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Unusual birds feeder the hands: drawing and photo of

Winter. Sometimes not to entice the child on the street either a whip, or gingerbread. But it is necessary to walk - and it is possible to pull out the kid cunning, having combined business with pleasure: to walk and feed birdies. It is necessary to make only together an unusual feeding trough of hi-tech design from “The cardboard father“ Evgeny Kudryavtsev.

we with the daughter with pleasure fed with

In a warm season birds in the wood, on a pond and just sitting on a shop. Now, in cold weather especially it is necessary to feed up birds, especially small. And here with this noble mission we will also go to the street, previously having made a simple feeding trough of a cardboard.

as material should not doubt the choice of a cardboard. He is afraid only of one - waters! And when it is dry, frosty (even if snow will drop out), nothing happens to a feeding trough. In confirmation of the words I will tell that we with the daughter hung up already several such feeding troughs three weeks ago - and with them still everything is all right.

to us such materials and tools will be necessary for p here:

Ya was used by a so-called microcorrugated cardboard, 1,5 mm thick and the A4 size. Such cardboard is perfectly knifed, easily pressed through and is not difficult to find it at all - do the majority of boxes of it. It is only enough to find suitable by the size. In my case the cardboard was on the one hand also white color that is undoubtedly good for imagination. Such feeding trough can and be painted then!

  1. Download

    and unpack a curve for a feeding trough on the A4 format. Put it on a leaf of a cardboard and by means of the flat screw-driver press through all lines. There are two important points:

    • all marking on a cardboard needs to be made on its back where goffering is obviously visible.
    • that the curve did not slide off a cardboard, it is possible to fix it by an adhesive tape in several places.

  1. In places where there will be openings, needs to designate them, having pierced a cardboard a simple pencil. Such preparation with the pressed-through lines turns out here.


  1. it is necessary for

    Now, looking at a curve, to cut out on all integral lines, and to leave dashed lines pressed through. On them our preparation will be bent.

  1. With the second preparation it is simpler and simpler than

    . Simply we use already cut out detail as a template. We lead round a pencil, we press through the screw-driver the same lines and we cut out.

  1. Here at us also turned out two absolutely identical detalka. Remained very little, to stick together them and to make fixing openings.

  1. we Take

    the glue gun and we stick together walls at first on the one hand, and then with another. By the way, glue it is possible to use both “Moment“, and PVA, and second.


  1. serially paste Then a roof and a bottom.

  1. we do to


    fixing openings Now. Simply we pierce them a puncher, in those places where designated them a pencil in a step № 2.

  1. That`s all! As you see, the feeding trough turned out not really big: just for little birdies for whom it is the most difficult in the winter. Design modular and it it is possible to hang up both so, and so. Thanks to slopes snow will not linger on a roof. And thanks to an inclined bottom of sterns it will be always poured to the middle, and it will be convenient to birds to peck it.

  1. On a branch the feeding trough fastens by means of two strings. “And why then openings in the bottom of a feeding trough?“ - you ask.

  1. And suddenly you want to make by

    not one, and several feeding troughs? If in a family everyone can make several children, then a feeding trough, to paint in own way and to hang up in the wood - the beautiful and useful garland will turn out! And they are fastened with a usual plastic collar.

the Curve (to press the picture and to download in an original size from Flikr)

of walks Pleasant to you!