Here also believed. Not at once, of course. At first got into a toy bathtub. The hare so directly also zanyrnut in the thick: “Oh, as it is healthy here!“. And the delfinchik picked up: “Anyutka, I is courageous. And absolutely I am not afraid of foam!“ . Even the doll - the mollycoddle a finger touched: “Ah, what snowball! Let`s go to bathe with me!“. Also went. Now itself asks that more foam was, and bathing from us - the hobby. And about “I am afraid“ long ago it is not heard. Likely, it was hammered where - nibud into a corner and sits there. Is afraid of all. Anyutka - that at us now - the most courageous!